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  1. request to Suggest best GPS Tracker for my car something on the lines of Micro VBB Navigator which does not require frequent sms to convey location and uses phone gprs to give live feed on a website telling live position of the car on a map or the cheaper Amsaki which requires manual sms inputs suggest alternate models

    I am also seriously eyeing this one , haven't been able to see it in person yet. To be true , if you have the money for Compass why even think about the Creta.
  3. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Yes Black is insanely beautiful , have so many black phones that's why choose a gold iPhone along the black. Never been a great fan of phone covers, more reasons to buy new ones if something happens to the old ones ?
  4. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Super offers on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus , bought one of each iPhone 7 32 GB (Gold) and iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB (Jet Black) Order delivery by Friday Both from Flipkart
  5. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Hey buddy against your wishes I went for the S8 base variant Talks about iPhone 7 S are doing rounds and the current 7 K cashback offer on credit card is also another give away about its launching soon
  6. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Have to buy a new phone tomorrow Suggest between 4 GB RAM and 64 GB versions of Apple iPhone 7 Samsung S8 Google Pixel
  7. As on 07/05/2012 : Current Discounts on cars: Tata Aria (1 Lakh) Linea T Jet Petrol (2.36 Lakhs) Swift Petrol (10k) Ritz (20K) Polo Insurance Offer (Insurance Free) Indica eV2 (25K) Indigo eCS (25K) New Vista (30K) Indigo Manza (30K) BRIO EMI Offer(EMI 4999 for 7 Years or 6333 for 5 Years) Santro Xing (42K) i10 (46.5K) Note: All Discount Prices include Exchange Prices also All Discounts Applicable in Delhi (For other states check with dealers) Some are limited period offers so time them properly librankur2012-05-07 02:41:56
  8. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Looking for a 2Ton Window AC and voltage stabiliser Suggest top brands with model numbers Buying by Sunday Budget 50k for both
  9. Not just you even car dealers are in a similar situation , CONFUSED You seem to have done a lot of homework , I mean too much of it and it's heartening to see you getting into every detail I don't know what is your situation in terms of car availability but in my case it took around three months for delivery. So if it's readily available seek a good discount on the car value by what you think it would cost you after the GST, meet in the middle and enjoy your ride tomorrow. If it's a waiting game , GST would be in force by the time you get delivery and can't actually do anything about the price then Booking means nothing until final purchase invoicing is done.
  10. my car 's check engine problem

    If it's one of those that come up when a car goes over a rough patch , it's nothing to worry greatly about Sometimes disconnecting the battery and tweaking in the fuse box helps If it's there to stay have it checked at your cars authorised service station
  11. What all did you do today?

    Thank you for a prompt reply and invaluable advice Hoping to see more DIY stuff from you being a weekend
  12. What all did you do today?

    Vikky You recently visited Australia, I am myself planning a holiday there shortly Give me some flight advice , the duration of the same is the reason I was postponing it for all this while but as the lease is up for renewal I will have to be there in the next few months Also are Forex Cards the best way to transact there, suggest Forex Cards from Indian banks that work best , I can also arrange something from the COMMBANK in Mumbai if that's a better option Also , do these prepaid mobile SIM cards that you get from Matrix , Clay work well , or do I just get international roaming Kindly share as much info as you can I am asking you because last year also you helped me with the remittance and your recent trip makes you the perfect candidate once again Thank you in advance
  13. Some good news after all. India too is getting serious about safety afterall like the West. New directions make it mandatory for all commercial vehicles to have Anti Lock Braking systems installed.
  14. Sound deadening mats

    I have seen similar things used by high end AV installers to make their insanely expensive systems even more earth shattering in its quality of sound. What is it you are trying to achieve.?
  15. What all did you do today?

    The amount of work you can do yourself is commendable.
  16. Pre booking ON Launch on Valentines Day
  17. The Tata Hexa crossover

    Spotted the XTA variant in Delhi , was a demo car of a Delhi Dealer. Will always remind you of the Aria from the outside, no matter how much chrome you put in its styling and badging. Was admiring it for a while when i spotted a black Tuscon and started chasing it instead. In a flash the Hexa started to look OLD (My first On Road spotting of both cars)
  18. Best petrol buy under 8L

    Ignis i feel somehow will go down the S-Cross way, i simply hate them both. Stick to Brezza and Baleno. Stretching your budget for a better vehicle is always advisable.
  19. What all did you do today?

    Used a leather cleaning treatment kit ( has a bunch of components) on one such DIY job.( left over from a sofa that we got refurbished ) Guided by the thinking : premium quality wax better than oil based products that would attract dirt more Have come across dash board aerosol spays , they are quick fixes but dont last long and are dirt attracting magnets.
  20. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    @vikky1971 looking for a new printer for my home Has to be a Wireless WiFi one , inkjet or laser , colour or black, multi function device ( print , copy , scan) Give me your recommendations of as many as you want. Any particular techy website running comparisions PS : which one do you use back home.
  21. Next-generation Toyota Fortuner takes shape

    I am amazed at these prices , looks like they are vary of the competition. Looking at the prices of the Innova , i was of the opinion that they would be north of 30L These are tempting prices , would have to start saving now and hopefully grab the Petrol AT next year.
  22. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    The air purifier when switched on has a red led lit up , showing the air quality, it then changes to blue in stages Tried it in the smallest of rooms to see if it really works , it did At least the led changed from red to light purple,dark purple and finally blue.Dont know it air got cleaned as the light indication is the only source of any information. It took around 6 hrs for a small 10*10 room
  23. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Hey buddy, That's exactly what I paid