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  1. My next ride would preferably be a hybrid.
  2. I am using ABRO and 3M, are they ok?
  3. Creta looks better than kona
  4. Normally it's other way around, people modify their pickups to some trucks/SUV
  5. Great looks
  6. @Arun gautam it all depends on the brand of car you own. Well! Renewing the spring would help if your older springs have broken otherwise install buffers e.g RogerAB
  7. @BooKaaYaa, what's with your name? What I can understand from the detailed breakup is, you go for third party insurance, you will save 54,050₹. Moreover as the creta is getting into demand the price certainly would shoot up. I am presently in S.Korea, here every third vehicle is creta/Tucson/santa fe that is same creta look-a-like front grill. You just go ahead and buy. Don't think too much.
  8. Maruti Suzuki have outsourced their car parts to Indian subcontractors.
  9. Good! It will keep people guessing
  10. @ksgulyani prices of new Dzire are competitive and rear of the car looks good. Front similar to the fiat punto, ugly! I always liked Maruti-Suzuki cars.
  11. @VET5 is Toyota CH-R full hybrid that means when on battery the engine decouples from the gear box and electrical motor engages with the gear box!
  12. The new swift doesn't look nice especially the front grill but Ignis looks great. Entirely my opinion!
  13. @a2arjun welcome to the forum. Do post the pictures of your rides. Would love to hear the reviews too.
  14. @librankur I have just messaged you privately, I hope you find it useful....Vikramsingh Rathore.
  15. @guest saptarashi welcome to the forum. I too, had a similar experience with the teambhp. It's so tedious to reapply. Recently my friend shifted to new Zealand from South Africa. Johannesburg is a real nice place. post some pictures of your ride's.
  16. Saw Honda Odessey 2017 in yokohama. This(Odessey)minivan is great though Alphard was awesome. Find the interiors of this hybrid.
  17. SAIC aka Shanghai Automotive Industry corp., we are open to all and people will buy. If customer's interest is kept as priority then SAIC will stay.
  18. Connected the power factor meter to my kid's room Air conditioner(Hitachi), surprisingly the result was approximately 0.95 leading, that's a good news.
  19. @Ramesh Udavant Good to have an engineer on board. Do write your reviews on your Tucson. Post some pictures of your ride too.
  20. @Sandy one out of ten respondents not happy with aspire. Aspire Titanium has six air bags, ABS etc. Diesel average 25.8kmpl.100bhp. 359L of trunk volume whereas Amaze has 400L & city has 510L. Front grill similar to Ford Mustang, very aggressive. Automatic with six gears and marginally costly compared to top end manual. Maintenance:2yrs/1lakhs
  21. Today finished the sound dampening of the area under the air con.blower and under the steering, quite a hard work.
  22. Toyota agya resembles more of Etios Liva.
  23. Just received this month's autocar magazine and came to know that Nissan had bought the Mitsubishi's car division.
  24. Looks great!