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    • Great walkaround showing the new Centory up-close! It is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 engine supplemented by an electric motor to form a hybrid system producing 430hp in total. The hybrid powertrain system replaces the previous model’s V12 motor and is claimed to deliver 13.59kpl on the Japanese test cycle. The new sedan gets more modern safety tech, including Toyota’s Safety Sense pack, which consists of a pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic lights and road sign recognition.  Compared to the outgoing model, the new Century's wheelbase has increased by 65mm to 3,090mm, in order to provide more room at the rear. To aid entry and exit, the car also sits lower to the floor by 15mm. At 5,335mm long, it’s 110mm longer than the extended-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-class, and is 1,930mm wide and 1,505mm tall. The rear left-side passenger in the new Century has an electric extending leg rest, massage seat and an 11.3-inch entertainment system with 20 speakers and a 7-inch touchpad control module. Information source  
    • Nissan's Chienese Joint Venture Dongfeng Venucia is readying a new small SUV that will take on the likes of the Creta. Here's the teaser along with some spy pics. Do you think this could be a good fit for the Indian market? Source
    • I agree, Sachtech. Dashcams have become a need more than a fancy gadget to make road trip movies later. They help in event of an accident, altercation with traffic police or even during the overnight parking. For me, the must have accessories on the car include the following in no particular order: Reverse assist - I prefer the audio audio aid rather than the camera. Camera tends to get dirty/scratchy and you have to change your rear view mirror too to a HUGE one/ungainly design. Floor Lamination - I got this done to help keep the interiors clean. It is easy to clean and also makes it spill-proof if you have a kid. Good quality leatherette seat covers (if your car comes with fabric seats) - not the typical cushion covers types. These are snug fit to the seat contours and last the life of the vehicle. Come a bit expensive.. but totally worth it. Good speakers - not everyone is an audiophile. But sometimes, the music system you get is crap. May want to look at changing speakers. We feel it does not matter at first, but listening to good music on long drives or even on office commutes is so relaxing.  Add better coaxial and component speakers if not amplifiers and bass tubes. And they don't cost a bomb either. 5-6k should get you decent components from JBL/Sony/Pioneers/Rock etc. Good 3D floor mats - seems like an expense, but they help keep the interiors very clean. The tray type design also help keep the dust/mud/pebbles in place while you pull it out for a wash. Scuff Plates & 3M PPF wraps around the scuff areas - it does help have a scuff plate to avoid the heel brushes while getting in an out. A white/silver color won't show that much but a darker color would. Better Lights - In this age where LEDs and HIDs have gone cheap, our car manufacturers still provide us halogens. While it might be okay for occasional night driving, better lighting helps reduce stress when driving in the night. Switch to the Philips Xtreme vision or the Osram Nightbreakers at least. It makes whole lot of a difference. You may have noticed, none of the above accessories add a bling to your car. But these are more towards your safety and your car's safety. The speakers are to keep us entertained in our journey    
    • I had tried using the relay on my Swift.  Used it for 8 full years and had to change the 100/90 Philips bulbs only once in those 8 years. But, I had a problem with the relay once and had to change that due to a stupid car wash guy who blasted the engine bay with a spray. It might have shorted something. But, my experience using Rally spec bulbs was satisfactory. With average night usage, the reflectors were showing signs of burning out.  With my Fiesta and i10, I've switched to the Philips Xtreme vision and Osram Nightbreaker Laser respectively. The Osram is better compared to the Xtremevision and they do a decent job on the highways.  For these set of cars, I decided not to introduce any new wiring harnesses and direct currents from the battery and avoided the relays totally. If you have a double barrel headlamp, just change all bulbs to Osram or Philips higher ends and you should be satisfied.