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    Engine oil for Alto K10

    Hello guys, Need help with a common question. My Alto K10's done 9500km and is due for a service. I have been reading a few articles about engine oils (synthetic vs mineral, benefits of synthetic over minerals etc). I want to use a synthetic oil for my car but I am not sure which grade to use. So,can you please help me out here?
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    Hi guys am planning to buy a used car. This is my first car & I am not too adept at driving yet. I have narrowed down to a couple of Wagon Rs. One is a 2007 1.1l petrol and the other a 2008 Lpg duo model. They have done 27000km & 65000km respectively and both are in fairly good condition & with the same accessories. The price difference is about 20000Inr. My office run is about 25 km total but I won't take the car to office initially till I get the confidence. Otherwise weekly usage will be 40-50km. Which car should I prefer? Ameyam
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    Arctic White Alto 800 Lxi

    Recently, we have added another member to our family with a replace of an old one. Earlier we had a 2007 800 AC which was driven just 25400 KM till the date, we exchanged it for new Alto 800 Lxi CNG. It was a little hurry up in the decision making and was a bit emotional as well because. We haven't had bought any vehicle on Dhanteras day, so this was a major decision making criteria for us to hurry up for this new buy so that we can get the delivery of the vehicle on this auspicious day. I will be posting a detailed ownership experience and photo on the weekend. Stay tuned....
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    I got delivery of my Skoda Rapid Elegance MPI on 13/10/2013. Though went through several horor stories of Skoda service, I dared to purchase one for the following reasons: 1. Solid built of the Car. 2. Better ride and handling. 3. Good Value for Money (9,30,000/-) on road. 4. Better driving position than ANHC (my personal opinion) 5. Interior fit and finish. 6. Some exclusive features like (Auto climate control, MID) 7. Long service intervals (15000 kms) ‚ÄčIt is June 2013 manufactured car. Though I was insisting for August onward manufactured car, could not get it. I read from some other reviews also that they also received 3-4 months old car. Another minus was that the car was not made available for PDI in the stalk yard and many flimsy reasons were given for the same. The Odometer was also showing 300 kms. Stalk yard is little bit away from the showroom. Inspite of all this I was pleased to see the car when I visited the showroom a day before the date of delivery. It was not having any apparent sigh of misuse or being more than three months old. It was in dirty condition but sales person assured that it would be cleaned properly. Of course he kept his word. The delivery experience was very good the only point was they made me and my wife and son to wait for two long hours as the car was being prepared for delivery. When we saw the car ready for delivery, it was really very well cleaned. Even ANHC which my office purchased 15 days before was not properly cleaned at the time of the delivery. The sales staff was vary helpful and all the features were explained. The sales representative was present with me all the time I was in showroom. I was happy to see than many rapid cars were delivered on that day and most of them are of Capetuno Beige Colour. The car is really well built. My 9 years old son has to make efforts to shut or open the door. Even it is difficult to lift the bonnet by one hand. The engine is old school and sound little rough at idle but one you shut the doors and windows rolled up it is hard to hear. It generates torque at low 3800 RPM and no need to rev hard. Acceleration is smooth but strong. Overtaking is easy and power comes on demand immediately. I used Maruti 800, WagonR and Ritz for 10 years hence could feel the difference in comforts levels of hatch and sedan immediately. Suspension is soft and comfortable. Though the ground clearance is at lower side, I managed to scrap underbody only at once and that too most probably the mudflap. Automatic climate control is very useful feature and one it is set at desired temperature, then it keeps comfortable ambient inside. In my old cars I had to fiddle with the air conditioner frequently to meet the different demands of the occupants. Inbuilt audio is found to be vary good with wide range of bass and treble settings. It is surprisingly good for ordinary listener. But I sorely missed the steering mounted controls which were available in my ritz. MID shows current and average fuel consumption. Instantaneous consumption varies from 3-4 kmpl (in 1st and 2nd gear while accelerating) to 85 kmpl (seen in 3rd to 5th gear in different speed and when accelerator is not pressed). Are these readings correct? Experts may kindly comment. The MID has two memory setting. Memory A stores data for one trip and if the break is not more than two hours, it adds new data in previous one. Memory be can store more data depending upon the model of MID. I do not know how to find out the same. Somebody may please help. I am getting 10-11 kmpl in city and 15.5 kmpl on highway as per the MID. But tankful method showed efficiency of 14.5 kmpl. Is such difference possible or it is possible due to feeling the tank upto brim (which I did at the later point by shaking the car). One funny thing I noticed that at the time delivery is that I asked the sales person as to what is rough road package? He referred me to a senior sales consultant who to my surprise answered that the Skoda company runs every engine for almost 40 hours before it is fitted in any car and hence it is capable of handling any road. The shock was so huge that I forgot to ask some more questions about the same to him and preferred to keep mum. Can I upload some photographs on this forum? If yes then how?