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  1. Useless features in a car

    i think none of the features of a automobile can be lablled 'useless'. The answer is... it depends. E.g. no one needs mad massaging seats, but for a fella like Ambani, it is quiet important to have it. One would regard the wipers on headlamps as useless, unless you were going on a dirt road in the middle of the night. The spectacles holder in the accord? Someone could really use them. To the fella who said 'Cruise control' is useless, total disagree Mr.
  2. BMW Launches X6 in India!

    love bm

    Bad luck mate, i still love the BMW
  4. Honda CBR 600 RR, this bike, because of its styling and the rest of the features, is sure to sell like hot cakes
  5. Scoop! Alfa Coming To India

    You have gotto be kidding me rssh This car is bloody awesome. How much is it going to cost Fuel run God?
  6. hey hey hey........

    Hi Cyrus
  7. What Have You Done To Improve Performance??

    I am thinking of installing super charger and a turbo in my corolla, how much would this help increasing the power? Where, in mumbai, should i puchase this equipment from? I hope to see these in the Autocar show next month.
  8. Chrysler 300
  9. Chrysler 300

    Hey Fellas Does anyone have any idea whether Chrysler 300 will ever come to our shores? This car is a beast. It is the kind of car that the sopranos would use. I have seen this car and i have fallen in love with it. Could / Should / Would this car come to India? How? Why? When? Also let me know what do you think about this car. It is cold in Australia, where i am at this moment, for about AUD 60,000 = Rs.21 lakhs, hence it would be around Rs.30 to 40 lakhs (very rough estimate) by the time it come to India. Which means, it would be in competition with the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C. how many of you would buy this instead of the competition? Here are a few facts, Engine: V6 3.5litre OR V8 6.1 litre Power: 183 bhp OR 317bhp 0 to 100kmph: 9.2 OR 5.7 sec Transmission: Automatic 5 Kerb weight: 1.9tons Rear wheel drive
  10. The worst cars you can buy in India

    Gurkha, you are too optimistic.
  11. Vote for the best Indian Automag?

    I have a subscription to Autocar Magazine
  12. Worst road offenders

    People walking on the road and leaving the footpath for hawkers
  13. Another way for the cops to make money...

    It is best to not complain about the government, there is little that can be done
  14. Suggestions For The Forum

    Yes let there be an option to choose city. This it will be more interactive.