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  1. SKODA - Terrible Experience

    No wonder these cars don't sell in Europe.....
  2. cd

    Speak to your Maruti Service center...they use a computer to do some kind of engine called .... So they must have a CD of that software available with them... they would give it to you is a question...
  3. Teflon coating

    Buddy in modern cars there is enough under body treatment done by the manufacturers to avoid any kind of rust.....just jack up your car and look under it... if it has a rubber like coating all over the under body you don't need to spend extra money for that quoting......just get the car coated with Dupont Care product...and that will be all.......
  4. Fiat Grande Punto spied testing!!

    Fiat launches 'Grande Punto' for Rs 3.99-6.11 lakh Excellent news....excellent pricing.....
  5. jazz worth buying hatch or not

    Just checked out the Honda jazz site..... So here are my observations... Style: Nothing great..features that are available in most of the hatchback available...and One his I couldn't stop laughing at was....3 stop door closing....(Come on...Fiat Palio from the first generation had this feature.) I liked the front two seats though...they look classy and comfortable..... rear seats claims will seat three...but with 60 40 strange looking split..I guess it can only seat 2..the third passanger will be uncomfortable... Safety: only two front airbags ....I20 has 4 with 2 on sides....... rest features are similar to i20.... Performance..a good engine...that's all the car as..... Pricing: Hmmmm.....Its Honda had to be over priced...... the car is practically imported ...with very less localization so don't expect Honda to subsidies the car for Indians.......
  6. Suggestions For The Forum

    I have been getting "Male ware" alters every time I log on to the forum for the past 3 days...... Request forum moderators to look into this....
  7. santro accelaration problem

    Check out the fuel injectors....and spark plugs....if they are fine ...then go ahead with clutch plate replacement...but this would be the last resort.....depending upon the KM covered by the car and your driving habits....
  8. Fiat Linea 1.6 MJD launched in Turkey

    Please take a look at these links and then make a statement:
  9. Fiat Linea 1.6 MJD launched in Turkey

    At least one company is being truly honest to Indian in terms of launching International quality products. Unlike Hundai, Honda,Skoda, Toyota and Suzuki, who mostly launch the product in India when its is close to the end of its product life. Offering midiocor products to Indians and charging premium. I wish we can have International quality products from Auto makers here in India.
  10. Top 5 problems with our traffic

    1. Absolutly no respect towards other people using the road. 2. "Mine is bigger than yours" attitude. 3. No discipline in any walk of life. 4. Sadak mere baap ki hai........
  11. USB virus to music system ?

  12. Useless features in a car

    I can't think of any useless feature...but I think we have an overused feature in the car....especially in India...."THE HORN" ......Honk...Honk....Let me go car is faster than son of B%^$% ....Honk....Honk....
  13. Honda Jazz SPOTTED

    According to The Times of India, the Honda Jazz will be sold in India with a price tag of Rs. 7 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). It would apparently be a high price for a car in a segment that features Maruti Swift and Skoda Fabia. But the VP of marketing at Honda Siel Cars India, Jnaneswar Sen explains,
  14. car solar films

    Please go to the above links.......the list contains the details on the Approvals ....and Compliance to Central Motor vehicle Act 1989.... Please read...
  15. car solar films

    Look into this link for an approx Idea of Prices ....