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  2. More pics! Looks like deliveries of the the new Compass have begun Source
  3. Found these pics of the base-spec Compass (Sport variant) Source
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  5. I was wondering if anyone here has tried these international brands bass tubes for cars: And how is possible for these bass tubes to be imported to India?
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  7. Guys I am sharing this experience and i am sure you may also face these situation Now these days whenever we purchase automobile irrespective of any brand. Dealers charge more than the on-road price of the product. they charge extra like Handling Charges, Logistic charges. They also doing virtual marketing by creating false data and sales to force the customer to buy the product with adding overpriced and sometimes even unwanted accessories. We should spread this problem so that concern auto manufacturing companies and authorities take a note on this and try to resolve this Dealers' monopoly. We also resolve this problem by not purchasing the product from these kind of dealers. I also request You all to aware their friends and relatives. I request AUTOCAR INDIA to write articles in and also show in their TV programs to make aware the buyer by elaborating the actual Different Prices in ON-ROAD PRICE of a car/bike
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  9. Any idea about when it would be launched in india? Planning to buy one
  10. Came across some pics of these modified Civics... quite tastefully done if you ask me! What do you think?
  11. An Indian man builds a solar electric vehicle in a garage with scarce resource and limited budget. And he plans to travel from India to UK using this vehicle.
  12. Some new interior + exterior pics of the 2018 Grand Lancer Source
  13. Go for the Compass if you have the budget for it. Problem is with the kind of running you mentioned, it warrants a diesel and Compass is not yet available in diesel AT (should launch early next year). Even petrol AT will cost upwards of 21 lacs. Also, I have heard that deliveries of petrol Compass will start around October only, which means there might be additional 10% cess getting levied by that time.
  14. I am also seriously eyeing this one , haven't been able to see it in person yet. To be true , if you have the money for Compass why even think about the Creta.
  15. Yes Black is insanely beautiful , have so many black phones that's why choose a gold iPhone along the black. Never been a great fan of phone covers, more reasons to buy new ones if something happens to the old ones 😀
  16. Honda is not even close to Jetta, though sure can compete with Octavia
  17. Last year i bought Swift VDI i am third owner Which had clocked 1,90,000 Km next Month it will be clocking 2 Lakh Km. I did not change the Engine Oil as the 2nd owner had just changed it. What are the works to be done for 2 Lakh Km.. My Swift is working very fine In city with Tank Full i Get 19.5 Km and Highway i get 21.5 Km.. My mechanic has listed following works 1) Engine & gear oil 2) New oil filter, diesel filter, air filter 3) Timing Chain. 4) New Water Pump & New Oil Pump Should i clean the EGR , should i Decarb the Engine Kindly tell me what works i should i do from my mechanic.
  18. New spy pics of the Suzuki Alivio for China have surfaced online... It possibly hints at the styling tweaks the updated Ciaz will get Source
  19. Pics of the new Polo Source
  20. Can the upcoming Honda Civic beat the likes of Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Jetta?
  21. The new Ecosport and Captur will both launch in India later this year... found this pretty interesting comparison of the two Source:
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  23. No "Vikky1971",,,,i have got the gear shifting problem after driving 1.91 LAKH KM only,,, ,,,so no issues with my driving skills what do you mean by not-technical!!!!!
  24. Sure, have planned a visit to MSS next weekend, will keep the post updated.
  25. @librankur in case you plan to buy cell phone covers then go for pelican brand, available now on, they are into making military cases
  26. Alright got it, I was thinking that some of the people belongs to USA, that's why i mentioned sun joe spx3000 as a best pressure washer. 1 more thing i want to add is, people from usa read reviews of top sites before they make any purchase. As same as i did, helped me alot to finalize my purchase. may be someone from usa will get benefit of that website. Cheers!
  27. @Narasimha your review of the Figo car isn't technical. When you drive your car do you keep your left hand on the gear knob, most of the time ?
  28. @librankur full black looks classy
  29. @Nataliaroger In India Sun Joe brand is alien. We have Black and Decker High pressure machine in our housing society, which I happen to repair, works fine. has 1000plus reviews with 4.5star ratings for the model you mentioned. So it must be good.
  30. Hi guys! I'm from Gurgaon and travel to Noida everyday for work. About 100-120 kms of driving everyday and I'm looking at buying a new car. I want to go for an automatic. I think I can go for a Jeep Compass but wanted to know your thoughts on it. Also, the other car on my list is a Creta. Now, I know they are not in the same league and the comparison would be a little off but I'd appreciate comments on what you guys think of the Compass and Creta seperately. If there is any other car that you'd strongly recommend- please do mention that too. Budget is around 15-17L but I'm willing to stretch to 20L for the Jeep. Looking forward. Thanks. Prakhar
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