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  2. New spy pics of the Suzuki Alivio for China have surfaced online... It possibly hints at the styling tweaks the updated Ciaz will get Source
  3. Pics of the new Polo Source
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  5. Can the upcoming Honda Civic beat the likes of Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Jetta?
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  7. The new Ecosport and Captur will both launch in India later this year... found this pretty interesting comparison of the two Source:
  8. No "Vikky1971",,,,i have got the gear shifting problem after driving 1.91 LAKH KM only,,, ,,,so no issues with my driving skills what do you mean by not-technical!!!!!
  9. Sure, have planned a visit to MSS next weekend, will keep the post updated.
  10. @librankur in case you plan to buy cell phone covers then go for pelican brand, available now on, they are into making military cases
  11. Alright got it, I was thinking that some of the people belongs to USA, that's why i mentioned sun joe spx3000 as a best pressure washer. 1 more thing i want to add is, people from usa read reviews of top sites before they make any purchase. As same as i did, helped me alot to finalize my purchase. may be someone from usa will get benefit of that website. Cheers!
  12. @Narasimha your review of the Figo car isn't technical. When you drive your car do you keep your left hand on the gear knob, most of the time ?
  13. @librankur full black looks classy
  14. @Nataliaroger In India Sun Joe brand is alien. We have Black and Decker High pressure machine in our housing society, which I happen to repair, works fine. has 1000plus reviews with 4.5star ratings for the model you mentioned. So it must be good.
  15. Hi guys! I'm from Gurgaon and travel to Noida everyday for work. About 100-120 kms of driving everyday and I'm looking at buying a new car. I want to go for an automatic. I think I can go for a Jeep Compass but wanted to know your thoughts on it. Also, the other car on my list is a Creta. Now, I know they are not in the same league and the comparison would be a little off but I'd appreciate comments on what you guys think of the Compass and Creta seperately. If there is any other car that you'd strongly recommend- please do mention that too. Budget is around 15-17L but I'm willing to stretch to 20L for the Jeep. Looking forward. Thanks. Prakhar
  16. Please share the Polk speakers model for Wagon R to fit to front corner....Please......
  17. Toyota is showcasing this Fortuner TRD Sportivo at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. It seems to be slightly different from the one sold in Thailand. It sports a large black plastic fog lamp enclosures, silver skid plates, new diamond cut alloy wheels, and a larger rear spoiler. Source:
  18. HI guys, I am planning to buy a new bike with a budget of upto 2 lakhs. I have no experience what so ever on a 2 wheeler. But, I would like to buy a Yamaha FZ25. I wanted to know my decision of buying a 250 CC bike is good decision or not. Also, I would like to know if the power output(i.e. 20PS) of the bike is too much. Some of my friends say its a good decision, but others say its too much power. So please help, I'm really confused.
  19. Finally! The India-spec Ecosport has been spotted without any camouflage testing in the outskirts of Chennai Source
  20. Friends i would like to share my review on Figo 2012 Tdci 2012 Jun 1st week , i have decided to buy Ritz ,but my wife didnt like the rear concave polygon shape ,, at the same time Maruthi has ended gen1 dzire after some research finallly i booked Figo Exi with fog lams ,ford's Music system,wheel caps , mats etc ,total cost 6.12L till now its clocked 1.93L KM on ODO 19 regular maintenance ( every 10K) has been completed at VIbrant/Fortune ford ,Hyderabad other than 19, there were another 15+ visits to service centers due to failures after 1.9L KM , i was curious to know how much did i spent on this car and the answer is ~2L INR last week while driving from my home place , 1st and 2nd gears were not engaging i have to move the car in 3rd and move to 2nd ( for pickup) then 3rd,4th,5th after 2 days , 1st and 2nd completely blocked and i cant even move from 3rd to 2nd/1st managed to go to FSS in 3rd gear and they did some fix ( adjusting gear /shift cable) ,but no luck Finally they have opened gear box and quote for overhaul was 45k so total money spent on this car till 1.93L KM is ~2.5Lacks,,,,,,, Good things: 1. Never had a downtime and never left us on roads 2. only one incident when engin light warns , immideatley turned AC off and waitied for 30 mins and started again without AC - absolutely no downtime 3. 1.93L KM with almost 1.80L KM on AC 4. 3rd set of tyres running now ( each set changed at ~ 65KM ) 5. stability on Highways Bad things: 1. Maintenance sees to be high 2. same part will fail for multiple times 3. we can get few parts for 75% less price outside market with same brand Example: non-ABS wheel bearings , SKF price is 700, the same SKF brand is being used at FSS for 3000 4. low ground clearance ,bad hits at speed breakers 5. Some times engine cries , for some unknown reason Now What next: 1. plan is to change Engine oil for every 5K ( it may increase the engine life) 2. for non-engine/non-gearbox related work ,strictly at non-FSS 3. what ever might be the case ,stick to ford engine oil only 4. i hope engine can go for another 1L easily please share your long term review on figos
  21. Recently bought Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure washer, And i think this one is best pressure washer instead of your Black&Decker high pressure washer PW1570TD washer, didn't get any positive reviews anywhere on internet.
  22. @bhavneet I really don't know the cost but needle and guide in a injector would cost 2500₹ each. Still not sure of its cost. Single injector costs around 5000₹. Check the disposable filter, diesel pump's suction strainer(location:in the tank) and the peak pressures. If peak pressures are fine then no need to touch the injectors. Keep us all updated with your troubleshooting.
  23. This Kwid Extreme concept is currently on display at the Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show. It gets a new front bumper with grey inserts and red highlights + a splitter and sharp bumper extensions. The bumper gets faux air intakes. Could it point to a future variant maybe? Source
  24. Maruti's unveiled this off-road focused Ignis S-Urban Concept at the ongoing Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Do you think it would be a good fit for the Indian market? Source
  25. @vikky1971 yeah lets make it happening then . I changed the air filter recently so that probability can be ruled out. I got the injectors cleaned in the last service at 80k however i'll keep this in mind while discussing it with SA. The cylinder pressure is something to look at. Just curious when you say this step is extreme, what is the expected damage to the pocket?
  26. In addition to what @vikky1971 has already mentioned, please get fuel injectors and throttle body checked and cleaned.
  27. @librankurAwesome!
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