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  1. Current Downturn in the Auto Sector

    Agreed, to a large extent the Auto Industry is itself to blame for the nosedive in sales. It encashed full profits while it way hay time & bloated itself out of control. Instead of offering economical mode of transport, prices were jacked up & stretched the budgets of middle class Indians. True service & repair prices were also made nightmarish. Common spare parts are priced to astronomical figures. So the industry took full advantage of the boom. Its now time to downsize & down-price by a significant margin & introduce greener/ecological solutions.
  2. There has been a nose dive in sales of Vehicles, both two & four wheelers. Commercial vehicle sales are also down. Due to the sales numbers going down, there have been job layoffs across the Auto sector. Finance Ministry did introduce some measures recently but are they enough? Lets discuss why the nosedive in sales & how to put the sector back in the driving seat(solution).
  3. Was the Honda civic worth the wait?

    Simply speaking of the Civic, performance doesn't match the looks! If Honda ups the performance, maybe in BS6 guise, the product should be well received. Given the Auto sector is out of woods!
  4. New Jawa; Yey or Nay?

    Mahindra Engine in these bikes is a matter of concern. When sticking to the Classic tone, engines need to be from the stable.
  5. Spied: Mahindra Thar facelift

    Launch will happen in 19 or 20 ?
  6. Spied: Safari storme caught testing!

    This could be the first Safari of International standards. Looks pretty grown up!
  7. New Jawa; Yey or Nay?

    A TD will clear a lot of things in head. For one I wanna know of the exhaust note! Pick up, braking, handling all need to be seen. Then comes in the reliability thing & ofcourse after sales backup, spares availability & service standards.
  8. New Toyota Innova

    Subtle changes, very Toyota like. Any idea when its revealing in India?
  9. Suzuki Jimny ! This is the right time

    5 door pretty much gives a Humvee hue!
  10. Jeep plans in India

    I see an all new Wrangler in the pipeline above. Without sensible pricing its of no use!
  11. New Honda Jazz spotted in India; Now Launched

    Not long ago Honda was known for cutting edge technology & designs. Jazz was one of its models in which it showcased latest developments. The one above just looks like streamlining the previous model. May not work well!
  12. Nissan's Fortuner rival takes shape

    Nissan has somehow lost its way in India. Even if launched, it will have to undercut price of Endy & Fort by a fair margin. Product looks good but market placement & brand building exercise have to be taken up.
  13. I still feel you would finally end up with a Maruti
  14. Honda Amaze : Launched starting at Rs. 4.99 lakhs

    Im looking forward to the Diesel CVT. Hope it turns out worth the wait!
  15. Spied: Safari storme caught testing!

    Looks cool! Vehicle pulled out of the passenger car market, hope it delivers on reliability to the defence forces.
  16. Avoid Maruti Auto boxes, they are not upto the mark & Maruti needs to develop superior gear boxes. New Amaze would be a much improved product. Another option could be Toyota Yaris but it will breach the 10L mark.
  17. Dear all, As we are all aware Autocar forum is growing as a Community, a strong community. A whole lot of new members join in & are happily helped by the onboard members. Some of the members who have been very active & helping out fellow members & also contributing to the growth of the Community in their own way, have been selected to be a part of the "Recognised group". The group includes: Rssh, Bluesapphire, Creativebala, Sb-alto, Asethi & librankur New members shall be added to the group from time to time as our esteemed panel guides. So fellows go on, introduce yourself to the World!
  18. Hello AutoCarians

    Welcome aboard Praveer.
  19. New member

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  20. Spy pics: Hyundai ix25 Compact SUV EDIT: Its the Creta

    With looks hope they do something about the braking too.
  21. Passionate Girl Car lover - Hellooooo

    Welcome aboard Sai, you rock babe & as PH said "may your tribe increase". Amen!
  22. Hello Engine Enthusiasts,

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  23. Hello Everyone

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  24. Looks more like a van/Innova types, but a cool van at that!