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    • A lower-spec variant of the Seltos has been spied in Korea... looks like this particular one's missing the LED DRLs and foglamps. Source 1 Source 2
    • Came across this walkaround... gives a nice up-close look at the six-seater Ertiga concept  
    • Hey everyone,   We are planning for an all India road trip in December 2020. We are a group of 3 guys and we will be driving a 2019 Ford Endeavour Titanium+ on this trip. The car is new and suits the trip based on our research. The discussions, research and planning started a few weeks ago. We have quite a bit of time for us to finalise our plan. We request everyone's support in making this a success. Some of our plans could be over-ambitious and unrealistic. If any part of our plan is impossible, please let us know. We want to have the best possible plan for the trip. Without a lot of help from the fellow forum members, it’s not going to be possible to plan such a massive trip.   The three of us will be 18.5 years old when we embark on this journey. 2 of us will have an Indian driving license and the other 1 of us will have a Singaporean driving license with an international permit. We have driven on certain bad road conditions and also in traffic conditions of village, town, city and highway roads. We have also done a little bit of offroading. However, we are not really used to driving on dangerous roads as we are NRIs. I would also like to mention that we came up with this plan after taking inspiration from other people's plans.   Let me start the discussion by submitting our draft route plan and schedule. Please go through and advise us to plan better. We welcome all suggestions and advice. We are happy to welcome all those who are interested to join us on this drive. It is not a must that those who join should cover all the distance. Please join us at any point and leave us at any point as well. If you want to use our plan, go ahead!   Day 1: Chennai - B. Nidamanuru 07/12/20 0700: Depart from Chennai International Airport 1400: Reach Ongole (My house) 1500: Depart from Ongole 1545: Reach B. Nidamanuru (My house)   Day 2: B. Nidamanuru - Hyderabad 08/12/20 0700: Depart B. Nidamanuru 1430: Reach Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad (My house)   Day 3: Hyderabad - Raipur 09/12/20 0700: Depart from Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 2100: Reach Raipur (Friend's house)   Day 4: Raipur - Bhubaneshwar 10/12/20 0700: Depart from Raipur 1900: Reach Konark Sun Temple 2000: Depart from Konark Sun Temple 2200: Reach Bhubaneswar (Friend's house)   Day 5: Bhubaneshwar - Bharddhaman 11/12/20 0700: Depart from Bhubaneshwar 1710: Reach Kolkata 1810: Depart from Kolkata 1930: Reach Dankuni 2040: Reach Masagram 2130: Reach Barddhaman (Hotel)   Day 6: Bharddhaman - Kishanganj 12/12/20 0700: Depart from Barddhaman 0940: Arrive at Asansol 1040: Depart from Asansol 1240: Arrive at Dumka 1530: Arrive at Bhagalpur 1615: Arrive at Tetari 2000: Arrive at Kishanganj (Hotel)   Day 7: Kishanganj - Samdup Jhongkar 13/12/20 0700: Depart from Kishanganj 0930: Arrive at Siliguri 1030: Depart from Siliguri 2130: Arrive at Samdrup Jhongkar (India Side) (Hotel)   Day 8: Samdrup Jhongkar - Tawang 14/12/20 0700: Depart from Samdrup Jhongkar 2130: Arrive at Tawang (Hotel)   Day 9: Tawang - Guwahati 15/12/20 0700: Depart from Tawang 2100: Arrive at Guwahati (Friend's house)   Day 10: Guwahati - Sevoke 16/12/20 0700: Depart from Guwahati 0950: Arrive at Dudhnoi 1100: Arrive at Goalpara 1410: Arrive at Gauripur 1510: Depart from Gauripur 2030: Arrive at Sevoke (Hotel)   Day 11: Sevoke - Darjeeling 17/12/20 0700: Depart from Sevoke 0950: Arrive at Rongli 1115: Arrive at Dzuluk 1445: Arrive at Gangtok 1545: Depart from Gangtok 2000: Arrive at Darjeeling (Hotel)   Day 12: Darjeeling - Gopalganj 18/12/20 0700: Depart from Darjeeling 1710: Arrive at Muzaffarpur 2020: Arrive at Gopalganj (Hotel)   Day 13: Gopalganj - Kanpur 19/12/20 0700: Depart from Gopalganj 1000: Arrive at Gorakhpur 1610: Arrive at Lucknow 1710: Depart from Lucknow 2020: Arrive at Kanpur (Friend's house)   Day 14: Kanpur - New Delhi 20/12/20 0700: Depart from Kanpur 1230: Arrive at Agra 1330: Depart from Agra 1750: Arrive at New Delhi (Friend's house)   Day 15: New Delhi - Shimla 21/12/20 0700: Depart from New Delhi 1410: Arrive at Chandigarh 2115: Arrive at Shimla (Hotel)   Day 16: Shimla - Kaza 22/12/20 0700: Depart from Shimla 1810: Arrive at Kaza (Hotel)    Day 17: Kaza - Leh 23/12/20 0700: Depart from Kaza 1050: Arrive at Keylong 2040: Arrive at Leh or before Leh (Hotel)    Day 18: Leh - Anantnag 24/12/20 0700: Depart Leh 1150: Arrive at Kargil 1330: Arrive at Dras 1400: Depart from Dras 1740: Arrive at Srinagar 1910: Arrive at Anantnag (Hotel)   Day 19: Anantnag - Amritsar 25/12/20 0700: Depart from Anantnag 1150: Arrive at Patnitop 1630: Arrive at Pathankot 1930: Arrive at Wagah Border 2035: Arrive at Amritsar (Hotel)   Day 20: Amritsar - Jaipur 26/12/20 0700: Depart from Amritsar 0930: Arrive at Faridkot 1350: Arrive at Rawatsar 1650: Arrive at Churu 1830: Arrive at Sikar 2130: Arrive in Jaipur (Hotel)   Day 21: Jaipur - Udaipur 27/12/20 0700: Depart from Jaipur 1010: Arrive at Ajmer 1430: Arrive at Chittorgarh 1530: Depart from Chittorgarh 1815: Reach Udaipur (Hotel)   Day 22: Udaipur - Bharuch 28/12/20 0700: Depart from Udaipur 1050: Arrive at Palanpur 1300: Arrive at Mahesana 1520: Arrive at Ahmedabad 1740: Arrive at Vadodara 2045: Arrive at Bharuch (Hotel)   Day 23: Bharuch - Mumbai 29/12/20 0700: Depart from Bharuch 0910: Arrive at Surat 1210: Arrive at Daman & Diu 1330: Arrive at Dadra & Nagar Haveli 1740: Arrive at Mumbai (Friend's house)   Day 24: Mumbai - Belgaum 30/12/20 0700: Depart from Mumbai 1000: Arrive at Pune 1100: Depart from Pune 1400: Arrive at Satara 1500: Depart from Satara 1715: Arrive at Kolhapur 1815: Depart from Kolhapur 2030: Arrive at Belgaum (Hotel)   Day 25: Belgaum - Goa 31/12/20 0700: Depart from Belgaum 0825: Arrive at Chorla 1030: Arrive at Goa (Hotel)   Day 26: Goa - Mangalore 1/1/21 0700: Depart from Goa 1030: Arrive at Gokarna 1130: Depart from Gokarna 1330: Arrive at Murudeshwar 1600: Arrive at Udupi 1810: Arrive at Sringeri 2050: Arrive at Mangalore   Day 27: Mangalore - Ooty 2/1/21 0700: Depart from Mangalore 1630: Arrive at Ooty (Hotel)   Day 28: Ooty - Cochin 3/1/21 0700: Depart from Ooty 1300: Arrive at Gurvayur 1400: Depart from Gurvayur 1730: Reach Cochin (Hotel)   Day 29: Cochin - Allepey 4/1/21 0700: Depart from Cochin 1100: Arrive at Munnar 1200: Depart from Munnar 1730: Arrive at Alleppey (Boathouse)   Day 30: Alleppey - Tirunelveli 5/1/21 0700: Depart from Alleppey 1130: Reach Thiruvananthapuram 1330: Depart from Thiruvananthapuram 1630: Arrive a Kanyakumari 1830: Depart from Kanyakumari 2010: Arrive at Tirunelveli (Hotel)   Day 31: Tirunelveli - Pondicherry 6/1/21 0700: Depart from Tirunelveli 1130: Arrive at Rameshwaram 1230: Depart from Rameshwaram 1700: Arrive at Tiruchirapalli 2130: Arrive at Pondicherry (Hotel)   Day 32: Pondicherry - Tirupati 7/1/21 0700: Depart from Pondicherry 1500: Arrive at Bangalore 2130: Arrive at Tirupati (Friend's house)   Day 33: Tirupati - Chennai 8/1/21 (Climb up to Tirumala and back down) 1700: Depart from Tirupati 2140: Arrive at Chennai Airport   And that's basically our plan. It is very long indeed! Do we need any permits to go to any of the places that are in the plan? Any and every advice and feedback is appreciated. We will most probably rent out the car.
      Thanks to everyone in advance!
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