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  1. Till the time one’s car isn’t stolen OBDII aka the gps tracker will work. One must install it not at the default port.
  2. @robinsonmike Welcome! Aboard.
  3. @Sanjeev Nanda that’s correct! Jeep(Cherokee) and Land-Rover should be your choices.
  4. @winnie where would you attach the GPS dongle? How can it keep your vehicle safe if it is not removed in the first instant by the car thieves!
  5. My fridge’s one of the plastic roller had broken, this job was long pending. As soon as I got up today, I tilted the fridge to sides and took the load of the fridge over the stacks of old books as wood pieces are hard to get. Removed the bottom tray, same tray which forms the foundation of the compressor, removed both the nylon rollers. Bought the nylon rod and got it machined to the correct dimension. Assembled it back with the assistance of my son, who had returned from rom his college. The whole excercise took total eight hours but work Well Done! Also replaced compressor’s star locking washers with the circlips.
  6. @Sanjeev Nanda in April there won’t be ice so all mentioned rides would be fine. Mahindra Scorpio is without traction control so that should be your last preference.
  7. @Alisha Hessle make in India cars with left hand drives be it from maruti’s Or any other brand’s stable aren’t made for Indian market. Celerio, alto, i10, i20, Hyundai eon, Nissan micra, N-sunny, Suzuki A star, Hyundai Accent etc are exported
  8. RC200 looks anytime better than the KTM250. Unless you are full time racer.
  9. Attached document for the Honda cars.
  10. Front grill or for that matter the tail lights of XC40 don't even come close to BMW.
  11. @HumptyDumpty welcome aboard!
  12. @VET5 updates us on forthcoming premium brand Hybrid SUV in India if possible cost also.
  13. @micheljohnThanks! Welcome to the forum, let us know which all rides you have or you are passionate about?
  14. @reddy Ridiculous Ground clearences: In our country speed breakers are made not as per international norms that's why they rub the car's underbelly. New Honda city's sixth gear may engage the reverse gear. Some people do love panoramic roof. Repairs of the Run Flat Tyres are easy and same as normal tubeless tyres. "Who is supposed to Take care of These things ?"--Customer's feed back is the solution but effective only if, you keep the purchase pending.