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  2. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    @Alisha Hessle Thanks for your feedback
  3. The 1st prototype of the next gen S-Class has been spotted; Should launch in 2020 as a 2021 model. Source: Motorauthority
  4. Current Car Discounts

    Hey Buddy , I came across a fellow boarders post about lack of discounts and thus decided to fill in. I am myself looking to buy a new sedan 20L range. The advent of the new CIVIC excites me. Your inputs are invited.
  5. Current Car Discounts

    That’s one hell of a post on car discounts. Great initiative @librankur
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  7. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    My Vote goes to the Tata Nexon due to some below mention reason, Have a look - Fresh, Out of the box styling - Massive GC - Strong Diesel engine - Comfortable Space for 5 passengers
  8. Planning a Car under 15L!! Need your help!!

    As per to my suggestion, under the range of 15 lakhs I would like to buy the one of the car as follow: Renault Duster Renault Captur Hyundai Creta Tata Hexa Mahindra Scorpio Hyundai Verna
  9. Current Car Discounts

  10. Current Car Discounts

    If you use the SMS option in the NISSAN AD you get an additional discount of Rs 8000 on TERRANO Rs 4000 on SUNNY The reply to your SMS would also come with a Voucher Code , which needs to be shared with the dealer for these additional discounts
  11. Discounts

    Check again
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  13. Ford Performance's head engineer Jamal Hameedi has hinted to that an Everest Raptor (Endeavour Raptor for us) could be a possibility some day! “There’s no reason [we wouldn’t do an Everest Raptor]. The first F-150 Raptor was way beyond our wildest dreams in terms of success, and that success spawned a Ranger Raptor. So to do an SUV is a little more difficult because you have to figure out how to deal with the rear suspension. In the form of a bodyside outer it’s not just a box outer [and that] poses a unique challenge in how you package that." Ford Australia product communications manager Damion Smy also believes performance SUVs are the future, saying: "There’s definitely a case for more performance oriented or at least more sports styled SUVs in the future."'s already created a speculative rendering of what it could look like... Source
  14. Fortuner & Ford Endy Boasts Bit Ego of Owners ,Was surprised In japan We dont find Any of them ? Om maturity we know exactly the Cars we need ( though toyota has one advantage of being Maintainence wise Low , How ever Any small cars would do ,I am big fan of Tiguan If only they priced another 3 to 4 lakhs Lower Would have been sold like Hot Cakes But VW has Very bad Marketing Strategy This brand Will kill The dealers ,Hence this VW brand is Called as Sacrificing Brand Within VAG Group( keeps scarificing models to Skoda, Audi ,Porsche )
  15. Hi i was surprised with The Cost of parts Charged by Mercedes in thier workshop , Four O2 sesors Cost at Mercedes Workshop for S500 =1.9 lakhs , Against 340$ at FCP Euro the same original Bosch parts in USA ,
  16. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    Thanks very much for your guidance. In fact today i took test drive of new i20 and got impressed with driver quality and better interiros very well. However, once again when i visited TATA showroom at Mathura road to check delivery status, i found a Nexon in showroom having very fantastic interiors and exterior looks as well. ok, i shall stick to my first decision
  17. Is Shell Petrol better than others?

    @Murugan95 you are absolutely right, Shell and Reliance fuel is better. The government operated hp, bp etc petrol pumps too, are better.
  18. Nissan's Fortuner rival takes shape

    The new Terra SUV has been spied testing in Thailand this time!
  19. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    @rakeshsinha, first thing to remember is that Nexon and i20 are from different class, one is a compact SUV while other is a compact hatchback. Choosing a car entirely depends upon a user's requirements. However, compact SUVs are latest rage in India (and across world as well). If you want a compact SUV then possible competitors to Nexon are Maruti Brezza, Ford EcoSport. If safety is your top priority then nothing beats EcoSport (top model) which comes with 6 airbags. People have this notion that Tata's after sales is bad and they might be right to a certain extent as well. However, they have improved vastly in product quality as well as after sales over the years and to me this point should not be a deal breaker. So my advise is stick to Nexon or if budget permits check out EcoSport as well.
  20. Is Shell Petrol better than others?

    Hi all, Comparing the mileage difference between HP petrol mileage and Shell petrol mileage of my Wagor R 1000CC auto gear (AMT) on Jan-Feb-2018. I am in Chennai, everyday commute from Velachery to Kodambakkam 30KM/day in a heavy city traffic. My observation below: If I would have used: HP petrol on 31-Jan-2018 was 75.63 Rs., For 2000 rs 26.44 L. And as per my last 3 months calculations my car gives 14.22 KM/L for HP petrol in same city traffic. So for 2000 rs it gives 376 KM and it comes like 5.32 Rs./Km. I used Shell: the price was 77.46 Rs, got 25.82L normal petrol for 2000Rs, not V-Power. And my car gave mileage of 15.14 KM/L in same traffic condition. So for 2000 Rs it has given 391KM and it comes like 5.11Rs/Km. Hence, although Shell is little costlier it gives good mileage and for 1000KM / month commuters it saves Rs. 200 per month. Also, as I heard it is good for engine. Wear helmet & Seat belt! Happy driving folks.... -Murugan from Chennai.
  21. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    Hi, I have booked a TATA Nexon XZ+ petrol in last week of January'18 and waiting for delivery. However, I visited Auto expo 2018 in greater Noida to see the new Elite i20 launced by Hyundai. Post this I am in a state of confusion whether to consider Nexon as my next car or not. Prior to booking of this new mini SUV of TATA, I was told by few of my friends that although the car's specification is good including its drivieability, but the service level of TATA still requires major improvement and I will have to face issues later on. On the other hand, the i20 has been a great car and now Hyundai have launced a new facelift with addition of few new features once again including a 7" touch screen inside. The overall looks of car from front and rear has also been made aggressive. Against 2 nos. airbags of TATA, the Elite i20 has minimum 4 airbags and appears to be safer. Moreover the after sales services of Hyndai is supposed to be far better than TATA. But looks wise, NEXON still imprss me a lot. I am thereofore confused and unable to analyse my decision on opting TATA car in front of i20. Please guide me.
  22. The new Honda Vezel (HR-V) has already started reaching dealerships in Japan Source
  23. rtriadhie has put up his rendering of what the next-gen Brio would look like if it were to be based on the new Amaze that was revealed at the Auto Expo. What do you think?
  24. Discounts

    Need to know discounts going on around couldnt see any latest post in the discount thread
  25. Whats your Budget - 5-6 Lacs Kms driven monthly - 2000 Bodyshell - Hatch/Compact SUV/MUV City/Highway split - 40:60 Max No.of Passangers - ______ 2 Boot space Importance - ______ Medium Usage by - __________________Lady and a kid Ownership - _________________Outskirts Safety - _____________________High Prime requirement - Safety features/Ride/ Handling//Braking/Looks/AfSS/Passenger Comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Maruti, Skoda, Honda, Ford, Renault
  26. Taurus 2x2.. the 2 wheel drive bike

    Very interesting concept! I wish you could have highlighted the form of the transmission of engine torque to the wheels - there is nothing in the photographs that give a hint. Perhaps it was intended by the mfrs - not to give away to much information!
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