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  2. Tata H5X spied

    Tata's been spied testing the H5X in India once again! Source
  3. What is extra in New Swift?

    Yes, I have heard that the new Swift will be better from all aspects. I will be taking a test drive soon as I am considering buying the new swift.
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  5. Spy pics of the next-gen Toyota Corolla have been circulating online for a bit now... these rendering's show what the sedan could look like if it took styling inspiration from the recently revealed Toyota Auris hatchback Source
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  8. Hi From Car Camera India

    I myself, few days back, purchased Garmin T55, dashcam.
  9. Hi From Car Camera India

    Hi Friends, We wish to spread the awareness of using car dashboard camera so that innocent drivers can be saved from false accusations of rash drivere. Also traffic offenders can be nabbed. We are selling good quality dual recording car dash camera at . It has Excellent day, night and rear video recording. Visit site for real videos. I request moderator/admin not to delete this useful Indian vendor link. We promise not to post this link anywhere else in forum or spam. Regards, team.
  11. Car Not starting

    I have a 2007 Wagonr which has run 42000 kms, the car was taken out for a drive and then parked in the parking. when i tried to start the car the starter motor spins, but then goes dead. it feels like the battery doesn't have enough juice to start the battery. But the central locking and ICE and the headlamps are working fine and the battery has a voltage of 12.3 volts. The battery is 4.5 years old and is Exide make. Experts Please help.
  12. Honda N-One

    This right here is the Honda N-One for the Japanese market... it pays homage to the N360 kei car sold in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Looks pretty cool, eh?
  13. Car Clicks by Manish.Asrani

    9 Supercars from 1 single car collectionLamborghini Aventador SV RoadsterLamborghini Aventador SLamborghini HuracanLamborghini Huracan PerformantePorsche Turbo 997Porsche Turbo S 991Porsche Boxster S (Manual)Porsche GT3 Mercedes AMG GTR and many more to come this year.
  14. Here's the Suzuki Hustler J Style that's sold in Japan. Do you think a crossover like this could do well in India?
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  16. Current Vehicle Recalls
  17. With a 55 Lakh price for base model and then imports duties pushing price to over 1 Cr , not many will even fend in these waters Tesla has currently no plans on entering India though Indian buyers are preordering Model 3 since April 16 We should be happy with this offer It's time to DRIVE ELECTRIC! 5 Year Anniversary Offer! Get benefits of up to Rs. 95,000* on purchase of the all-electric Mahindra e2oPlus. Call 18002664046 or give a missed call to 022-62538159 to experience the 100% electric e2oPlus. *T&C Apply
  18. First Tesla has to launch their cars in India, don’t know when will that happen ! Tesla or VW won’t be able to sell so many cars as people will have their own doubts with regard to charging stations etc as EVs aren’t hybrids. Quality car maker’s batteries would be reliable. Over and above cost of the car would be crucial for their success.
  19. If Tesla Batteries interests you , you will find the following link interesting
  20. Yesterday in Homedepot(Martinez), California, where I was buying a cordless impact wrench and cordless hammer drill, happen to meet a Tesla sale executive and he was briefing me on Tesla model S. He told me that the battery pack for the car costs 6000${4 lakhs} but comes with a conditional warranty of 25years. Actually it’s fair deal.
  21. Some pretty neat renderings showing what an SUV and pick-up based on the Kwid could look like... Source
  22. Suzuki Solio spied in India

    The Solio small-MPV has been spotted testing in India a number of times over the past month... no word yet on whether Maruti will be bringing it here, though. This walkaround gives a pretty good look at the interior and exterior of the Solio that's sold in Japanese markets
  23. Are 15-year-old petrol cars banned in Delhi? Or is the matter sub-judice? I found this notification on the Delhi Traffic Police website, but no other information.
  24. Source: Hindustan Times Newspaper Delhi Edition Dated 12 March 2018
  25. Navigation

    Hi , lates navigation update on your car here original map store
  26. Please find the attached data for your reference .
  27. i think you are talking without any background. firstly you say the product must not be genuine then you say Amsoil is not good, then you say Amsoil may not be series about it. I think you have just made your perception and you're not ready to accept the facts Please have in-depth study then give your comments here, you cannot be biassed, Its a multi-National Company which is claiming its drain interval on each and every bottle and have given in detail justification for its claims with proof even on their website, with ample amount of data to back it, i think first you should study then criticise someone, I used it and found it to be the far better product then Motul, shell and castrol. I could feel the difference in performance from the minute i pored it in my machine.
  28. @Bhuvan Anejawelcome back after a gap of one year. The Amsoil May not be serious of 40,000km guarantee on its oil. No matter what one does the oil needs to be renewed after a year as it becomes breeding ground for microbes. The additives gets neutralised after 10,000km. 40,000km is a unrealistic figure
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