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  2. Spy shots: Hyundai Elantra facelift

    Hyundai recently showcased the ASEAN-spec Elantra facelift for the first time in Malaysia. Compared to the left-hand-drive model, changes to the exterior mainly coming down to difference in alloy wheel design and a few bits of chrome. Check it out in this walkaround: More info here:
  3. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    A Tata Harrier with 20-inch alloys. The wheels fill out the arches quite nicely. Don't you think so? Source:
  4. Maruti Suzuki and Toyota partnership

    Autocar India has some more information about the Toyota badged Baleno. The hatchback (codenamed the A11) will go on sale on 6th June 2019 and will likely come with a 3year/ 1,00,000km warranty. You read more about it here -
  5. The US spec Hyundai Venue has been caught on the move, both on and off the road. What do you guys think of the new venue finally seen in motion? Here is the original video of the US spec venue on the move -
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  7. Updated Maruti Alto 800

    Maruti Suzuki has launched the facelifted Alto 800! It's now been equipped to meet the upcoming safety norms - as standard, it gets a driver’s airbag, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, a driver and co-driver seatbelt reminder alert system as well as a speed alert system. Dual airbags are standard on the top VXI variant, and buyers can opt for a passenger airbag on the STD (O) and LXI (O) variants. Another important point is that the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800’s engine is now BS-VI-compliant. The three-cylinder, 796cc petrol engine still puts out the same 48hp and 69Nm as the pre-facelift model, but with upgraded hardware and software, Maruti Suzuki says the Alto 800’s Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions will drop by nearly 25%. Interesting to note that at 22.05kpl, the facelift’s fuel efficiency figure is lower than before (24.7kpl). The Alto 800 also gets a revised exterior with a grille finished in black, a new front bumper and a fully redesigned dashboard. More info here:
  8. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    @vikky1971 The grille and the front end in the rendering above detracts from the SUV look of the Creta in my opinion.
  9. New Mitsubishi MPV

    Here are some leaked images of the soon to unveiled special edition Mitsubishi Xpander - it will officially be revealed at the Indonesia International Motor Show. What do you guys think of it? SOURCE
  10. Hi, I am looking to change tyres for my Ertiga. The car has driven 55000kms on stock Goodyear. Please suggest a good replacement. Visited a reputed Dealer he suggested me a few tyres like Bridgestone Ecopia, Yokohama Bluearth, Firestone FR500 & Goodyear Assurance Triplemax. I checked with him for Bridgestone B290 & Yokohama earth-1 which he mentioned are out of stock. I read reviews for Michelins and crossed them out as firstly they are expensive and read in a few reviews that they are puncture prone on bad roads. Your advice will be helpful. Regards.
  11. Semi synthetic oil for my TVS Jupiter

    Hello ! I have been using TVS Jupiter form last 4 years now. I always used synthetic oil as I was worried about my scooter condition. However, considering my low usage of the vehicle (20Km oer day), my mechanic told me to switch to cost efficient semi-synthetic oil. He recommended Divyol by gandhar oil as first preference. Has anyone using it ? Also my bike is working fine and I have not done any major modification.
  12. Pics: Next gen Nissan Sunny

    Finally came across a good walkaround giving a closer look at the new Sunny (Versa). What do you think of the styling?
  13. Maruti Suzuki Baleno facelift

    The Baleno has been launched with two BS-VI-compliant petrol engine options – the new 1.2-litre K12C DualJet with the Smart Hybrid system, and the existing 1.2-litre K12B petrol, which has been upgraded to meet the more stringent emission norms. This means the existing 1.2-litre K12B engine variants are now more expensive by Rs 13,000-20,000, while the DualJet Smart Hybrid variants cost a substantial Rs 89,000 more than the equivalent K12B variants. You can head here for more info:
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  15. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    @NB10 the above front grill looks ugly. Why this compact SUV going dzire way.
  16. Amaze petrol

    @Saman I too own a Honda Amaze diesel and Honda quality is good. Fuel average of diesel is 25.4km/L and on high ways same is achieved. The pickup of petrol isn’t great and fuel average is poor. I am still inferring as I am on FB forum(Honda Amaze Fan Club) where all owners and fans are there and we discuss the car plus any troubleshooting
  17. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    I came across a few renders that show off what a production version of the next Hyundai Creta could look like. What do you guys think of these renders? SOURCE
  18. Updated Maruti Alto 800

    Here is a walk around video of the upcoming updated Maruti Alto 800. Maruti has given the updated Alto 800 some mild styling tweaks with a new front bumper and grille. Maruti also seems to have dropped the 'Alto 800' name as the new car only sports the 'Alto' badge. For more information read- Here is the walkaround video -
  19. Hi all, Thank you all. Need your suggestion. I’m planning to buy petrol car. I’m unable to decide whether to go with amaze or desire. I know Honda quality is far better than Suzuki in terms of safety (Strong body) and other things. But I could see in reviews that amaze is having problem clutch pads , reverse gear sound and pickup during over take in highways.Some wrote well and some didn’t. Could you please help whether I should go for Honda or Suzuki. looking forward to hear from you. sammy
  20. Auto journalism

    Could you tell me how can I become an auto journalist. Which degree or suitable courses are required to be a auto journalist . Hope you will answer my query
  21. Here is a walk around video of the US spec Hyundai Venue. The US spec car has different interiors as well as a different front bumper. What do you guys think of the US spec Hyundai Venue?
  22. New MG Hector SUV

    Seems an attractive looking SUV atleast to my eyes
  23. Tips for Bike Care to Avoid Bike Breakdown

    Tips mentioned above covers all the safety measure. I would suggest you to use engine oils that are specifically designed for bike. Depending on your usage you can choose between synthetic and semi synthetic oil. As a consumer, i myself is usin Divyol by gandhar oil. My daily travelling is 30kms. I found semi synthetic for my level of usage quite cost effective. for heavy usage, synthetic oils are preferred. However, prices of these oils are comparatively high. You also need to check the oil level regularly to avoid any excessive wear.
  24. New MG Hector SUV

    The upcoming MG Hector has been spied completely undesguised in white this time around. Check it out in the images below.
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  26. Hyundai's taken the covers off the Venue! Here are the engine and gearbox details: You can head here for more info:
  27. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    The design of the Hyundai ix25 is unique, to say the least. There are some styling elements that look nice to me, such as the well pronounced and muscular wheel arches, the alloy wheels and the smartly designed LED lights. However, I feel the spec it has been showcased in is a bit too busy and just has too much going on for me to appreciate the design. I am also not a fan of that massive grille. In my opinion, a more subdued spec might suit the car better. Let's see how the model for India shapes up.
  28. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    Here is a video of a Tata Harrier with a contrast roof (dual tone scheme) and some aftermarket decals on it. The grille has also got a splash of colour and the standard alloy wheels have black accents. What do you guys think of this mod job?
  29. UPDATE: Looks like Hyundai will launch the Venue in India on May 21. Source
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