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  2. Sorry for very late reply and not updating the thread for years. Completed the restoration project in 2015 i.e. 3 years back and drove 20k after that. Here is small video of restoration.
  3. Toyota Alphard

    Check out this image of the Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge that has been imported to India. Autocraft Customization just put this image up on FB with the caption "Proud to have offered consultancy for import & clear for a client, India's very first Alphard Executive Lounge. She is no ordinary MPV, but has features, interiors & comfort levels akin / surpassing any of the worlds finest airline's First Class cabins." Source
  4. Ciaz revealed in full. This is the Delta variant. Launch on Monday. Updated info here >>
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  6. What all did you do today?

    @librankur Regrets! The post got a bit lengthy. If you see the broken screw, the surface wasn’t uniform so I ground the face, so that I could use a Bosch drill (HSS) bit of 1.5 mm, almost in centre. Later drilled with 2.5mm. This drill got offcentre and damaged the threads. I used WD40 and a screw extractor to remove the remains of whatever screw was left. As this face couldn’t be used, I had to partly cut the fin on the opposite side to again drill and tap it. I am using makita cordless drill. I too, sometimes, break drill bits. The motor shaft is just plain shaft but it enters the sleeve mounted in the blower. The sleeve was SS but drillable. While drilling I had to insert a metal screw to prevent bending. Metal sleeve is attached to the thermoplastic blower with rubber. I myself clean the blowers of split AC if deposits on them increase. The air flow drastically reduces if fins get dirty. Blower needs to be soaked in soapy solution then to be cleaned with water spray.
  7. KIA SP concept SUV coming to India

    Creta is a compact suv, if KIA is also launching their compact SUV then it will of some competition. Even in South Korea Model Creta is popular
  8. What all did you do today?

    Did a noisy blower draw your attention to this in the first place Technician general don't remove this part during service , was it an old rattling problem that resurfaced requiring a relook by you. What kind of drill bits are you using , when I do such drilling I tend to break a lot of them Most importantly how did you manage to keep the axle steady during drilling , you surely have a far greater sized tool kit than I had imagined earlier.
  9. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thanks buddy for your reply True Siemens is amongst the best. I was in Delhi just for this purchase yesterday 15 Aug , brought home a Bosch Dishwasher .
  10. This is how the Kia SUV for India could look like, do you think this can take on the Creta?
  11. What all did you do today?

    The blower securing to the motor of the indoor unit of my kid’s room 0.9T hitachi AC was overtightened and broken by the AC technician and after six months when I saw it, I was disappointed. Even if I had confronted the hitachi, they wouldn’t accept it. So with great difficulty I removed the blower-motor assembly and drilled the screw and extract it with extractor( threads damaged).On the opposite side of the screw, drilled 3mm hole and tapped with M4 tap and secured the blower with the motor with M4 Allen screw, thread with copper paste to avoid future troubles. Job done.😅
  12. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    @librankur Siemens is a good brand and reviews are good.
  13. SUVs

    A first set of real-life shots of this new Ford SUV. Yes this is not a real Ford, but I guess this could work in India, what say? Source >>
  14. Been reading about Hyundai working on a new compact SUV for a while now... came across these renderings that show what it could look like. What are your thoughts? Source
  15. vitara to india?

    It absolutely makes sense to get this car here. But MSIL should price it sensibly. The Vitara will be a sensible product now if offered between 11-17 lacs OTR. If they try to portray this as a premium offering beyond the Creta, this is going to be a stillborn product. I wish they still bring back the Kizashi as a premium offering yet again. The earlier Vitara was also a very competitive offering but the time was not ripe for a product of that class. The SX4 was the car that was able to break the barriers of the Indian audience accepting a 10 lac Maruti and the Ciaz did it well too.
  16. vitara to india?

    Found this render showing what a sportier variant of the new Vitara could look like! What do you think? Source
  17. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All Looking to buy a Dishwasher for my parents for those one off days when no help is around. Suggestions are invited from fellow boarders , kindly suggest top of the line product of brands with service centre presence in Delhi. Independence Day purchase planned. Budget 50k
  18. Definitely an interesting take on what the next-gen Fortuner could look like. What do you think of this? Source
  19. Suzuki Jimny ! This is the right time

    Liberty Walk's released this image of its latest body kit for the Jimny. They haven't released any info yet but you can definitely see that the kit includes a , a carbon fiber hatch spoiler, carbon fender flares, aftermarket alloy wheels, a side-exit exhaust and carbon fiber roof-mounted light bar. Anyone else getting G-class vibes? Source
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  21. Found some brand new images of the new Rush with the TRD Sportivo body kit. The kit consists of new foglight covers, side skirt garnishes, side protection moldings on the doors, TRD emblem at the back, a glossy black trim on the tailgate, and new front and rear bumper garnishes. Source
  22. vitara to india?

    Suzuki recently revealed the facelifted Vitara SUV. It's now fitted with two new turbo-petrol drivetrains with 1.0-litre and 1.4-litre displacements (replacing the 1.6-litre petrol mill that powered the pre-facelift model). It also gets a revised grille, bumper and light clusters at the front, as well as more intricate tail-lights at the rear. Inside, higher-quality materials have been used on the dashboard, while a colour screen is now part of the redesigned instrument cluster. For more info, you can head here: Suzuki's already started showcasing the SUV to dealers. Check out these new images: Source 1 Source 2
  23. Found a pretty neat rendering showing what a cross variant of the new Brio could look like. For more info on the second-gen Brio, you can head here: Source
  24. SUVs

    Ford has just launched the new Territory SUV for China (it's not the same as the one sold in Australia). It's based on the Yusheng S330... Ford hasn't released any engine details yet. What do you think - Should Ford bring this to India to rival the likes of the Creta? Source
  25. Tata Harrier SUV spied

    New spy pics of the Harrier SUV! Comparing this to some earlier spy pics, this looks like a close-to-production version. Want to know what you can expect from the new Harrier? Head over here: Source
  26. Kia Motors to debut in India soon

    Came across these couple of spy shots from Korea, looks like Kia SP concept-based SUV prototype Source >>
  27. [Spied] Rexton Facelift maybe?

    New Rexton seen for the first time on Indian roads with Mahindra grille Source 4X4 India facebook page
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