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  1. Honda Civic. Why was it discontinued?

    What is the reason for Honda Civic being discountinued from indian market, it was such a successful car. Yes its ground clearence was low for indian roads, but because of that one reason, Honda discontinued it from indian market?
  2. Honda Civic. Why was it discontinued?

    Honda take my money and bring it on. Is there a hybrid version too?
  3. After market Apple / Android Car play

    Can someone recommend me a good after market infotainment system with Apple / Android car play for Santro, which doesn't have an infotainment system yet.
  4. Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

    Guys, from my time of college days, Royal Enfield Machismo was always my dream motorcycle, because of its looks, sheer size and height (I am 6'1, fat-boy is too short in height and Road King and street glide are too expensive) perhaps its riding style. But after reading numerous complaints about these bikes. I decided to skip it. Now Speedmaster having almost the same look and feel of Enfield, does it overcome the shortcomings mentioned in the above video? Does it provides the quality and reliability, which Enfield doesn't?
  5. Dad is impressed with new Suzukia Ciaz. The design, the premium look and feel and overall the low maintainence and after sales support of Suzuki in Delhi. He prefer Ciaz over Hondo City. For the first time he decided to go for a patrol model, which has automatic gears. But in order to save the running cost, he want to implement CNG kit fitted by the company itself. Now I own a santro with company fitted CNG kit, I couple of friends who own a Wagnor, a Celerio with a CNG kit. But these are compact hetchback. Can someone share, if there will be any cons of fitting an CNG kit with a preimum sedan like Ciaz? Will CNG affect the semi-automatic gears of Ciaz?
  6. Why another coffin car? :((

    Honda Mobilio is a good car. But if you observe it carefully. Its design and shape from the side, looks like a car, that is used for carrying coffins. Now with BRV having the same design language, What is in Honda's mind? Why another coffin car?
  7. Why another coffin car? :(( Swift resembles Mini Cooper
  8. Why another coffin car? :((

    Overall!! In western countries, you will see that, there are special cars designated for carrying the coffins, these cars have the same look and feel as Honda Mobilio
  9. Why another coffin car? :((

    I mean Honda Mobilio, not amaze. Sorry for the typo
  10. Why another coffin car? :((

    Dude, if you watch Hollywood movies, you will notice that the cars that are used for carrying coffins have a similar design and shape as that of Honda Amaze
  11. Honda Civic was a complete family car. I can see, people who even own 10 year Civic, works like charm. The only drawback Civic had was low fuel economy, which indian customers are pretty much concerned about. But with 10th Generation Civic, which has option of 2.0, 1.8 and 1.6 liters gasoline option. A 1.6 liter with latest engine should be a hit in indian market with good fuel economy and performance the same. Its not just the fuel economy and performance, but the new look of Civic is amazing. Come on Honda, take my money and bring the legend back. How much time will it take for the legend to come back
  12. Honda take my money, bring the legend back

    Its still better than most of the other manufacturers. Take a look at Huyndai. Even an economical car like Santro, costs not less than 6K for the paid service in a service center. In that context Honda and Toyota are much better. The service & maintenance cost of Honda City or Civic much lower than an economical car like Santro. Even Innova has less maintenance costs. Talking about American and German cars. You always have to go for Extra maintenance of 3 years otherwise its service and maintenance is super high.
  13. Why another coffin car? :((

    In premium section..... This will be the most anticipated car. The previous Civic was a legend. Its only drawback was low fuel economy. This 10th generation Civic with new engine of 1.6 liter option should overcome that limitation, keeping the performance the same. Come on Honda, take my money, bring the legendary car back
  14. The up coming Honda Civic which might be re-launched within less than 6 months and the present Corolla Altis. Which one of these 2 gasoline variants are better in terms of... 1) Ride quality 2) Features 3) Overall space 4) Fuel economy (although in gasoline variant, 1.8 liter engine will hardly provide any good fuel economy, but if these cars provide a fuel economy of 12KM/L, it will be good) 5) Overall grip on the road, handling etc. 6) Build quality and safety
  15. Purchased a new CIAZ

    I purchased a new Suzuki CIAZ. It is the top end model in Gasoline manual. Last night it was delivered, so I didn't get time for long drive. But overall I am impressed with the ride, features and I found it to be the best sedan Suzuki has ever produced for Indian market. Although I miss the electronic power steering. But when I read the specifications, I was bit shocked. Mere 1020 KG weight for a car that is longer, broader and higher wheelbase than Honda City? Even i10 grand weighs 20 KG more than ciaz. Yes light weight is good for fuel economy. But we can't compromise the safety and other features. Less weight means less grip on the road, imagine you are driving at the speed of 100+ in an express highway and God Forbid if you are slightly hit by some bigger vehicle, because of the light weight the car will start rolling. The weight is helpful in maintaining the balance and grip on the road, that why VW Vento and Jetta are considered to be one of the safest car in indian road. People who own CIAZ for more than 3-4 months, can you share your experience with me? Will the light weight compromise any of the safety feature?
  16. Purchased a new CIAZ

    However, one of my colleague recently purchased a Ciaz hybrid, and he said that, under automatic temperature control mode, if the car is in neutral and remains switched off, there is a sensor, that will measure the set temperature and in case find any variation, it will automatically start the engine to maintain that set temperature.
  17. Purchased a new CIAZ

    I am afraid, I might not have an answer. Because i didn't purchase that variant. But you can get a technical documentation for that model.
  18. Purchased a new CIAZ

    Sure I will post snaps and my review. But in short there are 2 things that I love in this car. 1) Infotainment system is world class, all touchscreen with navigation, reverse camera with sensor, connection with your smartphone, the dealer also said that I can attach a DVD, which I didn't get time to explore yet. 2) With such a good infotainment, rear AC vents, Automatic temperature control which is amazing. I would say so many features are very hard to get on a car, which has such a low cost. Even the top end model of Corolla Altis might miss some features. I think it lacks rear AC vents, and the huge trunk space of 510L. 3) The fuel economy is amazing. I will post pics and detail review of this car soon
  19. Purchased a new CIAZ

    Mine is a gasoline variant, not the hybrid diesel. But I have taken a test ride of the hybrid. When you put your car in neutral, then the engine stops and the moment you press the clutch, it starts. So you don't have to manually switch off the engine when stuck in lengthy signals.
  20. Purchased a new CIAZ

    Thank you guys. I love this car. If not weight, I hope the aerodynamic design will provide stability to this car. I always believe in driving smoothly, hate to punish the car
  21. Honda Civic. Why was it discontinued?

    There are rumours of new city to be relaunched in Indian market. When is it happening?
  22. Purchased a new CIAZ

    I always love my car. I own a Dzire and Santro too, and I always love driving smoothly, hate rash driving or anything that would punish your car.
  23. Purchased a new CIAZ

    Thank you harikkuttan. I am not talking about a major accident. But lets say, you are driving an 80-100KM in a express highway, suddenly some other person made a mistake where he came closer to you, and in order to tackle, you suddenly made a turn or lets say that person made a slight nick with your car. In this case a heavy car like Vento (I know German cars always stress on build quality and engineering) might remain stable on the road because of the weight, flat design, If something similar happens to a Wagnor or a Santro, it might get off balance. What could happen to Ciaz in such scenario.? Because it weighs mere 1020KG. Off course it is much more balanced than a Wagnor, Santro or even Swift.
  24. Purchased a new CIAZ

    Thank you. But my question still remained unanswered.
  25. New Honda City

    I am impressed with the design and performance of the new Honda City of 2014. For every aspect, it is batter than its predcessor and its competitors within that segment. The only thing which I dislike about this new Honda City is 175/65-15, which I consider narrow for the size and weight of such a car. Now based on this thread, upgrading the tyer to 195/60-15 of Michelin. looks like a good option. You get much better grip thanks to the 195 width and the increase in overall diameter results in 3mm ground clearance increase. What is your openion on this? Should I go for it? If it reduces the fuel economy by 0.5 or 1, its acceptable.