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  1. Sure, have planned a visit to MSS next weekend, will keep the post updated.
  2. @vikky1971 yeah lets make it happening then . I changed the air filter recently so that probability can be ruled out. I got the injectors cleaned in the last service at 80k however i'll keep this in mind while discussing it with SA. The cylinder pressure is something to look at. Just curious when you say this step is extreme, what is the expected damage to the pocket?
  3. Hi Guys! I have been off from the forum for quite sometime now, coming back for good now. My ride, swift vdi 2013 model has completed 95000 Kms without any hassles until now. For the past few days there seems to be some issue with the engine. Following are some scenarios explaining the issue: 1. Slight fluctuating rpm while cold start , and more prominent fluctuations while switching on the AC along with engine vibrations. I understand the low RPM on a cold start but this is something new. 2. While accelerating on highways (80-100 KMPH) there is a noticeable vibrations/car shaking feel . This worries me a lot as I have never experienced this. 3. My brother also owns the same model/year combination. He turned on the car on a cold start and immediately told me about engine vibrations which are not there in his car. 4. I am running 16" wheel/rims combo, so your immediate reply maybe the wheel balancing part but the strange part there is no vibrations or wobbling in the steering wheel. Plus I recently changed tires on 90000 Kms with balancing and alignment done, so that point maybe ruled out. I spoke to the Maruti service adviser who attended me on the 90K service, as per his advice the engine mounts can be an issue , if replaced it would set me back by approx. Rs 10,000/-. I wanted to gather as much info as possible before taking the car to the service station. Reaching out to the experts here in the community, I would really appreciate your inputs. Cheers!
  4. Hey Folks! Just caught this bad boy going to Gurgaon (probably the Maruti plant). The release might be just around the corner !
  5. Hi vikky, i didn't get a witness the complete cleaning process but i understood the whole process from the mechanic who was assigned to my car. I pointed out SA the drop in pickup before handing the car over to him. He checked my service history and pointed out that I had missed the EGR service which had to be done on 30K service. So he advised that I should go ahead with the complete overhaul of EGR and the intake manifold otherwise I would be damaging the turbocharger. Anything fishy that you sense here pls do let me know. M new to the diesel - turbo technology and still learning. Awaiting your response.
  6. Hey Guys! This darling car of mine reached a milestone of 50k Kms. And here I was at MASS to get it overhauled. One major issue that I was facing was that for the past 2-3k KMS the pickup had been affected. The car felt somewhat "heavy" while driving as if some airflow mechanism was blocked off . So after a while of searching through the forums, EGR valve and intake manifold cleanup came to my mind. And then it struck that I had skipped this routine process which was due in last service. Gave the car to AAA vehicleads, Okhla, following tasks were carried out during this service: Engine Oil - 800 /- Oil Filter - 350/- Air Filter - 230/- Paid service - 1405/- EGR Valve Cleanup - 1450/- Inter cooler cleaning - 1050/- Intake Air temperature sensor - 1250/- So incl taxes the total damage to the wallet was approx 7900/-. Early impressions after the overhauling, car feels lighter with an improvement in pickup. Will comment on the performance after raking in some more miles. Till then Adios Amigos!
  7. You should definitely upgrade to 195/60/15. Do also checkout Continental tyres. FE will take a minor his as quoted by sachin, but you'll enjoy the drive after the upgrade!
  8. Found this article circling around on the net.. Take a moment to look at these photographs of an Audi R8 that's been damaged beyond recognition. No, it wasn't a crash apparently but it certainly could have been a burn. According to unconfirmed reports, an angry wife who caught her husband cheating on her vented her anger on the car (price - almost Rs. 1.7 crores). From smashing the windows and tail lights to breaking the panels to keying the car, the damage to the car is irreversible. To top it all, there's a smiley face drawn with a substantial amount of cussing to add insult to injury. Source And that's just on the outside. On the inside, the leather seats are slashed, the wires are pulled out and the infotainment is missing. Filled with debris, it seems like the car was left open for a while after the attack. Source Whodunnit? And was it really a wife out for revenge? We ask the same. Because we don't know where the photos were taken or when this happened.
  9. Hello and welcome to the Autocar family. Since you are going to use the car only on weekends I don't think diesel option would be logical unless you are planning to buy the car for out station trips. And if you go in for a petrol variant, then look no where else other than the Honda City.
  10. My suggestion , upgrade the tyres to 195/60/15 . Benefits: 1. Improved grip and handling as compared to factory fitted tyres 2. Beefed up look which the Swift deserves 3. Wide variety of alloys available in 15" as compared to standard size
  11. Well we Indians have a wrong impression that Maruti cars are cheaper to maintain now. Taking an example of Swift , Maruti mandated the use of synthetic oils which shot up the normal service expenditures by almost three times. Also the service intervals of Maruti cars is 10k Kms whereas the Germans have an interval of 15k Kms. I love my Swift, but I love my Dad's Skoda even more. German or Czech (European) quality is a different level. So even if we have to pay a little premium above Desi Maruti cars, its actually worth it.
  12. Go for swift.
  13. M really surprised that you mentioned swift and punto evo are not fun to drive. i20 has weird handling issues due to its idiotic steering, polo has a heavy clutch but german engineering is sweet! Remaining option is brio or grand i10. Please specify what you didn't like in swift , maybe we all can convince you in buying this driver's car!