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    The next gen Suzuki Swift has been spied tesring in Naples in Italy. The new car features clear lens tail lapms. The new car is expected to be an evolution of the current car. The rear doors will have door handles on the C Pillar unlike conventional style handles. New design 3-spoke, multifunction steering wheel, redesigned instrument panel consisting of a colour driver information display between the speedometer and tachometer, redesigned dashboard and centre console and a new entertainment/infotainment system, have been identified on spyshots. The car should be officially unveiled next year Pics Source Iindian Autos Blog and google
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    Passionate Girl Car lover - Hellooooo

    Hi Everyone, Originally from Bangalore now living in the States and a newbie car lover who is passionate about inspiring others to open about their passion for cars. Currently a GTR owner and in anticipation of my SV roadster coming in the next 8 weeks I started up a Youtube channel focused on girls like me who love cars. Moving up from my GTR to the SV so super excited!! Sharing a clip of my GTR and driving impressions. Look forward to joining in the discussions. Sai
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    Maruti had showcased the new Ignis at the Auto Expo in Feb this year. With test mules being spotted, its clear that the launch will happen soon. Came across these pics of the Ignis AT and whats more it has a hybrid badge on the boot. The source says that this car is in India and if this variant does make it to our showrooms, the hybrid price tag could giver it a lower price tag. While it looks good on the exterior, the interior does seem a little cheap. The red and beigw combo feels a little gaudy. What do you think? Check out the pics Source
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    Lala De

    US Historic Route 66

    Thank you, VET5! Brief Overview: We travelled and stayed at these places - Day Stay 1 Chicago, IL - collect SUV O'Hare 2 Mansion View Inn and Suites, Springfield, IL 3 Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba, MO 4 Boots Court, Carthage, MO 5 The Campbell Hotel, Tulsa, OK 6 Trade Winds Inn / Holiday Inn Express, Clinton, OK 7 Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, NM 8 Garret's Desert Inn, Santa Fe, NM 9 El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, NM 10 Kachina Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ 11 Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 12 Irvine, CA 13 Irvine, CA 14 San Simeon Lodge, San Simeon CA 15 San Jose, CA - return SUV I have made 20-30 mins long YouTube videos for individual Days. 1. Day 0 is a brief introduction which you can begin with . 2. You can follow that with Between Day 0 and Day 1, where we rested after long flight from Asia and explored Chicago our starting point - After you have had gone thru these 2 videos, I would recommend you follow the following sequence - Day 1 & Day 2 > Day 3 > Day 4 > ...... You get the idea I would recommend you watch over WiFi and headphones and set resolution to HD for an immersive experience or on a Smart TV. So far I have done until Day 9. But I will be completing the full set. You can use this playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoIZBW21voI&list=PLfM5LVOXOmwASkfsfBCFPYkr2RmpG6lvU You can also check out all the videos will are available at this link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRW...2MyvShw/videos Enjoy and have fun!
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    Car Clicks by Manish.Asrani

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    Car Clicks by Manish.Asrani

    India's 1st Aventador S delivered in Bangalore
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    NASA Mars Rover concept

    Great looks
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    Someone in Karnataka has modified the Honda Navi with bits and pieces from the KTM Duke. Following are the changes made: KTM Duke headlamp assembly and fuel tank extensions New raised handlebars Split seat setup KTM stickers on the rear fender area (below the pillion seat) Free flow exhaust Source
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    The New Range Rover Velar Preview

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    The New Range Rover Velar Preview

    I do have a few more pics....! Did u see the video...link at the top!
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    Spyshots of 2017 Jeep compass

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    Military vehicles around the world

    @VET5 Awesome! This bike with belt drive would prove to be a collector's item only and could be used as a object of display in autocar shows. The metallic belt drive would certainly damage the tar road.
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    Hi, Our elder son bought an Orange Nuvo Sport, N-8 variant with AMT, on 14/12/2016. He could not agree to any other vehicle after getting used to our Xylo-E-8 for over 7 years. He started comparing every other car with Xylo and decided to buy the younger brother of Xylo. He certainly would have bought a Xylo, if AMT is made available in Xylo.
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    The next gen Suzuki Swift brochure leaked. Here it is Source
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    new fortuner seems to be a better deal. considering resale value ford cannot match here...
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    Wrapping is quite the in thing these days. Here are some wrapped cars from India Source
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    Hello fellow members, Just like a car goes through a facelift in its life cycle, the Autocar India forum has also got a makeover. We are back with a new layout and new interface. We hope you like the new format of the forum. Looking forward to contributions from you guys as always do give feedback and suggestions on the new look Keep posting Cheers PH
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    I am sure that new Fortuner will have striking looks and hope Toyota will wok on interiors of the car.
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    High Pressure Washer

    I think impressive one, even I use this and it has so many useful features in it like detergent injector kit, silent operation, low pressure by-pass.
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    High Pressure Washer

    used?? or new??
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    High Pressure Washer

    I've been following this thread and have some 'nits'.... I currently have a 150rs pressure washer (or so its called) that i picked up from the road. Pressure or not I dont know.. But it pushes out water from the pipes a lot faster and more streamlined than with a simple hose. However I've seen that it does not remove the resident dirt that gets sucked in beside the sidewalls and the lower portions of the doors and I have to wipe it with a cloth later on.. My point is , does this pressure wash remove that filth as well..
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    High Pressure Washer

    I hav a Bosch Aquatak 100 plus. It is good as long as it runs but once it gets any problems.... Boy!!!! forget about service and stuff. Hopeless service!!!! U can consider it as a "Use and Throw" kind-a-machine. I have had to face a lot of problem with bosch's service. . The water keeps mixing with the oil compartment. Major Major problem..... Can anyone please recommend me a good pressure washer with long life and good service in the price range of 6-7k.
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    High Pressure Washer

    Nice discussion. Here is my experience with Nilfisk Power Wash marketed by Eureka Forbes. The machine is very compact and veru efficient. Maximum pressure is 100Bar which is more than enough. This machine comes with in-line filter, a Tornado Nozzle for washing under carriage, a Powerspeed nozzle for washing the body, Foam Sprayer etc. I am using this machine every week to wash my two cars and the results are excellent. The pressure is good and the car is washed and cleaned in no time. One has to be careful with Tornado Nozzle as the pressure is extreme and one can cut one's fingers. This nozzle is not to be used for wasing the painted surface as it will damage the paint. Eureka people are good in arranging demonstration and after sales service. I also use the machine for cleaning outer walls of mu house to remove dirt and other dirt. One has to take good care of this machine after use and store it peoperly. Good investment.
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    High Pressure Washer

    I also have a Gerni 140.2 and can highly recommend it. Mine came with a "patio cleaner" which does a great job of cleaning the driveway. http://www.best-pressure-washer-reviews.com/pressure-washer-information.html
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    Membership Ladder

    A brief explanation of the membership levels here on the Autocar India Forums. Unlicensed (Guest) Guests can only access the forums. They are not allowed to create topics, post replies or have other benefits of the forum. Learners License Members with a Learners License are those with a post count of less than 50. They enjoy all the basic benefits of The Autocar India Forum. They CAN create new topics, they have access to the private messenger which can be used for private communication between members. They are not allowed to post in the Auto Trader section. This is only done to avoid spammers who just register to sell a product. Apart from the above, they can only cast their votes in polls but are not allowed to create new polls. Intermediate License A member acquires an Intermediate License when he/she crosses a post count of 50 posts. Apart from the benefits of members with a Learners License, they get rights to post in Auto Trader, create polls and create calender events. Advanced License A member is awarded an Advanced License when he/she crosses a post count of 1000 posts. They get all the benefits of members with an Intermediate License plus ability to upload images. Instructor License They are your friendly neighbourhood moderators. It is their job to maintain the quality of content on the forum. They have the power to delete and edit errant posts. Please follow the rules and regulations to make their job easier. Super License - Admin The administrator has overall control of the forum and has the power to delete, edit posts and also ban members who are not following the rules and regulations despite warnings. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2007-09-10 09:37:31
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    Team Autocar - An Introduction

    Hello there everyone, The Autocar Forum is a year old. And, I'd like to thank everyone for their support through the months in helping this forum grow. We have been really happy with the way things have gone till now. Lot of members, lot of posts and a lot of information. We have crossed more than 1,600 members and closing in on 35,000 posts. With this kind of activity, the forum requires active moderation around the clock which is why our support team has grown with the addition of the latest moderator - Cyrus43. The team now comprises of FRG, 325i, Zander and Cyrus43. All the Support team introductions will be made in this thread. Lets start with mine. FRG - My real name is Manish Sarser. I currently drive a Tata Safari Dicor 3.0 and Honda City Vtec. Have lived in Bombay most of my life, but originally from Delhi. I joined Autocar in September 2006. Back then, my main job was to handle all the fuel efficiency tests and do research for the articles that were printed. I am also doing the investigative articles for our sister magazine WhatCar? Some of you may have wondered how I came up with my username....well doing fuel efficiency tests was a major part of my job so hence the name. Well thats all for now. Hoping that members go by the rules and regulations so that we don't have to work overtime. Thanks to all members, Its great to be here. FRG