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  3. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    Would you look at that! Someone in Kerala's taken a Swift and given it a VIAir air-bagged suspension. Other mods include a Nks Widebody kit, custom hood, Webasto sunroof, butterfly doors, 18-inch Emotion Wheels and an aftermarket audio system. What do you think of it?
  4. Toyota Alphard

    Here's the new Alphard facelift that's sold in Japan. Interestingly, there's been some talk of Toyota evaluating the MPV for India. Definitely think they should bring this one here
  5. honda activa front tyre

    Carry out the wheel balancing, this will show if the tyre is true or the bearings are bad causing tyre to wear on one side
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  7. The Solio mini-MPV has been spotted testing in India once again!
  8. Thank God Verito,Vibe,Xylo and Nuvosport All four to be discontinued. We wanted this all along Edited to add source Cartoq
  9. New toyota Yaris revealed

    Of course, Toyota also revealed the crossover version of its Yaris hatchback for international markets... It gets roof rails, black cladding on the side and wheel-arch mouldings and a brush metal skid plate below the front and rear bumpers. Higher trims will come with leather seat upholstery, automatic climate control, an HD instrument cluster, two additional speakers and contrasting red stitching on the steering wheel and gear knob. Safety kit on the top-spec trim includes side airbags, curtain airbags and a driver’s side knee airbag. Source Which one do you think Toyota should bring to India, the Yaris TRD Sportivo or the Yaris Cross? I'll personally go with the Cross
  10. Normal or Abnormal behaviour of a CRDi Engine?

    @OMKAR BHALERAO I can talk about myself. What you are asking is related to research and I am now into maintenance of Diesel engines, so I have no idea but there are guys from this forum who are veterans. I think they can reply to your query.
  11. honda activa front tyre

    One side of the front tyre of my honda actva scooter wears faster than the other side.. once the suspension bushes were changed, but after 4 months the same problem arises ..what can be the reason ?
  12. So the HR-V facelift now gets Mugen and Modulo kits internationally. In addition to various cosmetic bits, Mugen also offers several functional upgrades such as a high-performance air filter, sports exhaust system, low-viscosity 0W20 Motul engine oil and high-performance oil catch can. Both offer suspension upgrades, but the Mugen also offers performance brake pads and high-performance brake fluid HR-V Mugen Infinite styling kit HR-V Modulo accessories Source
  13. New toyota Yaris revealed

    The Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo facelift's brochure has been leaked ahead of its introduction in the Indonesian market. The exterior sports TRD red line accents, LED DRLs, new bumpers, underbody spoilers, black mirror casings, TRD rear roof spoiler, TRD red ring accent in the projector headlamps, 16-inch alloy wheels from the 2018 Yaris G. The interior gets black colour scheme with contrasting red stitching, leather steering wheel, Optitron meters with TFT MID, 7-inch central display, engine start-stop button, automatic climate control, six speakers and customised door lock sound. Spy pics source Leaked brochure source
  14. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    Your welcome Rakesh.
  15. We have a setup of CRDi Engine with Open ECU wherein we are studying effect of INJECTIONS on emissions. In order to increase speed we need to change the accelerator pedal position, for 0 to 18% change in pedal speed increases from 1075 RPM to 2200 RPM for single injection, but when MULTIPLE INJECTIONS i.e PILOT and POST injections are turned on, speed increases from 1300 RPM to 2000 RPM for particular accelerator pedal position of 16%. So what can be the reason for this?
  16. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    @Alisha Hessle Thanks for your feedback
  17. The 1st prototype of the next gen S-Class has been spotted; Should launch in 2020 as a 2021 model. Source: Motorauthority
  18. Current Car Discounts

    Hey Buddy , I came across a fellow boarders post about lack of discounts and thus decided to fill in. I am myself looking to buy a new sedan 20L range. The advent of the new CIVIC excites me. Your inputs are invited.
  19. Hi, Recently booked the new swift 2018 vxi, and likely to get the car next week. When I took test drive of the vehicle, found that the OEM music system that has 2 front speakers and 2 rear speakers (no tweeters) was of very average quality (listened to only FM though). I would like to upgrade it with a budget of around 10-15k. what can be done. some friends suggest I can get a powered subwoofer and fix it, while some say I should get a pair of tweeters and amplifier. Whats the best thing to do. Im also worried if the after market guys would do the wiring and stuff properly. Im from Chennai. Which is the best place to go, and what is the best thing to do about this? Thanks in advance. NIT
  20. Hi All, Creating this new thread of Tata Tigor XZ variant Ownership review, details will be provided as and when updates and observations comes up during the ownership. I had NANO CX 2012 model, clocked 65000. NANO is a good car and never gave any trouble in last six years. I have driven Nano from Visakhapatnam to Mumbai and back, other destinations ware Puri, Bhubneshwar, Raipur, Araku, Guntur, Vijaywada, Hyderabad, Palasa, Srikakulam, so overall it has served its purpose without any fuss or breakdown. The search for replacement of Nano began in Feb 2017 when this GST bill was about to pass which speculated that the price might go up or come down. Looking at the positive side of the price coming down , I checked out Ertiga, Breeza, Baleno, Aspire. Price somewhere was a big issue in deciding the car. My requirement was simple, it should be road worthy as I prefer travelling to long distances by road only. So this is how it all started, I was desperately looking for an upgrade, there were quite a few in that segment like Aspire Dzire, Baleno. I do a lot of road trips, i.e. second home. So after a lot of test drive and various ownership reviews on net and TAI, I checked out TATA Tigor seriously, after a lot of dilemma decided to make Tigor our next family member. I am a petrol head and love driving petrol car only period, so no point looking for Diesel. My daily run is 32 Kms plus few extra kms during weekends and using diesel car for the same does not make any sense. The features in Tigor at such price was one more deciding factor. Come July when I went for my NANO servicing, a blue color beautiful Sedan was displayed in service center. I checked it looked around and it got my attention. It was Tigor, After going through a lot of reading on internet and finding the facts, discussion with wife we zeroed on making this car as our new family member. So one 08 Sep , booked my Tigor by paying 10000 INR and to my surprise the dealer said the delivery can be done the following week. excitement was at its high and on 9th I was able to visit the stockyard for PDI. One look at the Espresso brown and I knew it was going to be my new family member. On road price as per dealer is 713031 INR, I got 60000 INR for NANO in exchange and was able to successfully negotiate 5 K from the insurance, 2000 as corporate discount, also negotiated for seat cover and dealer agreed for a discount of 50 % bringing down the price to 3500 INR. so On road it is going to cost me 643031 INR. Mr Prabhakar from Siva Shankar Motors Visakahapatnam also promised few additional goodies like mud flaps, extra pair of Mats and perfume for the car, Also they are giving an offer of 1 Gm gold coin or cash discount which gave me another 3 K minus from the total amount. Wait begun for 21 Sep when the car will be delivered. After one day of Ownership. 1) Smooth delivery process. 2) The sound of engine when it was started by me is mesmerizing. 3) already completed 101 Kms. 4) Showing 10.2 KMPL, hope this changes soon. 5) Tank filled till brim with 35.2 Liter of petrol. 6) Found a bit lag in power in ECO mode. 7)Don't now but it seems I am feeling little pain in my right arm, while driving, so had to switch to left arm diving. 8) Steering is light and very responsive. 9) Reverse parking with sensors seemed to be a challenge, hope I will be used to in few days. 10) Second gear with 2000 RPM cleanly shows loss in power. 11) Following the gear shifting as it indicates in MID. 12) ORVM having amazing view, top notch. IRVM at night is a blessing. 13) A real head turner. 14) Height adjustment of the seat is good. 15) Felt 5 gears not adequate for this car, felt the lack of 6th gear on highway. 16) A sure shot head turner, I thoroughly enjoyed the way people looked at my car. Observations after a weeks ownership. 1) Driving comfort at par with any other car from this segment. 2)Maximum speed touched was 140 Km, did not feel any vibration, no issues faced apart from a bit of delay in car coming to halt post braking. 3) Gear knob felt a bit shaky after 100 KMph. 4) Engine noise can be heard in the cabin. 5) AC is too good, bone chilling. 5) Fuel efficient showing as 13.2 as I write this. 6) Shockers are the best things in the car, not at all bumpy under any circumstances, takes on pot holes without a fuss. 7) Did a bit of off roading and found the car too be ok for off roading as well. 8) Felt a bit of power lag in 4th gear. 9) Rear seat riding feels good, very comfortable ride. 10) Boot space is a boon takes on your weekend grocery shopping with ease. 2 months over and ODO completed 4300 kms which included one road trip of 2212 kms. The car is getting better by each kilometer and the best part is post completing 3 K kms, the vehicle is giving an average of 21 on highways and 18 in city. No problem whatsoever so far. Good to see TATA has actually looked into the quality bit. The car is real value for money keeping in mind other brands with the same features are at least 75 K to 1 Lakhs more than Tigor. Car is very stable, low vibration at high speeds of 120-140 kmph. though the cabin noise due to raod and tyre is a bit on the higher side but one can live with it due to the Harman music System. It is not suggested to go for such speeds keeping in mind the safety angle and unexpected Indian road. Completed 5200 Kms , engine sound is reducing and I am able to see the smoothness coming in with increase in mileage by 1.5 to 2 Kms (again depending on driving manners). Drawback of car not being pick up friendly is very much prominent otherwise, its gem of a car. few points post completion of 5k KMS. (a) Hassle free ride absolutely without any problem. (b) Burning smell issues observed earlier is talk of past. (c) Tyres filled with nitrogen 30days back is still intact with no pressure drop (Checked today 17/12/17). (d) Under body cover of some sort in the engine bay could have been of some help as every time I open the bonnet I am able to see soil accumulation on various parts. (e) One can easily get 20 Kmpl in cities if the urge of moving fast is controlled. (f) No regrets of going for 2nd time TATA as it provides whatever I need with family of 4 with two growing up children. (g) completed 2212 kms road trip without any kind of stress or fatigue. 2nd Free service done after 7380 Kms on 9/1/17. Appointment was booked online through TMSC app, the SC followed up quite diligently with me to update on the schedule. Checks were carried out as per the Manual. 1) General check up for oil levels and engine oil check was done. 2) Air and AC filter were cleaned. 3) Wheel balancing and alignment was done. They charged for Balancing( for lead attachments). 50 INR. 4) Wiper water pump was changed as it was not giving desired result, spray of water instead it was just dropping water on the lower part of the wind shield. Replaced without any charges as under warranty and gold AMC. Attached video is of the location of the pump. 5) Laptop was connected for cleaning of all the sensory data which included cleaning of engine management system post which the spanner symbol indicating service due on MID was gone. The next symbol will come post 15 K kms as a reminder for 3rd service. 6) Washing and cleaning was done. 7) Only thing that didn't went down well with me was it took five hours for doing this regular job. I went for buying center Arm rest for my car and works fine. Actual price as it is TATA genuine accessories is 5293 INR, I was able to bargain and bring down the price to 3998 INR . It took 10 mins for the SC guys to fix. No vibrations and quite nifty, only loss is the center water bottle space is now covered due mounting of the arm rest. initially one might not find it comfortable for engaging the hand break, however one can live with it.
  21. Current Car Discounts

    That’s one hell of a post on car discounts. Great initiative @librankur
  22. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    My Vote goes to the Tata Nexon due to some below mention reason, Have a look - Fresh, Out of the box styling - Massive GC - Strong Diesel engine - Comfortable Space for 5 passengers
  23. Planning a Car under 15L!! Need your help!!

    As per to my suggestion, under the range of 15 lakhs I would like to buy the one of the car as follow: Renault Duster Renault Captur Hyundai Creta Tata Hexa Mahindra Scorpio Hyundai Verna
  24. Current Car Discounts

  25. Current Car Discounts

    If you use the SMS option in the NISSAN AD you get an additional discount of Rs 8000 on TERRANO Rs 4000 on SUNNY The reply to your SMS would also come with a Voucher Code , which needs to be shared with the dealer for these additional discounts
  26. Discounts

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