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  1. What color did you choose?

    I like electric blue of Ford Fiesta S, but sadly no other manufacture seemed to have a warm heart for this colour. Colour choice is vastly dependent upon the car one picks , IMHO. Black looks cool in a big muscular car but looks out of place in a cutesy car like Micra. Similar, I can not imagine a Safari or a Fortuner in copper colour of Micra. Colours like white and silver looks good on most of the cars and thats why they are too common.
  2. Mayhem at Ramlila Ground

    @CrazyDoc: Nobody is pushing his or her agenda here. Govt. has performed an act of brutality and we are discussing here from the perspective of common man. If we continue to keep silence on atrocities/corruption of Govt., it will lower itself into abysmal level. @sgiitk: Supreme court IMHO is doing a commendable job off late to partially clear the mess of corruption created by our ministers. Govt. now a days is taking a high moral ground to state that it is punishing corrupt ministers. But fact is some of corrupt ministers are in jail (not convicted : mind you) due to Supreme Court taking a tough stand against corruption and keeping a close eye on CBI.
  3. Mayhem at Ramlila Ground

    I think yesterday night episode is too significant to wrap it under the carpets and move on. This issue is not about ***g vs **P. It is the arbitrariness of present govt. which is detrimental to any democracy. People's participation should always be encouraged in democracy. However here some minister is preaching us about who should involve in politics and who should not. Is our democracy been hijacked by a few people? Baba Ramdev might be a controversial figure. I am not supporting him. But if he has dome some misdeed in the past then govt. should prepare a case against him based upon facts and evidence. First govt placated him and tried to use him against Anna Hazare. When he did not relent suddenly govt. realized that he is a thug. This type of flip-flop suggest that something is definitely rotten in this govt. We need to ask now whether we common people are at the mercy of some whimsical ministers. Today it happened to people at Ramlia ground: tomorrow it happened to any other protesters. So should we all shut our mouth and encourage corrupt practices of ministers? No names please: MODS sgiitk2011-06-07 03:33:17
  4. Toyota to launch Liva hatchback in June

    I got a tweet yesterday from Toyota_Etios confirming June end launch. Heard that NDTV has reviewed Liva: got to watch the show.
  5. May 2011: Car Sales in India

    Honda is handicapped by the lack of diesel engine. No second opinion about it. However, its petrol cars are also no longer the default choice for petrolheads: reason being price & lack of feature. Honda should try some cost cutting method in its operation to keep the cost in check. They should treat Toyota as bench mark. Civic should be priced at par with Corolla, Brio with Liva & CR-V with Fortuner. At present, all the non-performing Honda cars are overpriced w.r.t. competition. itssanguine2011-06-02 11:49:04
  6. May 2011: Car Sales in India

    @Bornfree: Your signature is apt for reflecting Honda's present situation.
  7. May 2011: Car Sales in India

    @TSiVipul: You are very right to point out that Fiat Punto & Linea deserves to sell more. But some initial goof up in marketing and quality control has created a susceptible image in the minds of 'Aam Janta'. Only the enthusiast can overcome this issue. Also Fiat petrol engines are not very efficient and astronomical rise in petrol price has not make it easier. As per reports, Fiat has no plans to introduce new engines but face-lift of Punto is on card. Punto with T-Jet would have been the ultimate hot hatch in India!
  8. May 2011: Car Sales in India

    Figures of Fiat & Maruti Suzuki: Fiat Linea : 845 Punto : 1298 Palio : 5 Maruti Suzuki: M800 : 2262 Omni : 9333 Alto : 25393 Estilo : 2372 WagonR : 12736 Dzire : 10812 SX4 : 2702 Eeco : 6212 Swift : 12742 A-Star : 1734 Ritz : 6071 Kizashi : 50 Gypsy : 1099 G Vitara : 1 Observations: Interesting to note the steady figures of Fiat Linea & Punto. Despite numerous launches, they are constantly clocking 2000+ marks. This by no means a great figure. But it shows that Fiat has developed a small fan base for its cars. Punto & Linea customers are those who chose heart over head. That's why new launch or rising price have not make any serious dent in their sale figures. Another steady performer is Micra- building a good repo in urbane areas mainly. Beat sale is declining slowly. Diesel launch should lift it up- otherwise petrol Beat may stabilize around 2K mark. Figo figures are good if we take take overall market into consideration. Rising petrol price should help diesel Figo to clock good numbers- may be at the cost of its gas guzzling sibling. Honda with its present set up (barring City) does not have much to write home about. But, Brio may turn the table. After normalization of production, City may again touch 3k mark soon. For Civic, new version is required- present version is overpriced. So is the rest of the stable : Accord, CRV and Jazz. Verna has a spectacular debut but let us wait for 2-3 months to let its figuers to stabilize. With so many variants around, it should easily surpass Vento.
  9. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Guys, I need your help. I am planning to bid adieu to my problematic Vaio and zeroed on XOOM. My requirements are mainly surfing, photo editing and music playing. With Google docs around, skipping MS office should not be a big problem. If need arises latter I may think about a cheap netbook later. Now my question is: When is XOOM coming to India? If you have any inside information, kindly enlighten me so that I may plan accordingly.
  10. The Official Music Thread

    Listening to Delhi Belly now: not a run of the mill product. Bollywood music lover should try it, I guess.
  11. Honda Small Car-Brio, unveiled 1 Dec

    As Liva is scheduled to be launched in June'11, I guess we might see a preview (or whatever the fancy name they chose) of Brio in June-July'11. Pricing of Brio will prove whether Honda has adopted to the requirement of Indian market. Increase localisation or cut profit margin : whatever Honda does but top of the line (manual) should not be beyond 5.5 Lakh (ex-showroom) at any cost. Otherwise it might prove to be the next Jazz. Even at 5.5L it might get some flakes for being pricey!
  12. SCOOP! Fiat Punto Facelift coming

    If Fiat decides to bring new Punto Evo with new interior & exterior as shown in pictures, then marketing guys at Fiat India will get an opportunity to resurrect themselves and undo the past mistake made during launch of Punto. Marketing promotion of Punto was very confusing and without any clear cut strategy to highlight its USP. In the initial slow moving ad featuring Yuvraj Singh, Punto was never made the star it could have been. Now with Punto going steady at around 1000 mark, Fiat could borrow a trick from Maruti Suzuki's strategy with WagonR. When WagonR was struggling during 2004-05, MSIL started a new ad campaign for WagonR. They highlighted that WagonR is a kind of niche product and used by special people with special taste. (remember the ad: "He argues sharply at courtroom, plays Jazz and drives WagonR). Fiat too can portray that Punto is not a run of the mill product and meant for special people with special preference. People who are 1.Extravagant, 2.Possess out of the box thinking, 3.Drives car for pleasure and 4.Prefers heart over head. And why he should drive Fiat Punto Evo: because it is: 1. Very very beautiful 2. Modern with state of art interior. 3. Possesses most powerful diesel engine & very powerful petrol engine in the segment. 4. Best ride & handling. 5. Smart choice as it offers best service interval with extended warranty backed by roadside support. However key thing should be to portray Punto as the real star during the ad campaign rather than using some celebrity. Punto's beautiful exterior & interior along with its features and dynamics should be amply highlighted. Fiat should also portray Punto Evo as all new car to loose some baggage of present Punto : specially issues of poor interior plastic quality. If Mahindra can relaunch Logan as Verito with some chrome job then why Fiat can not project Punto Evo as all new car specially when it contains a new interior and modified front bumper/grill.
  13. SCOOP! Fiat Punto Facelift coming

    Due to reason mentioned above, I have a feeling that new rear bumper may not make it to Indian Punto Evo. But interiors are definitely required. Hope Fiat India will not increase the price. Just for info: Punto 1.4 Emotion has been discontinued. Only Emotion Pk is available.
  14. Honda Small Car-Brio, unveiled 1 Dec

    ACI has first drive report on Brio in June issue. Can't wait to read it. My excitement may look so childish
  15. Honda Small Car-Brio, unveiled 1 Dec

    Honda has started testing Brio in India. NDTV auto editor Siddharth Patankar has caught Brio undergoing testing with liitle camouflage. Shame, that I am unable to post the picture. But its available in twitter.
  16. Bad News - hike in petrol prices

    On one hand fuel prices are rising, on the other hand unplanned cities other getting crowded badly hampering FE of vehicle. Govt. is squeezing us from both sides. Also its a myth that diesel prices are subsidized. Cost of production of petrol & diesel are less that selling price of diesel. Its the tax which jacked up the price.
  17. Spied Renault Fluence - Now Launched

    Renault India website is showing following image: My guess is Fluence - June 2011 Koleos - October 2011 Clio - January 2012 Duster - July 2012 Clio sedan / V platform
  18. Honda Small Car-Brio, unveiled 1 Dec

    Just read a review of Honda Brio: salient points are as stated below: 1. Priced at par with Nissan March (Micra in India) in Thailand. So we can expect price range of 4.5-5.5 Lakh in India. 2. Due to supply parts constraint, presently Honda has stopped taking booking of Brio. 3.The quality of the Brio's cabin is better compared to March(Micra). Plastics are hard but build quality is good & colour combination is nice. 4.In spite of compact dimensions , the Brio can accomodate four six-footers in decent comfort- headroom & legroom is good. 5. Brio has limited boot space and the rear seats don't fold split or flat when you want more space.For practicality, Micra is superior. 6.Feeling from the driver's seat is quite good : airiness and aesthetics are practically on par with Jazz 7.Brio is a better car to drive than the Micra (March). 8. Steering is little too light. 9.Chassis set-up seems well-judged. While the low-speed ride can occasionally be lumpy over sharp ruts, the taut suspension compensates with adequate grip at high speeds and in corners. The same goes for the brakes that have good modulation. 10. All-round visibility is excellent, thanks to low window lines and a glass boot lid (which has no wiper or defogger). 11. Summary: Brio offers effortless and economical performance, plus agile driving manners. Source:
  19. Best smartphone

    I consider iPhone a very good phone for entertainment rather that top notch smartphone. Its brilliant ratina display, awesome music player & excellent gaming capability makes it a very good phone to show off. But arrogance on part of apple makes the overall experience really disappointing: half cooked multitasking, signal drop (needs bumper case), weak camera, limited bluetooth support, overdependence on humongous iTunes software, same old look & feel of iOS. I personally think that iPhone is no longer "The Must Have Phone." There are atleast 5 very good other choices in market depending upon one's preference. As the phone market is changing rapidly, so the poll is no longer relevant. War is no longer about how good the phone is: its now also how good the OS & apps support is. With so many android phone around, I was very much interested in new beautiful windows mobile OS more so after using Win 7 in place of horrible Vista. But Windows mobile has still some way to go to reach refinement of Android. One more OS that could be a good niche player is Palm webOS. This is a very nice OS and with support from HP, Palm could come back to limelight again. I am now eagerly waiting for Palm Pre 3 expected in 2nd Quarter
  20. Hatchback blues, now SEDAN CLUES (pg10)

    OT: @ashikawa: Would you please check your manual and confirm whether Polo 1.2 has a pure electric unit or electric hydraulic unit. In the Polo brochure I am having (downloaded from VW India website a while back), it is mentioned that: Polo 1.2(P): Electric-hydraulic unit Polo 1.6(P): ---do---- Polo 1.2(D): Electronic unit Thanks.
  21. Refreshed hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

    Hero has refreshed its aging HH CBZ Xtreme with following new features: 1.New meter console: Digital Speedometer & analog tachometer. 2.New ignition switch with key shutter. 3.New headlamp & fairing. 4.New tank extension. 5.New alloy wheel with front & rear disc brakes 6.New LED tail lamp cluster. Source
  22. Hyundai's Ad Blunder

    Off late, Hyundai is airing two ads in TV, both of which contain noticeable mistakes: 1. Hyundai Test drive: In this ad, a cricket coach advises his boys to prefer Hyundai Test drive over other drive shot of cricket, namely cover drive & leg drive. Now there is nothing called leg drive in cricket: it is called On drive. After airing this ad for many days, Hyundai finally changed the term to On drive. Keen observer can still detect that On drive word has been added afterwards. 2. i20 navigation ad: This actually is an old ad (change the game) in which an executive took his i20 to his office in a lift as parking lot is full. This was first aired when i20 was refreshed and silver centre console was introduced. Now in its new avtar, old car is shown all throughout but in one close up new navigation screen is shown in centre console. Both the above ads portray Hyundai India in a nonchalant way. Among TVC of Auto Cos in India, I always find TML ads very good & interesting (except Aria ad- very simple & unimaginative). While Mahindra ads are very flashy, MSIL ads are inconsistent (some very nice, others so so).
  23. Nissan Sunny, first pics.

    The exterior has a grown up looks to which should suit image conscious Indian customers. However, boot integration could have been better. However, interiors with predominantly circular theme and shared heavily with Micra look out of place in this butch looking sedan.