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  1. With looks hope they do something about the braking too.
  2. Welcome aboard Sai, you rock babe & as PH said "may your tribe increase". Amen!
  3. Welcome aboard Prashant.
  4. Welcome aboard saurabh.
  5. Looks more like a van/Innova types, but a cool van at that!
  6. Said in a lighter tone, no problem carry on.. Will try a direct ship instead.
  7. I think soon we are going to need a dedicated thread on the great DIY jobs you do!
  8. Ohk, will ask someone coming from Aus. to bring one along!
  9. Yes I've heard of this brand. Great price you got, how to get it from Aus?
  10. Bajaj's stepping stone into the performance bikes category, Is this it!
  11. @vikky1971 The air compressor looks good, do give a full review.
  12. Jan 13 Launch. AMT expected, will it be offered in the diesel as well from the start ?
  13. Good share cars4life. Car looks interesting.
  14. Good to learn that but I really doubt Mitsubishi would be able to deliver according to plans, as they have lost dealerships & network in India. Appointing new dealerships & instilling trust in both customers & would be dealers is not going to be an easy task.