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  1. What all did you do today?

    Today completed the job. Gave the connections, as soon as the engine starts DRLs will light up and when parking lights are turned-on, the DRLs will turn off
  2. What all did you do today?

    I have 2014 Honda Amaze idtec and not fitted with DRLs. Philips make DRLs aren’t available in India so I got them from an acquaintance in USA. With the electrical diagram mentioned in the manual could connect right hand side DRL strip. The manual missed to mention that the engine needs to be started when testing the LED lights. Later I figured it out. Lately very busy so I would connect the left side too. one doubt I have is the DRL controller gets too hot. Is this normal?
  3. All new 2017 Tata Nexon Launched @ 5.85 Lakhs

    Great pictures and the ride, does stands out. I had yellow WagoR and it was damn popular among kids. If the custom job, on the Nexon, is good, only then it’s worth it.
  4. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    I got this Philips 4 LED DRL pair from overseas and in few days I would install this assembly on my Amaze 2013 idtec. Would post the results in few days.
  5. Security Camera

    @Sachtech that post is from 2015 and not recent
  6. Is M7 on the way to reality ?

    6litre, V-12 is way too big engine. Even the biggest of the SUVs have less than 4litres engine. RR phantom stands in comparison
  7. Buying New BMW.

    @jain.harsh1089 you already owned a BMW car so you know better. New BMW X1 looks great unlike its yesteryear sibling. I would only like to ask if any of the new BMW has any hybrid feature?
  8. I agree! The ultimate goal is to have zero emission that could only be possible if the outcome is water. There is no point removing sulphur from fuel to an extent where cost to achieve benefit is more than the benefit itself. Moreover little sulphur is required to aid the formation of sulphuric acid so that engine sleeve can corrode to retain the lubricating oil.
  9. Current Vehicle Recalls

    These flanges may be developing some sort of cracks due to undue hardness.
  10. X3 Owner - Hello, folks!

    @suresh.david welcome!aboard. There is no club as such for pre-owned B&W X 3 for that matter any segment of car. We discuss as per topics mentioned in the home page.
  11. Hi From Car Camera India

    I myself, few days back, purchased Garmin T55, dashcam.
  12. First Tesla has to launch their cars in India, don’t know when will that happen ! Tesla or VW won’t be able to sell so many cars as people will have their own doubts with regard to charging stations etc as EVs aren’t hybrids. Quality car maker’s batteries would be reliable. Over and above cost of the car would be crucial for their success.
  13. Yesterday in Homedepot(Martinez), California, where I was buying a cordless impact wrench and cordless hammer drill, happen to meet a Tesla sale executive and he was briefing me on Tesla model S. He told me that the battery pack for the car costs 6000${4 lakhs} but comes with a conditional warranty of 25years. Actually it’s fair deal.
  14. @Bhuvan Anejawelcome back after a gap of one year. The Amsoil May not be serious of 40,000km guarantee on its oil. No matter what one does the oil needs to be renewed after a year as it becomes breeding ground for microbes. The additives gets neutralised after 10,000km. 40,000km is a unrealistic figure
  15. @librankurThere was a great and realistic article in autocar magazine by its sub editor Mr Shapur Kotwal stating that 70% of the electricity, in India, is generated by burning coal. So EV vehicles aren’t ecofriendly. Though you aren’t polluting cities but surely pollution will increase in the outskirts. Now m! is there a plan to recycle Li-ion batteries which would require replacement every three years. Charging stations every 50kms. Just going with the EU would be stupidity. Hybrid vehicles is the immediate answer.
  16. Hi Everybody

    @Sahaya Auto Serviceswelcome! aboard this forum. Where are you based? What’s your expertise?
  17. @mayanktanwar don’t get me wrong. Battery voltage is 12V, true. Cranking power, pertaining to car, would be nos. of starts it can give to a car in a single charge
  18. @mayanktanwar I wanted to know CCA but I missed the post by @Herry Das as he wrote my name incorrectly. 65AH battery means the battery capable of supplying 65A line current to load continuously for 1Hour
  19. Hello Everybody

    Welcome!to the forum. Do tell us about the rides you have.
  20. honda activa front tyre

    Carry out the wheel balancing, this will show if the tyre is true or the bearings are bad causing tyre to wear on one side
  21. Normal or Abnormal behaviour of a CRDi Engine?

    @OMKAR BHALERAO I can talk about myself. What you are asking is related to research and I am now into maintenance of Diesel engines, so I have no idea but there are guys from this forum who are veterans. I think they can reply to your query.
  22. Current Car Discounts

    That’s one hell of a post on car discounts. Great initiative @librankur
  23. Is Shell Petrol better than others?

    @Murugan95 you are absolutely right, Shell and Reliance fuel is better. The government operated hp, bp etc petrol pumps too, are better.
  24. Why not Three Wheeler Scooter ???

    @Tanhyd I have Amaze and I don’t own a bike. For all my petty chores I drive my car. 4 wheeler is safe. Any distance more than 200m I drive my car, parking, I manage to get.