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  2. In terms of design Nexon wins over Ecosport (But it's matter of personal choice. I personally like Ecosport). But I feel mileage of Nexon would be better than Ecosport. Though on paper Ecosport looks better in terms of mileage but in real life condition Tata is always winner for better mileage. Ecosport is very well built tried , tested and successful car from Ford. Nexon is a new product and that too from Tata (so it may be a hit or miss)
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  4. Please Guide

    I would not suggest swift for buying at this moment just because it is just about 2 months or so when in Auto Expo Delhi MSIL will give a revamp to its go-cart hatch baby. Instead I would suggest you to look for either Ignis/KUV or TATA TIGOR. Personally I would prefer TIGOR as it gives you a bit more space and value for money for every penny that you spend. + it is a compact sedan and loaded with lots of good features and it is not hard to get good discounts and offers from TATA motors dealers these days.
  5. Planning a Car under 15L!! Need your help!!

    you confusion is right and I would like to add a bit more. Look at new Rapid Top Spec diesel with 7 speed DSG auto box. It comes with Sports mode and give you features like TCS, ABS, Dual BA, Hill Assist, Auto headlamps, Rain sensing wipers and a gear box worth spending for + there are excellent offers going on at this moment.
  6. Overall Nexon scores on fresh looks, better in-cabin space and a well planned interior, whereas Ecosports scores on Tried and Tested, Good driving dynamic and better resale value however keep in mind Nexon and EcoScports both have a new power plant in the heart and so the reliability of these engines should be given equal points. I would suggest check both of them side by side. What it means is test drive them back to back and then decide.
  7. Go for City CVT as it is best suitable for the city drive with the ease of automatic transmission and technologically a better option than VW/Skoda Petrol automatics. VW/Skoda do not offer DSG in Vento/Rapid pertrol and instead they have conventional auto box which are matted to 6 speed gears whereas DSG is 7 speed. So go for City if you have petrol in the head.
  8. VW Vento / SKODA Rapid - The petrol engine gets a conventional 6-speed automatic gearbox while the Diesel gets a 7-speed DSG* dual-clutch automatic that can be manually controlled via the triptonic gear lever (no paddle shifters available). Honda City has automatic in Petrol only. So without a doubt, DSG is a better option - But it is for diesels only. SKODA Rapid just received a fresh update and personally that looks awesome. So for diesel automatic I would bet for Rapid DSG as of now. For petrol - City has paddle shifters which makes driving much more fun and exciting. So I would put money on City for petrol automatic
  9. Fuel Economy for Nexon petrol as per reviews is around 10-12 in city and 15 on highways. For Ecosport it is 12-14 in city and 16 on highways. So Ecosport is marginally better on highways. In terms of build quality, Ecosport wins handsdown. Tata have tried really hard to make Nexon as best TATA yet. But it still has issues with fit and finish. Some plastics have a really good feel but panel gaps and cheap plastic on lower dashboard/doors steal the show away. Cabs - Till now no compact SUV has a trend of becoming a Cab since they offer only 5 seats and a boot which many cheap hatches like wagonR and sub 4m Sedans like Amaze/Dzire etc fulfil. So If a sub 4m compact SUV makes its way to Cab segment (which is unlikely) then all will make it and not just Nexon. Considering other aspects - Nexon has superb ride and handling, great looks. It has a decent power train and is fun to drive. Ecosport has a good pwer train, has good ride and handling as well. Nexon offers more practicality and space inside due to clever engineering and design. It is approx 80k cheaper than ecosport and thus makes for a really good value for money package. Ecosport on the other hand is a safe yet expensive bet. Wonder what will happen if Brezza is launched with a petrol powertrain
  10. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    Long term maintenance cost - SCross wins handsdown. Suzuki shares most of the parts across cars and thus this makes maintenance quite easy and cheap. Fuel Economy - SCross will give you 19-20+ easily in city. Ecosport will be around 15+ in city. If you drive more carefully, you can easily cross 25kmpl for SCross and 20kmpl for ecosport
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  12. Tesla Model X in India

    This Tesla Model X has been spotted arriving in Mumbai! Source
  13. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    I recently took test drive of the Ecosport Titanium 1.5 diesel. Hotw does Ecosport and S cross provide fuel mileage in city and highway. Considering the long term maintenance cost between these two which of these do you suggest.
  14. Renderings: Next gen Volkswagen Polo

    So this is the new 2018 Polo GTI! Source
  15. Hello everybody

    Annabel123 is a new member of the forum Autocarindia, very pleased to be acquainted and make friends to share everything in life with people. Especially learned from the forum.
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  17. @jsanket9578 both Ecosport and Nexon are turbocharged. Who told you that the turbocharged vehicles have lower mileage?? Purpose of turbocharger is to give extra air in the combustion chamber so that fuel can burn completely thus resulting in more mileage.
  18. I want to buy a new car with a budget between 12-15 L. I have a confusion between city v/s vento. Plz guide urgently. Mod Note: Don't use sms lingo on board & put capital letters where required.
  19. I am the second owner. The car has clocked 94000 KM.
  20. 1. Mileage wise, Ecosport should be better. Nexon has a Turbo-charged engine and will definitely give you lower mileage. But by how much, that remains to be seen. Nexon is sure a fuel guzzler but cannot comment about the Ecosport. 2. Both have decent build quality. But the thing to note is Ecosport's interiors are much better finished. The fit and finish of that car is the best in the segment. 3. Nexon should most probably not be moved towards Taxi segment as it is a 'premium' product. Moreover, sub-compact SUV's simply don't make sense for Taxi segment. In my opinion, Ecosport is a much better car here, if you're okay with the space inside. The engine is more responsive in city, much more refined, and should be more fuel efficient too. Also, I think you should look at the Trend variant. The touchscreen alone is worth the price! It's simply the best unit in a less than 15L car atleast!
  21. My top 5 are: 1. Floor mats 2. Seat covers 3. Rag 4. First-aid kit 5. Sun reflector
  22. There are 2 types of car phone holder: magnetic and width adjustable clamp. Which one do you use? Or it doesn't matter and any holder will suit well?
  23. Some pics of the 2017 Vios on display at the Thai Motor Expo... So glad Toyota's finally bringing this to India next year! Source
  24. Should I wait for 2018 Honda City?

    i welcome your plan. yes you should wait Honda city.
  25. Its confirmed. Apache is launching the APACHE RR 310 S in 6th of this month. Sadly bike will be branded as TVS instead of BMW. If it had BMW badge it would have looked like a premium bike. A BMW badge can really surge the sales of TVS.
  26. hi all, I am planning to buy a car. The short list includes Ford Ecosport Ambi variant and the Tata Nexon XM Variant. Out of the two, my personal fav is the Nexon. However, before i finalize, please help me with these doubts. It is greatly appreciated. a) Who wins mileage war between petrol variant of nexon and ecosport? city and highway? which car is safer in terms of build quality c) Will tata send nexon to the cab segment? Worried about this a lot. Please help. your inputs are greatly appreciated.
  27. Guidance for buying Used cars

    All above mentioned figures are approximate. You can get the actual figures for Other Maint. Charges from their respective showroom cum service centres. A/C compressor cost more than 26000₹ if inoperational.
  28. Need help to get best electric scooter

    You can go for Segway Mini Pro or Ninebot Pro. Recently I bought for my son one Segway Mini Pro electric scooters. The latest technology that is integrated to this is you can connect your electric scooter via Bluetooth with your smartphone. Some are the latest features are LED light control, Anti-theft alarm, speed control, vehicle diagnostic, and much more. If you want you can check the link for more:
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