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  2. I totally stand by it. The sub-4 meter sedans are all pretentious (wannabe) 3 box cars. Their B2 segment counterparts are far more superior to them. Case in point Xcent to i20, Amaze to Jazz. The Dzire outclasses the Baleno in almost all aspects. But I still do not give in to the sub-4 meter sedan here. My only next upgrade would have been the Jetta/Octavia or given that I do end up scraping the car with a load full, a crossover or maybe the Jeep Compass kind of a vehicle. I'll still stick to a 5 seater. The Japanese/Koreans are no match to the solid builds and ageless designs. The Jetta still does not feel outdated, neither does the Vento or even the Rapid (newer one). The Honda City has become one tin can.. the build quality and sheet metal being no better than the Ciaz's. Jeep Compass and any car that I actually liked are all beyond 20 lacs and that's a huge sum to pledge for a car, at least at this point for me. I see a lateral upgrade to be they way ahead.. trying to find a used one would be difficult but will give me a chance to get more for a C2 sedan's money.
  3. This video gives a nice up-close look at the updated Everest/Endeavour... It's expected to launch in India sometime next year!
  4. Another rendering showing what a crossover variant of the new Ertiga could look like. Source Head over HERE to find out more about the recently-revealed new Eritga
  5. Nice to see you back Neeraj with the update. I fully agree with you that Fiesta/Classic was a great car from Ford. Don't know why Ford or even other manufacturers have exited the C1 sedan segment. Now you only have compact sedans (which I personally don't like) or you have C2 segment sedans which doesn't offer anything great over C1 sedans for the premium they command. I guess it's an era of people giving more importance to bling rather than simplicity and practicality.
  6. Reviving this thread. Realized that I haven't updated this since the last 2 years. The Fiesta is doing just great. Update around this ^^ - It were the tires and not the brake pads. Got them changed at 36000 kms on the odo. The Goodyear GT3 are told to be notorious and go out of shape pretty soon. There was no warranty left on it by the time I realized they were bad. Have changed to Michelin XM2+ and the ride has changed drastically.. for the better. The vibrations are gone. It's like a new ride again. The car is so cost effective to maintain!! ~4.5k at max a year, this is cheaper than almost any new car. The launch of the Jeep Compass had me thinking but then I've decided to hold back on this for the life of the car. Another 3 years for sure. BTW, Year 2017, I did a road trip to Mysuru, Ooty and back to Pune. A total of 2400 kms in 9 days. I'll start writing a nice travelogue on that soon. The car was filled to the brim. Me, my wife, 2 ½ year old son, my sister and her husband & luggage for all of us. The Honda Amaze may have 420 ltr of boot space - similar to that of my car here. But it sure does not swallow that much amount of luggage that could fit in the Fiesta. On money spent other than maintenance, my Fiesta had a repainted front bumper recently. genuinely my fault. I halted at the parking at a mall when I had been to test drive the Jeep Compass. Talking on the phone with my wife who wasn't really happy with me at the Jeep showroom, I pulled the handbrake and let go of the clutch. Then BANG!!! The car was in first and as I let go the clutch, it jilted forward. I managed to brake it but it had touched the rough wall of the parking ahead of me. Most of the brunt was taken by the number plate. But the bumper also had a few dimples. No snaps of that actually. So I got it repainted. But apart from that, there have been no additional expenses other than regular oil and oil filter change. Such a lovely, no nonsense car really. It makes me wonder why the new age cars really run bills upwards 12-15k for regular yearly servicing. Average has been steady at 17-18 kmpl and the car has done mostly city runs so far. This is with 0 luggage and 2-3 on board. A tank-full generally runs for 750-800 kms and refills ~45 liters of diesel. A couple of recent Mahabaleshwar runs gave me ~20 kmpl because of the long open stretches. This figure with minimum 3 on board with their luggage.
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  8. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) vs Honda Amaze VX [Petrol]

    If you are considering i20 Asta (O), nothing better than her. She has got 16" tires with diamond cut alloys, 6 airbags with other safety features, smart key features. I think, front looks of Amaze is better than its rear which is flat and ugly. The new i20 now looks better from rear and with projector headlamps, it looks masculine from front. Interiors of Amaze is modern and is better than i20 (I think, it is even better than city). I have driven i20 and observed driving to be effortless with its smooth steering wheels. I would suggest, please drive Amaze also to decide finally. In my view, Nexon has got maximum features and appears to be safest car due to being a SUV and high driving position.
  9. Some new images of the new RE Classic 500 Pegasus in India. Internationally, this bike is available in two shades – Olive Drab Green and Service Brown. But India will only get the Service Brown colour. Differences between the Pegasus and the standard Classic 500 include a Pegasus logo on the fuel tank and the canvas panniers, leather strap with brass buckles on the battery box, brown handlebar grips, and an ‘RE’ tank badge that’s similar to the one used on the Flying Flea. It also gets a unique serial number painted on the tank in large font. Enhancing its retro appeal are blacked-out elements like the exhaust muffler, engine, rims, handlebar and headlight bezel. For more info, you can head HERE Image source
  10. Some new images of the facelifted Tucson. Powertrain options in Europe include a new 1.6-litre CRDi diesel (available with two output options - 115hp and 136hp), 1.6-liter GDi and T-GDi petrol units. The Premium trim level gets a 2.0-liter CRDi, with a 48v mild hybrid system (pictured below). However, as reported by Autocar India HERE, we can expect the India-spec car to continue with the current engine options - the 155hp, 2.0-litre petrol engine and the 185hp, 2.0-litre diesel motor. Source
  11. Finally some more pics of the facelifted Endeavour (Everest in international markets). Ford's launched the SUV in Thailand, where it gets some minor styling updates mainly on the front with an updated grille, bumper and headlamp inserts. Under the hood, the facelifted Endeavour (Everest) gets an all-new 2.0-litre diesel motor, which was introduced internationally on the Ranger pickup truck, along with a new 10-speed automatic. It comes with two output options – a 180hp/420Nm variant and a twin-turbo 213hp/500Nm one. While this engine will be available on the SUV sold in most international markets, it won’t make it to India. Inside, the infotainment system sees an inclusion of Ford’s Sync 3 interface. As far as safety goes, it gets autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection. As reported by Autocar India HERE the current engine line-up on the India-spec Ford Endeavour SUV will see an update to make them sail through the stricter BS-VI emission norms that will come into play sometime in 2020.
  12. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Season of recalls continue, now Mercedes recalls CLA 200 petrol for Steering Column issue. More details in below link:
  13. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Got my Innova Crysta attended for the engine wiring harness campaign. Took around 2 hrs for the job, majority of time is spent in removing windshield cowl as in case of Innova some part of engine gets covered under it. For Fortuners it is much easy for them as full engine is accessible. Attaching an image which shows the part in red where they will open, check and do the taping. As per technician it's a precautionary step as wires passing through that channel can rub against each other and deteriorate over time. Also got my 20k service done along with it.
  14. Suzuki Jimny ! This is the right time

    Here's a walkaround video of the new Jimny Sierra: While the base Jimny gets a 660cc petrol engine, the Jimny Sierra gets Suzuki’s new 1.5-litre petrol engine. It also gets a a higher ground clearance of 210 mm and wheel arch extensions
  15. Found this pretty cool rendering showing what a hotter (possible Si) version of the Amaze could look like! What do you think of it? Source
  16. What is your favorite car? Why?

    My favourite car/SUV is BMW X5
  17. Suzuki Jimny ! This is the right time

    And we finally have in-depth walkaround videos! Check out the video HERE:
  18. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Thanks. I have already fixed an appointment for my Crysta diesel this week to get the engine wiring harness inspected. As per my talk with SA it will take couple of hours to inspect and in most cases they will just be taping the harness wherever necessary (replacement will be in very few cases). I will update the action taken on my car here later. Actually they have 2 recalls, engine wiring harness inspection and taping for diesel Innova/Fortuners and fuel hose routing inspection for petrol Innova/Fortuners. Obviously number of petrol Innova/Fortuners will be far less than diesel ones, so impact of engine wirning harness is more. Interestingly, recall for wiring harness was declared on 7-May as per Toyota website and they were fixing it silently for Innovas which were coming for regular service. Recall for fuel hose routing was announced on 3-Jul.
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  20. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Adding to the previous post Looks like the season of recalls is here.. Ford EcoSport Recall 4379 - lower control arm check - front recliner lock check Source C&B,NDTV on MSN video
  21. Current Vehicle Recalls

    CRYSTA AND FORTUNER RECALL - recalled to fix faulty wiring harnesses and fuel hoses, and the replacements will be carried out by authorised Toyota dealerships across India at no cost to the customer. SOURCE
  22. Spy shots: 2014 Hyundai Elantra facelift

    Came across some new pics showing the faceifted Elantra undisguised! What do you think of the more angular styling? Head over here to find out what's new on the refreshed Elantra:
  23. We already know that as part of their partnership Maruti Suzuki will supply the Baleno and Vitara Brezza to Toyota, while Toyota will produce the Corolla for Maruti. But what about the new Ertiga? This is what a Toyota-badged Ertiga could look like... What are your thoughts? Source
  24. BMW 760 Li. The more I talk about the car the less it seems, but still, I will express my views on my dream car. BMW 760 Li is the fastest yet the safest car. I first saw the car when I was with my Dad at BMW Authorized Dealer in Mumbai. We were there to book ourselves a BMW x5. I am not sure, If you occasionally get to see this car at BMW’s Showroom or Authorized Dealers as it falls under the ultra premium category, but for me that day was my luckiest one. It happens to be the most expensive BMW Car and I got a chance to see and touch it. The feeling when you stand beside such a luxury cannot be explained. My dad kept staring at the car for almost 20 seconds. It was a kind of a feeling of what people talk about things like “Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder”. I will have this beauty forever in my heart.
  25. Which BMW is better, X3 or X5?

    It’s Obviously x5. I myself own one bought it from BMW Authorized Showroom Mumbai, and i am quiet happy with it. The major considerations when deciding between the BMW X3 and the BMW X5 is size. The X5 offers optional third row seating, allowing seating for up to 7, while the X3 can comfortably seat five. Cargo space is also a factor, the X5 is taller, wider and longer, providing additional interior space as compared to x3. This is why x5 is better than x3.
  26. Suzuki Jimny ! This is the right time

    Finally a video showing the new Jimny in action!
  27. Kia Motors to debut in India soon

    No news yet on whether Kia is planning to bring the Rio hatchback here... but I think it could be a great fit in the Indian market! Found some neat walkaround videos giving a closer look at the interior and exterior of the car:
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