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    Breaking News !

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I thought that Maruti has already announced the date of launch for this SUV. I was not able to find any exact price or launch date details and so did I asked the same.
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    Breaking News !

    Can't edit my earlier post hence adding. I will take this news with a pinch of salt. I think Maruti will stop offering diesel in small cars (Ignis, Swift, Baleno etc) but same will be offered in their bigger cars like Ciaz, Ertiga, Brezza and S-Cross. Stopping diesel offering by Maruti means a complete stop to Brezza and S-Cross sales, which I very much doubt they can do or afford to do.
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    Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    Here is a video of a Tata Harrier with a contrast roof (dual tone scheme) and some aftermarket decals on it. The grille has also got a splash of colour and the standard alloy wheels have black accents. What do you guys think of this mod job?
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    This Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, in all honestly looks like a mix of the Audi Q8, Bentley Betayga, and VW Touareg. In my opinion, the overall boxy shape doesn't lend itself well to a Coupe look, that's not to say it looks bad, it's just not my cup of tea. My opinion might just change if I ever get to see it in person.
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    2,01,634 km Volkswagen Vento 1.6 TDI

    Hello everyone, This is Rajeev Lama and I am updating after a long time. To be honest it’s been almost 5-6 years since my introduction to AutocarIndia. Life got busy but whenever I used to get free time I would hit the road and have been driving My Vento 1.6 TDI (NL-01H 4200)like crazy for the last 6-7 years and it has never disappointed. I have been doing road trips for 1000 km at a stretch and till date, my car never stopped nor gave me any tantrums or issues J. Like Volkswagen says “only Volkswagen can built Volkswagen” I would say yes they do J I have happily covered 2,01,634 kilometers till date on stock clutch, gearbox and the engine which has not been touched at all and trust me all these kilometers are mine meaning solo driving. JThe car still pulls like a dream and the mileage is almost the same. I have been into two accidents with this car. Once I was doing 140kmph on four lane highway and a bull came from nowhere and that poor chap got hit and lucky me only my bonnet got damaged as I happen to hit him on his belly. He was thrown about 10-15 feet and I don’t know whether he survived or not but I still feel bad when I have to think about it. but I still manage to drive the car till the service station where I was told that my carrier also broke and radiator too has developed some cracks and I need to replace them. I told them to do whatever is necessary and they did the same. Secondly, on a rainy day I was on the four lane highway doing around 120kmph which was not constructed fully and it had heaps of muds on road on left and on the right side. Somehow, I just happen to go over one and damage my bumper Jand the bumper got changed. Beside these nothing serious happened and those two incident never stopped me from hitting the highway. Other than 15000km interval servicing things that were changed as per the manual I guess were, timing belt at 1,20,000 km (there were no issue with the belt) but I was told that its mandatory at 1,20,000 km to change so I did. Water pump at around 1,40,000 km as the service guy told me that it’s a wearable part so I need to change so I did that also. Three ugly scene that actually happed at the service center which I came to know later. #1 I still remember the odometer reading as 1,38,000 km or somewhere around that, battery issue came up and it needed replacement which I did. On close inspection, I found out that my battery had been swapped at the service center as the manufacturing year (2010) of the battery and the car manufacturing year (2011) was different and it had a lot of gap (. But since, I was outstation I couldn’t do anything and I was out for quite sometime and I lost the interest to follow up #2 The other thing that was changed at service center was my engine insulator (I don’t know what it’s called the thing which is on the bonnet) which they replaced with an old torn one taking away my new one. #3 I had once complained about the rattling sound coming from the engine side and they told me that it’s the steering box issue. And since the car was in warranty I told them to do whatever is necessary and get it sorted. They actually raised the issue but my steering rack was never changed as it was taking time and I had to drive back home. They told me that I could change it next time to which I happily said okay and left. But when I visited the service center for the next servicing, I told them to change my steering box as well but to my utter surprise they told me that its already done and it’s in their system too. I had an argument but I couldn’t prove it. I was really pissed off but I couldn’t do anything as I didn’t have much idea how to follow up. Apart from these there were many small niggling issues but it just didn’t bother me as I loved the car and its built quality and I had full trust that it would never fail me and it did not even once. From my experience, I found out that it’s not the company that’s at fault but it’s the service engineer/mechanics. I don’t think that they should be called service engineers as they don’t know things properly nor they care for others car. They have this attitude of theirs and they always say “HOJAYEGA” and they tend to break some parts while opening and fitting things. I need some expert advice as I want to retain the car forever and keep driving. Things that needed to be done now and checked, replaced if I have to any parts so that I can continue to drive with any worries. I will keep updating and thanks for reading J
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    Hey... Recently I had done servicing of my CB Hornet 160 R bike from the garage nearby me. The servicing mainly included checking brakes for both front as well as back tyres which got fixed up and there was a need to change engine oil of my bike. Since it was my second time for servicing I hardly had any idea about engine oil. My service mechanic suggested me to go for Divyol Spin X4 20W40 engine oil as he had been using the same for his previous Honda customers and so I agreed to do the same. Now I found my bike running at its smoothest speed without any rugged noise and giving perfect mileage. Please suggest me whether should I continue or replace it???
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    All-new Maruti Ertiga launched

    this car has strong potential to compete with rivals, maruti need to improve its Ground Clearance and quality of Plastic used .........
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    Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    The modifications seem well done and this definitely looks more aggressive than the stock car. the only thing I feel looks a little out of place are the dual exhaust cutouts on the rear bumper. Though apart from that, it is a very unique look for the Marazzo.
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    In my honest opinion, if Hyundai can equip the QXi well, then it should have no issues taking on the Maruti Vitara Brezza. Keeping in mind that Hyundai has delivered some very excellent interiors on its budget offerings. This paired with the fact that Hyundai will offer the SUV with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox should make it the go-to automatic vehicle in the segment provided its priced competitively. The engines seem to be potent enough to compete in the segment. Only time will tell how strong a package this SUV will end up being, but the way it is shaping up, I believe at the very least it will put up a strong fight.
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    Current Car Discounts

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    vitara to india?

    It absolutely makes sense to get this car here. But MSIL should price it sensibly. The Vitara will be a sensible product now if offered between 11-17 lacs OTR. If they try to portray this as a premium offering beyond the Creta, this is going to be a stillborn product. I wish they still bring back the Kizashi as a premium offering yet again. The earlier Vitara was also a very competitive offering but the time was not ripe for a product of that class. The SX4 was the car that was able to break the barriers of the Indian audience accepting a 10 lac Maruti and the Ciaz did it well too.
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    Spied: Maruti Wagon R XRest

    7 Seat Wagon R OR extended wheel base Wagon R will make more sense atelast for India considering the way Wagon R is used by taxi operators as well as people who consider Wagon R fuel efficient . Adding more space will help to create space for luggage which is right now used by by CNG tank. Wagon R has created it's own niche in hatchback segment by projecting itself as very fuel efficient.
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    Well it would have been wonderful if Toyota would have brought Rush or RAV4 or similar compact SUVs to India. But I don't think they have any plan of doing so. Recently they made an agreement with Suzuki for cross badging their cars. in India. Breezza and Baleno will come to Toyota while Corolla goes to Suzuki. This will fill the void that Toyota currently has in India of a premium compact hatchback and SUV.
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    Reviving this thread. Realized that I haven't updated this since the last 2 years. The Fiesta is doing just great. Update around this ^^ - It were the tires and not the brake pads. Got them changed at 36000 kms on the odo. The Goodyear GT3 are told to be notorious and go out of shape pretty soon. There was no warranty left on it by the time I realized they were bad. Have changed to Michelin XM2+ and the ride has changed drastically.. for the better. The vibrations are gone. It's like a new ride again. The car is so cost effective to maintain!! ~4.5k at max a year, this is cheaper than almost any new car. The launch of the Jeep Compass had me thinking but then I've decided to hold back on this for the life of the car. Another 3 years for sure. BTW, Year 2017, I did a road trip to Mysuru, Ooty and back to Pune. A total of 2400 kms in 9 days. I'll start writing a nice travelogue on that soon. The car was filled to the brim. Me, my wife, 2 ½ year old son, my sister and her husband & luggage for all of us. The Honda Amaze may have 420 ltr of boot space - similar to that of my car here. But it sure does not swallow that much amount of luggage that could fit in the Fiesta. On money spent other than maintenance, my Fiesta had a repainted front bumper recently. genuinely my fault. I halted at the parking at a mall when I had been to test drive the Jeep Compass. Talking on the phone with my wife who wasn't really happy with me at the Jeep showroom, I pulled the handbrake and let go of the clutch. Then BANG!!! The car was in first and as I let go the clutch, it jilted forward. I managed to brake it but it had touched the rough wall of the parking ahead of me. Most of the brunt was taken by the number plate. But the bumper also had a few dimples. No snaps of that actually. So I got it repainted. But apart from that, there have been no additional expenses other than regular oil and oil filter change. Such a lovely, no nonsense car really. It makes me wonder why the new age cars really run bills upwards 12-15k for regular yearly servicing. Average has been steady at 17-18 kmpl and the car has done mostly city runs so far. This is with 0 luggage and 2-3 on board. A tank-full generally runs for 750-800 kms and refills ~45 liters of diesel. A couple of recent Mahabaleshwar runs gave me ~20 kmpl because of the long open stretches. This figure with minimum 3 on board with their luggage.
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    Current Vehicle Recalls

    Got my Innova Crysta attended for the engine wiring harness campaign. Took around 2 hrs for the job, majority of time is spent in removing windshield cowl as in case of Innova some part of engine gets covered under it. For Fortuners it is much easy for them as full engine is accessible. Attaching an image which shows the part in red where they will open, check and do the taping. As per technician it's a precautionary step as wires passing through that channel can rub against each other and deteriorate over time. Also got my 20k service done along with it.
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    Tyre Guide

    http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=85 I thought this was interesting for those who run tires down the the tread limits: Stopping a Car Even though the speed to begin braking the 3,400-pound BMW sedan was 20 mph higher than the 50-0 mph braking tests we conduct at The Tire Rack, the braking forces developed by the new tires felt reminiscent of full tread depth tires weve experienced on our home track. The car pitched forward as the brakes were applied, quickly took a set and slowed the car with authority. After repeated runs we learned that the average stopping distance for the new tires from 70 mph was 195.2-feet in 3.7-seconds. Testing tires with the 2/32-inch minimum legal tread depth taught us the probable origin of the drivers accident report statement, "I hit the brakes hard, but nothing happened." There was a perceptible delay while waiting for the braking forces to grow after initiating the stop. Looking at the graphs recorded by the DriftBox confirmed this discomforting situation when we realized we were still traveling at about 55 mph on the tires with 2/32-inch of remaining tread depth when we reached the same distance it took the new tires to bring the BMW to a complete stop! This time the repeated runs taught us that the average stopping distance for the still legal 2/32-inch deep treaded tires from 70 mph had almost doubled to 378.8-feet and took 5.9 agonizing seconds to accomplish. We had the same car and the same brakes, but the tires with minimum legal tread depths werent able to generate enough traction on the wet road to bring us to a quicker stop. FuelRunGod2007-08-26 10:32:48