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  1. Front grill or for that matter the tail lights of XC40 don't even come close to BMW.
  2. @HumptyDumpty welcome aboard!
  3. @VET5 updates us on forthcoming premium brand Hybrid SUV in India if possible cost also.
  4. @micheljohnThanks! Welcome to the forum, let us know which all rides you have or you are passionate about?
  5. @reddy Ridiculous Ground clearences: In our country speed breakers are made not as per international norms that's why they rub the car's underbelly. New Honda city's sixth gear may engage the reverse gear. Some people do love panoramic roof. Repairs of the Run Flat Tyres are easy and same as normal tubeless tyres. "Who is supposed to Take care of These things ?"--Customer's feed back is the solution but effective only if, you keep the purchase pending.
  6. The condenser of the split AC which is kept outside is often exposed to harmful UV rays of Sun. The plastic grill gets brittle and eats away. The plastic grill of the Samsung isn't available in the market. So made this mesh out of aluminium net.
  7. That's some latest news.
  8. @bhavneet good to know that the problem got resolved. By The Way what exactly wrong with the left axle? Bad ball bearing or shocker?
  9. @Alisha Hessle Ciaz not even close to any premium car. Only hybrid feature is regenerative braking. During driving battery charges adequately. Rest of the points mentioned by you for Ciaz are noteworthy.
  10. Still not suitable for off roading as clutch assembly is sealed against water ingress.
  11. @bhavneet keep us updated.
  12. Initially I told it's not engine mounting problem, well! You just confirmed that it was mounting problem. My Bad! Once the oil based engine mounting is renewed update us all if the vibration problem solved?
  13. @Chetan Vaddoriya if your car was already in operation as you said, and then car stopped then it is not due to hydrostatic lock instead it broke due to manufacturing fault as the CR in question must be having a hairline crack which broke completely in running.
  14. Looks good with LEDs