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  3. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    Go for better engune performance. My personal Experience is that features are gimmic except some must one. You will never miss gimmics in a car but you will surely miss an engine performaance. Maruti is now more focussing on mileage than performance and hence downgraded s cross engine from 1.6L to 1.2 L
  4. Should I wait for 2018 Honda City?

    Honda city facelift is expected in 2019. so if you are in need of car now, buy 2017 Honda city without looking here and there.
  5. should I go with Ford aspire 2017 or 2018

    wait if you can for 2018 aspire. as it will have new dragon engine with enhanced features with new infotainment . if urgent go for 2017 it has enough goodies better than segment as well . the only thing i don't like is it's rear and hope it will be resolved with 2018 model.
  6. Dear Autocar AAA – I’m regular autocar subscriber since many years and really happy with the mag. I own maruti versa dx1 model mfg and registered in nov 2008. As per my usage 64000 kms till now, I have changed the tyres once during 34000 kms. As per the recommendations and general thumb rules the tyre should wear at least 40k kms but since many tyre dealers and the maruti dealers and many other garage guys said that the versa has problem of early tyre wear, so I had to change the tyres without any discounts from the company. This time also hardly after 30000 kms are done and the tyres have worn out instead of regular alignment and balancing every 5k kms. My driving is only in the city and highway in between pune to Kolhapur, ratnagiri, belgam i.e. more on the banglore highway. Please guide me in this case. As it is I need to accept that the model has tyre wear problem and I can’t change the car itself for such small reason as I’m very satisfied with what it offers me. Please advise me to get the good set of tyres for my maruti versa dx1 model. As per company the recommended tyre size is 155/80 R13 LT. the dealers told me last time that the suffix LT stands for Light Truck. Now this time after inquiry with many tyre dealers some says that 155 R13 is also regularly used and doesn’t harm anything. Most of these are tubeless and I’ll also prefer tube less tyres. I think the 155/80 R13 LT is exact match which is available only from Apollo Should I go ahead with apollo or any other brands ..? A bit border tyre for extra grip will also be helpful , if it is not going to hamper the steering feel and milage as well. Should I check the total suspension and steering assembly before tyre change ? Recelntly came across the advertise in auto car about ceat MILAZE X3 which gurantees one lakh kms. Will those tyres last atleast 60000 kms ? Please suggest with details for the specific choice. Thanking you in anticipation Balaji Kale Pune.

    I want to know if OBD 2 collects data on how much driver has honked during the drive? is there a direct or indirect way to measure that? Thanks,
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  9. I booked Hyundai Tucson Diesel, and was quite happy about it. But came across this recent news about upcoming BS-VI in April 2018 Based on my research, it seems that current BS-IV diesel engines will get wear tear with BS-VI fuel. I am discouraged now to buy a diesel car, as I live in Gurgaon I will get the car possibly in December Resale value of Diesel SUV might be impacted as well. What do you suggest about buying a diesel car now? Shall I go ahead and cancel my booking? Thanks, Abhinav
  10. Hi All, I am planning to buy petrol 1.2L ford aspire(sedan) soon. Please let me know if I can place the order in December 2017 for better deals or wait for couple of months and go with 2018 model. I don't have any intentions to resale the vehicle, planing to keep it for long time. I am a bit confused between aspire 2017 and 2018. Please help me decide. Thanks
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  12. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    Folks, I am planning to buy a Compact SUV. I have shortlisted Wrv and S-Cross. I am confused as which to select. S-Cross has more features than Wrv, but Wrv has a better engine performance. Friends, kindly provide your suggestions. Regards, Mahesh
  13. Should I wait for 2018 Honda City?

    I am planning to buy Honda City. Currently Seventh Generation Face Lifted Honda City is being sold in India. I have read few articles stating that Next Generation Honda City will be launched around February 2018. I am planning to get the latest Honda City as possible. Will there be a updated version of Honda City in 2018? Should I wait for Honda City 2018 (FaceLift/Next Generation)? Please advice me on this.
  14. Tata Nexon

    Computer generated rendering of a 7-seat Nexon.. looks interesting aint it? Source video belw.
  15. Planning to buy a new bike

    Hi admin I am a new rider going to buy a bike for the 1st time can u suggest me a good bike i am 6 feet tall and have a bugget not more than 1.5L Thank you😊
  16. Likes; - Engine - Handling & Ride Quality Balance - Gearbox - Feature Packed Dislikes; - Front Looks (I thought this would grow on me slowly but sadly this new front end looks good with the M Sport variant only) - 530d pricing in India is too steep & no availability as its apparently sold out. - Even with the increase in overall dimensions the Rear is still not exactly spacious. Key Observations & Highlights; - Externally the new 5 series has majorly 3 highlighting features which include the Headlights integrating into the grille with the presence of air flaps on the kidney grille. Secondly on the side profile the Air breather which is an air 'outlet' behind the front wheel well which diverts the air flowing into wheel well in a very controlled manner to reduce the turbulence in the wheel well, all of this resulting in a reduction of drag & fuel consumption & finally the Trunk as for the 1st time the trunk is made entirely of aluminium which it wasnt in the F10 (nor any other previous generations), and by this BMW achieved a weight reduction of 4.2Kgs just by the trunk. - Dimensionally the new G30 is 44mm longer, 8mm wider & 15mm taller than the outgoing F10 model. The wheelbase has also increased by 7mm. - However, the use of die-cast aluminium & light weight construction technique the G30 is aprox 46kgs lighter than the previous gen 5 series (F10). - There is no 'Carbon Core' use in the construction of the G30 like we see in the G11/12 7'er. - The Hofmeister kink is more accentuated for the G30. - Interestingly there are some changes in the G30's wheel PCD which is now 5x112 as against F10's 5x120. Also the Wheel hubs dimension has changed to 66.5mm for the G30 as against 72.5mm of the F10. - The interiors are a definite step forward. Simply LOVED the iDrive, HUD (has a 70% larger projection surface) & all the gadgetry. - The door pockets could have been larger & also the cup holders were a bit small. - The AC was disappointing i somehow feel the blower speed was responsible for this. - Cabin insulation seems an improvement as BMW seemed to have added a layer of insulation in the headliner as well now which makes the cabin a lot quieter compared to the previous model. - They have also changed the setting of the Start stop system, for example if i am in comfort mode and i turn off the start stop fuel saving system and change the mode to ecopro for sometime where this system is ON but again when i go back comfort the car remembers i had turned off the system & remains off in comfort till you turn it back on. This is a big improvement as in F10 & or even the F30 this was irritating & i know some people who permanently coded it off permanently too, hence this was a good improvisation by BMW. - This 520d engine is codenamed the B47 & it makes aprox 187hp & 400 NM of torque. 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 7.7 seconds & has a top speed of 238 km/h. - Gearbox is the same 8 speed ZF, absolutely no complaints with this one.
  17. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon is good choice if you are working on tight budget and don't want to stretch beyond certain amount but if you are flexible than Ecosport is good choice. Breeza is also nice car if you want fuel efficiency , reliability , easy maintenance , resale value etc... but the interiors as well as the exterior according to me is bit outdated and not exciting. Tata Nexon's interior as well as exterior offers unique unconventional design and Ford Ecosport have kept the exterior somewhat unchanged and looks proper mini-suv and interiors looks far superior (Except speedo console) than both Nexon and Breeza. Ford has got most refined engine among the three and the driving dynamics are best offered in Ford as compared to Nexon and Breeza. If you want a pure driving machine than nothing is better than Ford Ecosport if you are looking for best value for money than Tata Nexon is good choice. If you want to play safe in all the factors than go for Breeza.
  18. scooter buy

    Hi I m planning to buy a scooter. Which is best in terms of cost and benefit analysis or low cost with maximum features and performance and mileage---Mahindra Gusto, Yamaha Alpha new, New suzuki access 125, TVS Jupiter, Activa considering all features like Blue core engine of alpha, suzuki eco performance, CVT etc. Please reply as i am too much confused between them. Thanks in advance
  19. Polo petrol 1.2 engine head

    I have a polo petrol 1.2 car. It give some missing when I start the car and when i running the car engine light blinking on dashboard metter. I went volkswagen service centre and he checked but he says we will be change the head. But when i ask other mechanic hr said d we will change head gaskit and other seil. What I should do.
  20. Planning to buy a car under 15L rs. Got super confused between Ciaz/Verna/City. We need top model Diesel variant. With City I have heard about the not good engine as compared to its petrol variant. Whereas Verna has bit less space and the suspension problem. So Ciaz was the top priority. But the problem is there is news that in Jan/Feb Ciaz is coming with a new model with more features. Can you help me with this should I wait or should I go ahead with Honda city diesel/Verna/Ciaz... Can you help me if Honda City in diesel is worth a buy or suspension problem is still there in Verna or is Ciaz coming in jan/feb? so that i can make me decision accordingly.
  21. Tata Nexon

    @ksgulyani you have meticulously compared TATA Nexon with brezza and ecosport. TATA needs to keep their customer’s priorities ahead of everyone and service centre personnel’s accountable for the work they do on their customer’s cars.
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  23. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon is a very capable product. And it is priced superbly, well below Vitara Brezza and EcoSport. Ride and handling is good too and is feature loaded. However, it has its own negatives as well. Before I jump to negatives, if you go by looks, Nexon is clear winner. It has a great steering setup, driving modes and best in class music system. But fit and finish is where it lags behind both Brezza and Ecosport. Now Brezza also lags behind in terms of quality and switch gear but where Brezza scores is practicality and ergonomics. Maruti has mastered what Indian's like in a car and everything falls to your hand very conveniently. Surprisingly, Brezza is fun to drive too but here is Ecosport masters handling and it is great inside in terms of quality. Tata provides a perfect balance between the two. It rides well, steers well, is punchier than Brezza. Initial impressions I heard was like DRL stopped working, reverse camera showed error etc. That's where Tata needs to work upon.
  24. Hyudai creta base(diesel) model information

    Rightly suggested by @singhji1977 visit nearest Hyundai showroom
  25. Hyudai creta base(diesel) model information

    well if there is contradictory information and reviews on you tube, internet reviews-- what i will prefer to go to the showroom and check it.
  26. Tata Xenon Accessories price list

    I need bedliner for my xenon crewcab please quote me latest price nearest dealer. M from nagaland
  27. i have very limited budget and I find base model of Hyundai creta which is compact SUV model with solid engine fits in with my budget. I have question regarding its basic features like power socket (what kind of power socket is there in this model), its audio music system(is it good enough), fog lights(is it good enough). Different sources give contradictory information. Please give me good informations regarding this.
  28. New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

    Came across some pics of the Eclipse Cross on display at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Yet think Mitsubishi really need to bring this one to India! Source
  29. Tata Nexon

    I did but is there any issue with Nexon?
  30. DSK Hyosung to launch 125-150cc bikes in India

    I think the price point will be close to 1.5 lakhs. That may attract some buyers, not all.
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