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  2. Front grill or for that matter the tail lights of XC40 don't even come close to BMW.
  3. New Suzuki Swift and Swift Sport seen side by side in Japan Source
  4. Renault Duster has launched its new edition, Renault Duster Sandstorm @ 10.90 lakhs only.. Here are some of its pics....
  5. Have anyone Swift VXi/VDi owner tried 175/70-R14 section tyres on their car as an upgrade ?As i want to know about the FE and drive stability and comfartability Please guide
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  7. The new volvo xc40 seems to be quiet impressive and giiven high end interiors and given a slightly introvert BMW look.The website reviewed volvo xc40 review .
  8. Decided to start this thread for pics of some classic American jeeps Source: 1942 Willys MB 1948 Willys CJ-2A 1954 Willys CJ-3B Willys CJ-3A 1952 Willys M38
  9. ARAI Certified Mileage of the Maruti Wagon-r is 20.51 km/litre.
  10. The Hyundai Santro was a very successful hatchback in the Indian market, which was first launched in the year 1998 and ruled the sales charts for 16 years. It must be noted that Hyundai sold close to 1.4 million Santro cars between 1998 and 2014.
  11. Buyers has given a good response to Honda WRV, so hopefully CRV will achieve that response too. As its expected price range from 21.00 – 25.00 Lakh and expected to launch around Nov - Dec 2017
  12. According to me you should go with Hyundai verna.
  13. Hyundai reveals Genesis G70 compact sedan Source: The new G70 is unveiled to compete in the most hotly contested segments around, with competitors like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
  14. @HumptyDumpty welcome aboard!
  15. Very neat Dzire mod job done by KitUp automotive here! Gets dual sunroof, LED light package, 17 inch Momo wheels, full leather interiors Source
  16. Hello petrol heads or diesel.. Just signed up in this forum and the community looks strong and well moderated. I got my drivers license 6 months ago and ever since that I've put that license to the most use by going on road trips with my friends and family. Currently I own a 1.3L Honda city 2002 model ( third gen , non v-tec). Its the first car in my family and I've actually learnt to drive in this. The engine quality is outstanding and the car looked hypnotizing once I installed 14" 225/55 alloys. Replaced side beadings with silver ones. I hope to learn more about new cars in Indian market and fast changing technologies in the auto industry from this forum. Pics of my car :-
  17. Hello guys, I know , my first post after signing up is a buy help request, sorry about that but I've been thinking about this a lot and couldn't find an answer. As the title says, I'm planning to replace my old 1.3L non v tec Honda city (2002 model third gen). Its the first car in my family and my dad and I learnt driving on this and we went for lots of road trips in this. It holds a lot of sentimental values. But it's time to replace the old car. I'm looking for a car that can actually match the drive quality I got with my city. The engine quality was outstanding. I'm looking for used cars, not new. Whats your Budget - Rs 5L Kms driven monthly - Varies. Sometimes less than 400 and sometimes 2000km + Bodyshell - Sedan/ MUV / SUV City/Highway/Hills split - 2:3:5 Max No.of Passangers - 4-5 most of the time Boot space Importance - low-medium Usage by - Occassional Long drives, road trips, hairpin slopy roads, Ownership - City Safety - anything Prime requirement-Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/Passenger Comfort mileage 14kmpl + Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Honda , Toyota , Maruti Fuel- Petrol, not a daily driver . Occasional long drives. I've been considering fiat lines 125s but I heard the mileage is bad brv but reviews says low value for money. ethios, taxi look. My friends who test drive this suggested me this car. Don't know much about it. vw polo, expensive VW service and spares. Ford Aspire, don't know much about it.
  18. @VET5 updates us on forthcoming premium brand Hybrid SUV in India if possible cost also.
  19. @micheljohnThanks! Welcome to the forum, let us know which all rides you have or you are passionate about?
  20. The Fortuner TRD Sportivo has been spotted in India! Source
  21. @reddy Ridiculous Ground clearences: In our country speed breakers are made not as per international norms that's why they rub the car's underbelly. New Honda city's sixth gear may engage the reverse gear. Some people do love panoramic roof. Repairs of the Run Flat Tyres are easy and same as normal tubeless tyres. "Who is supposed to Take care of These things ?"--Customer's feed back is the solution but effective only if, you keep the purchase pending.
  22. Though IndianGovernament is forcing Automobile Manufacturers To assemble cars within india, The cars are Made in India BUT NOT FOR india ? They are not suited for our indian conditions At present time example Indicator switch position Gear lever in Place of Indicator ( New mercedes GLC You MAY end up in Reverse Gear ) Full size Spare wheel & its position Run flat Tyres Panoromic roof Ridiculous Ground clearences, Who is supposed to Take care of These things ?
  23. Though IndianGovernament is forcing Automobile Manufacturers To assemble cars within india, Made In India BUT NOT FOR india ? i feel India has become
  24. Though IndianGovernament is forcing Automobile Manufacturers To assemble cars within india, Made In India BUT NOT FOR india ? i feel India has become
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  26. The condenser of the split AC which is kept outside is often exposed to harmful UV rays of Sun. The plastic grill gets brittle and eats away. The plastic grill of the Samsung isn't available in the market. So made this mesh out of aluminium net.
  27. Hello everyone! I am a new person. Very happy to join this forum. Looking forward to receiving the help of everyone. .well yu know the std route.... but if yu wanna drive on the best road in India ( i ever knew ) is the route... Bangalore to Madras - four lane road app 350 kms.... there is a three star hotel near Vellore, it comes to your right when yu go from Bangalore... or many good hotels on the entire strech... watch out for that crossing pedestrians if yu are planning to drive during the day.. if yu are planning for a night drive, then the raod has good amount of reflectors placed correctly but stilll lookout for that crossing pedestrian and the truck driver changing lanes with out no good reason... Thank you everyone for reading!
  28. I liked the drive quality and the overall comfort in the Hyundai Verna. Shall I go for it over the Honda City?
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