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  1. Honda is not even close to Jetta, though sure can compete with Octavia
  2. @librankur in case you plan to buy cell phone covers then go for pelican brand, available now on, they are into making military cases
  3. @Narasimha your review of the Figo car isn't technical. When you drive your car do you keep your left hand on the gear knob, most of the time ?
  4. @librankur full black looks classy
  5. @Nataliaroger In India Sun Joe brand is alien. We have Black and Decker High pressure machine in our housing society, which I happen to repair, works fine. has 1000plus reviews with 4.5star ratings for the model you mentioned. So it must be good.
  6. @bhavneet I really don't know the cost but needle and guide in a injector would cost 2500₹ each. Still not sure of its cost. Single injector costs around 5000₹. Check the disposable filter, diesel pump's suction strainer(location:in the tank) and the peak pressures. If peak pressures are fine then no need to touch the injectors. Keep us all updated with your troubleshooting.
  7. @librankurAwesome!
  8. @bhavneet this forum is not happening forum like teambhp. Well! Coming back to your ride. It's not the engine mounting problem. Get the diesel filter(disposable one) renewed and the diesel pump has a strainer, in the fuel tank, to be inspected and get it cleaned. Inspect the air filter and clean it, refer any YouTube video for that. Problem with the diesel car is that if any of the fuel injector under-performs the vibration issue will start. Can you ask some service guy to check the peak pressure(bar) of each cylinder, all the four readings should be nearly same, if value of any one is less than the average value by 5 bar then that fuel injector needs overhauling, this last step is extreme. The problem would either be clogged air filter or clogged fuel filters. keep us updated.
  9. As long as you are happy it's okay with us
  10. @Chery welcome aboard! Let us know your interests and vehicles you desire.
  11. As of now no!
  12. Aks the above modifications if done in authorised service station would cost you no less than 80,000₹. But these guys will do a good job.
  13. That's entirely my view
  14. @librankur my advice, go for iPhone 7 it is tried and tested.
  15. Just saw the video day 1, it was just great. I loved the sceneries.