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  2. Likes; - Acceleration & Instant Torque - Gadgetry - Space - Ride Quality Dislikes; - Steering Feel (Vague for cornering & fun) - Lack of Buttons (Everything, right from the mirrors to the AC vents have to be controlled via the screen which can be distracting & irritating) Concerns; - Long Term Reliability - Battery Recyclability VIDEO; The video consists of some acceleration pulls, discussion on performance, ride quality & handling as a 1st time Tesla driver; A talk about the minimalistic interior + the 15" screen; & the recharging experience; Other Key Observations; - The car can be accessed via its app, but as mine was a rental i had a KEY, just like a credit card or your hotel room key, TESLA provide this cool solution, impressive for short term but long term i think you will miss inserting the key & cranking the engine as that's a lot more emotional. - Things like adjusting the steering too has to be accessed via the steering and adjust via the audio control knobs on the wheel. - There are no door levers inside the cabin as the doors open with a push of a button. - The maps were great & never lagged. - The maps with the real time traffic also had some cool graphics of the cars around & those would turn red if they are too close & activate the steering correction. - To open the trunk and also the glove box you have to access the screen. - Roof is all glass and goes all the way upto the trunk. Point to be noted is that it doesn't open at all. - The leather used for the seats is vegan (not sure why, may be just a fancy way for saying synthetic) - Should have no maintenance and very low running cost in the initial years. - Exteriors, the looks are subjective but my spec. did look the part in this white with dark rims combo. - Ground clearance is kinda low, for India it will need correction. - Cameras all around do record stuff too. Conclusion; I had the Model 3 with me for about 3 days and drove aprox 300 miles in an around LA, California. To conclude things it will be fair to say that the Model 3 is an very attractive package for both the young and old audience out there. Even the enthusiast will like it for it's speed & performance. But it still feels like an electronic appliance and in the long term if the parts start to fail, it may not be as easy to fix as our conventional mechanical cars & that time this may feel just like an disposable electronic device. Being a petrol head & not much of a fan of EV's this was a refreshing experience for me, however I did not really fancy owning one after driving it. If this is the future i'd like to own one eventually & not grab it immediately.
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  4. Source : Hindustan Times Newspaper Dated : 24 August 19
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  6. Kia's online configurator is finally live! It gives the first proper look at the base HTE variant [Rs 9.69-9.99 lakh]. Here's what the variant comes with: 1.5-litre diesel with 6MT 1.5-litre petrol with 6MT ABS with EBD Dual front airbags Shark-fin antenna Front and rear faux skid plates 16-inch steel wheels with covers Projector headlights Follow-me-home headlamps All four disc brakes All power windows Keyless entry 4-speaker sound system Steering-mounted controls Steering wheel tilt adjustment Rear AC vents UVO Lite (connectivity suite) For more info, you can head here:
  7. Tata Harrier SUV revealed

    I came across these images of a new Tata Harrier getting a sunroof fitted. The images show the step-by-step procedure of getting a sunroof fitted, from the marking to the cutting of the roof and headliner. What do you guys think of the modification? Would you get it done or wait for Tata to offer it from the factory? IMAGE SOURCE
  8. Looks like Toyota's working on a facelift for the C-HR; this one was spied during an ad shoot in Poland. From what I can see, the front bumper is different, headlights and tail lights look different , fog slights are smaller and slightly higher and the rear bumper now gets chrome inserts. Source
  9. Hello everyone.....

    Welcome to the Forum Macgomes. I am also new on this Forum. My name is Akash, Professionally I am a software developer and I develop software of the trucking industry.
  10. The Honda Civic has made a comeback after almost 7 years. No doubt, the previous Civic was one of the best car that came outta the Japanese market and without doubt one of the best car a petrol head could ask for.This JDM gem has been a dream for every mod-boy out there, for the ways it could be pimped out. It just looked too hot from any angle, thanks to the low stance. And not to forget the manual transmission that came with the 1.8l petrol engine which was just super fun. But the question is, will the new civic live upto its predecessor’s legacy? will it meet the expectations of those who waited for it. Will it make a mark like how it did in the past. The all new Honda Civic comes ONLY with an Automatic petrol transmission and one really powerless and lazy dirty diesel engine, keeping the "Kitna detha hei"in mind. In fact the diesel gives almost 25kmpl mileage, but is that what we really want in a civic? nah....i dont think so and its pretty late considering that the global markets have started phasing out diesel engines. Now, the only Automatic-petrol engine comes as the first and the biggest disappointment. Apparently Honda had conducted a survey, i presume of old ungils and lazy men, in which they opted for automatic over manual transmission. The manual should’ve been an option, at least for those who specifically demand for it. The automatic transmission couldve been better. It has got that typical rubber band effect that the Honda CVT transmissions have. A rubber band effect is where there is very minimal pull in mid RPMs. If you want to overtake someone instantly, you gotto plan well in advance and wait for that punch after the RPM crosses the 5k mark during when it gets too noisy though. Civic has got the least power amongst the cars in its segment. It is three seconds slower than the octavia in hitting the 100 kmph mark. In fact there is another 1.5L turbo charged Civic available in the international market, which would’ve been a better pick for our market. Honda should’ve brought it into the market to keep its enthusiastic civic lovers happy or at least to be on lines with its German rival, The Octavia.. In that case, octavia has a really good line up of engines. It has got 2 petrol variant, not counting the VRS missile. One amongst the two variant in a 1.4L turbo charged petrol engine, which is more fun to drive because of the manual shifting tunnel, and the other most powerful variant is the 1.8 RS engine. Now this is one other reason why the germans are better in this segment. The next car in the segment is the Corolla altis, which once again a really good car, but with a very less power just like the civic. In comparison with the corolla civic is better in every other way, that no doubt. Let alone the performance part, the new Honda Civic is stunning in every other way possible. Its has retained the killer looks, especially with that sliding roof and sports back. It has still got that low stance and it is intensely eager to hit the corners with great stability but something is missing….. the power punch.The low stance plays a very important role in keeping the centre of gravity in place and thats what makes the cornering so much fun. There is almost no over-steer at all which gives you all the confidence that you want. Honda has taken the interiors to a whole new level by using premium touches wherever necessary. The old gen civic was the first in market to have digital speedometer which had me drooling back then. This one has improved it and made it a lot better by providing all the necessary information. The Japanese have made every corner of the cabin count and have made the car very ergonomic in terms of space. It is also loaded with a lot of first in class features like the camera in rear view mirror and multiple safety feature. But even after all this, the sales figures had gone down from 3000 units in the first month to around 300 units in the following months. This gives us a glimpse of Civics success rate in India. It Wouldve been a lot better if Honda Ups the Civics performance figures. this is the main reason why the civic has not gotten the market it actually deserves. MaybeLets hope the type R to hit the shores at least. Thats the only way Honda can keep its fan boys happy. Fingers crossed.
  11. New Hyundai i10 spied; EDIT: Grand i10 Launched

    Here's all the colour options the Grand i10 Nios is available with: Fiery Red Titan Gray Typhoon Silver Alpha Blue Aqua Teal dual tone Polar white Polar White dual tone Aqua Teal
  12. The Seltos has finally been launched in India and its priced from from an agressive Rs 9.69-15.99 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India). The midsize SUV is available in six engine-gearbox combinations. Here are some of the highlights from the launch event:
  13. The Seltos has finally been launched in India and its priced from from an agressive Rs 9.69-15.99 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India). The midsize SUV is available in six engine-gearbox combinations. Here are some of the highlights from the launch event:
  14. Maruti Suzuki XL6

    Maruti Suzuki has launched the six-seater XL6 at Rs 9.80 lakh! Here's how it compares to its rivals in terms of price + some highlights from the launch event:
  15. Seltos vs Creta

    I am planning to buy SUV with budget around 12L. Someone suggest me Seltos or Creta. I confused creta have market review but seltos is new brand in India, So is it worth able to buy or not?
  16. Maruti Suzuki XL6

    Maruti Suzuki is set to launch the XL6 in India on 21 August 2019. The XL6 will be a more premium version of the Ertiga and will be sold via the carmaker’s Nexa outlets. It can be booked by paying a sum of Rs 11,000 online or at any of the Nexa dealerships. Maruti Suzuki will offer the XL6 in two variants: Zeta and Alpha (top). The XL6’s Zeta variant is based on the Ertiga’s Z variant while the XL6 Alpha is based on the Ertiga Z+.There will be the option of automatic transmission in both variants of the XL6, but Maruti offers automatic transmission on Ertiga Zxi only, and not on the Zxi+. Source - V3Cars
  17. New Hyundai i10 spied; EDIT: Grand i10 Launched

    Nice looking car. They will be selling current Grand i10 Petrol also along with this, not sure what's the rationale for this. Pricing for petrol variants are sort of Ok considering it's BS6 compliant but diesel engine is still BS4. Don't know why Hyundai always manages to confuse customers with their weird features distribution across variants.
  18. New Hyundai i10 spied; EDIT: Grand i10 Launched

    Hyundai has launched the Grand i10 Nios in India! Here are the highlights from the launch event:
  19. Maruti Suzuki XL6

    Spied! looks like the XL6 has started reaching dealer stockyards ahead of its launch on Wednesday Source
  20. New Hyundai i10 spied; EDIT: Grand i10 Launched

    I have come across a walkaround of the new Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. The video shows off the top-end Asta trim of the Grand i10 Nios both from the inside and outside. What do you guys think of the new Grand i10 Nios?
  21. Range Rover Velar Now assembled in India

    The New Range Rover Velar has world renown Land Rover capabilities at its Core. It is the fourth member to the Range Rover SUV Family which fills the gap between the Evoque and the sport. With intelligent All wheel drive ensuring confident handling no matter how challenging the conditions. The vehicles boats a class leading depth of about 650 mm with real time information provided at the Upper Touch screen. All Terrain progress control is a state of the art system that let you set a constant speed to enhance control on challenging surfaces. The Dual touch pro Dual system with Dual HD Touch-Screens provides an intuitive and engaging new interface. The Upper screen is the infotainment hub providing the primary interface for all features. The lower screen carries climate, vehicle settings and direct input to seat controls with media and phone accessible when the upper screen is being used for another task. And when it all combines with the highly advance interactive driver display which is a state of the art system which puts Key information write where you need it. Under the Skin of the Range Rover Velar is the Light Weight Aluminium Structure which is incredibly Strong and Rigid, Resulting in a Stable and Light SUV. Configurable dynamics allows the driver to tail the driving characteristics in dynamic mode to the personal preference creating the perfect driving experience. Velar's Air suspension delivers a refined and comfortable drive and Intelligent Drive line dynamics ensures optimum grip, whatever the road conditions and an Active rear Lock differential provides control in cornering. Velar's distinctive and magnificence Range Rover designing is carried out even in the Interior of the Car. Twin sliding Arm-Rest, Configurable Moon Lighting combined with Luxurious Materials and Exceptional Craftsmanship, Create a spoke environment which is both calm & sophisticated. In the Rear there is an exceptionally spacious environment for all occupants. Velar comprises of the all new Touch Pro Dual System, Information can be split between upper and lower 10" inch HD-Touch Screens according to your own preference. The Customizable 12.3" inch interactive driver display, Delivers a choice of keen information which ensure that the Driver has all the information he require. 2018 Range Rover Velar will compete in the mid-sized Luxury Segment. It will rival head to head with Jaguar F-pace ,Porsche Macan, Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7. Jaguar F-Pace Porsche Macan Volvo XC90 Audi Q7
  22. Hello everyone, My 2016 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi is due for 40,000 km service. Ford recommended oil is 3.8 litres of 5w30 ACEA a5/b5 wss-m2c913-c. I have following options, none of which is wss-m2c913-c - 1) Amsoil Diesel Signature series 5w30 acea E6,7,9 API CK4 - 3800 for 3.78 ltr 2) Amsoil Turbo truck Diesel oil 5w40 API CK4 - 2700 for 3.78 ltrs 3) Amsoil Signature series 5w30 a5/b5 API SN+ - 3900 for 3.78 ltrs 4) Mobil 1 Newer Vehicle formula 5w30 - 3000 for 4 ltr (-100 discount on Flipkart) 5) Liqui Moly New Generation 5w30 - 3500 for 4 ltr 6) Motul 8100 X-cess 5w40 - 2700 for 4 Ltr Or should I just go with the only wss-m2c913-c option available in market i.e. 7) Mobil Super 3000 X1 5w30 - 1600 for 3.5 ltrs
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  24. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    Autocar India's put up a story revealing the second-gen Creta's (ix25) dimensions and details Source
  25. Honda's revealed its new Breeze SUV, which will initially be sold alongside the popular CR-V SUV in the Chinese market. It's based on the CR-V nd has the same width and height, but is slightly longer. Front styling is different than the CR-V; it features a new and more angular front grille with a thick chrome band and a squarer headlight design with LED inserts. Inside, it features a five-seat cabin, with minor equipment differences over the CR-V. You can find more info here:
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