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  1. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon is a very capable product. And it is priced superbly, well below Vitara Brezza and EcoSport. Ride and handling is good too and is feature loaded. However, it has its own negatives as well. Before I jump to negatives, if you go by looks, Nexon is clear winner. It has a great steering setup, driving modes and best in class music system. But fit and finish is where it lags behind both Brezza and Ecosport. Now Brezza also lags behind in terms of quality and switch gear but where Brezza scores is practicality and ergonomics. Maruti has mastered what Indian's like in a car and everything falls to your hand very conveniently. Surprisingly, Brezza is fun to drive too but here is Ecosport masters handling and it is great inside in terms of quality. Tata provides a perfect balance between the two. It rides well, steers well, is punchier than Brezza. Initial impressions I heard was like DRL stopped working, reverse camera showed error etc. That's where Tata needs to work upon.
  2. Spy shots: New Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire 2017

    Entry level prices are competitive! Top of the line seems costlier than Baleno. This clears Suzuki's strategy about Swift 's pricing as well. Swift will now definitely sit between Ignis and Baleno. Both cars have a gap of nearly 80k-1L variant to variant. Surprisingly, none of the models seems to affect suzuki's own portfolio. All models, Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz, Brezza and Dzire have a good long waiting period ranging from 3-6 months. This shows how strong the company has grown over years! Also this is the time when company has entry level prices low and top of the range costlier than the competition! Still it soars!
  3. Spy shots: New Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire 2017

    Here are the prices - Lxi 5.45 Ldi 6.45 Vxi 6.29 Vxi AMT 6.76 Vdi 7.29 Vdi AMT 7.76 Zxi 7.05 Zxi AMT 7.52 Zdi 8.05 Zdi AMT 8.52 Zxi+ 7.94 Zxi+ AMT 8.41 Zdi+ 8.94 Zdi+ AMT 9.41 *Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi)
  4. Small Car with best safety features

    Safety is the priority, look no further that MS. Baleno/Ignis/New Dzire/Upcoming new Swift - All have ABS, dual airbag, ISOFIX seats standard and meet upcoming pedestrian safety norms! All these cars have Suzuki TECT structure. Want 6 airbag then Ford Figo is the option (top-end only). On the list Ignis is the only tall boy here which is comfortable for a 6 feet person. Being the owner of one, I can surely say that since it's a fun to drive peppy car which is stable on highways as well. The car attracts everyone on the road and parking lot! LED lights are a segment first feature and body cladding proves advantageous in tight city traffic. High ground clearence of 180mm is pretty effective than any other tall boy! Baleno is another superb car. Said that, all MS cars mentioned here have exactly same engine, feature list, variant break-up of 4 variants. Ignis and baleno are NEXA premium offerings having a price gap of 80k-1L variant to variant (of course Ignis being cheaper). All cars offer exact same feature list as well! Dzire will launched on May 16 and new Swift would make way by Auto Expo 2018 only. View Autocar review here -
  5. Roads that honk!

    Nice and innovative stuff!
  6. Looking to buy CIAZ

    Hi @bbbhutra, Ciaz is one of the finest product by Maruti yet. When you compare to it's competition, you find it soaring high in terms of equipment and comfort. It is pretty stable on high speeds as well. What's a downer is performance is not as the likes of Hyundai Verna or Honda City. BUT that's not a deal breaker as performance when seen individually is great. Cherry on top is price difference it has over Verna and City! 1.4 L K Series engine is quite refined and peppy. Drive it on highway and the car easily catches up to triple digits. The smaller displacement feels a downer only when you try to push it hard and quick or require quick overtakes. Maruti knows Indian roads well. Ciaz is calm and composed in city as well as highways. It is only really bad roads that tend to unsettle the car. Actual Mileage could be anywhere between 12-15 in city and 16-18 on highway. Consider diesel, it would jump to 18-20 in city and 22-23 on highway easily. Ciaz being a popular NEXA product, won't fetch you any freebies. You can still try for some. Diesel version of Ciaz is a bit peppier to drive, thanks to turbo, but Petrol is more refined. If you consider diesel, you get SHVS hybrid tech by Maruti as well. But on a downside, Diesel cars are facing criticism overall and in city like Delhi, car is valid for 10 years only. Also, the gap in fuel prices is minimum. Maintenance is not an issue with any however. I would suggest that look for Diesel only if you have a good Monthly run > 3-5K km. Else petrol makes more sense.
  7. Nissan Terrano Catches Fire

    This is very unfortunate. Thankfully you stepped out safely. You can contact Autocar to help you in such issues. Also do escalate this on social media as well (FB/twitter)
  8. Questions about Creta

    Hi @ravimittal99 May be I can answer a few of your queries. 1. Interior Durability - This is an issue with Hyundai Cars. When you compare to competition, they feel top notch. Compare Xcent with Dzire/Amaze, Verna with Ciaz/City, i20 with Baleno/Jazz, Grandi10 with Ignis/Swift... Hyundai seem to out do all cars in terms of cabin quality, fit and finish. BUT! Yes a big BUT. The interiors are not that durable. I have experienced this with 2 Verna and an i10. The interiors are too soft touch to be durable and are not sturdy at all. They feel plush without a doubt but yes there is this factor that after 2-3 yr, small bits and pieces tend to come out frequently (Verna has a common problem of AC knobs and Fog lights) 2. Front Armrest - I have driven the Creta. Yes it is comfortable to drive however arm rest in front is good for one person only. This is true for other cars as well not just Hyundai. 3. Seat Belts - I did not face such issue on Verna, Probably height adjust might help you. 4. Comfort - Yes Hyundais are comfortable. Just the matter don't drive too fast as car never seems too confident when you compare to say Brezza. 5. Bumpers/Exterior - Being a Verna/i10 owner I can surely say that bumpers are not that sturdy. Small push, the locks come out. A harder one, bumper cracks. On verna, drive a little fast and on undulations. fog light come off sometimes. On the other hand, Creta having an advantage of height and cladding, should be sturdy. 6/7. Drive Experience - Hyundai's are known for soft suspension setup. In city traffic you glide over everything and feel wow. But this experience changes drastically as you gain pace. You own a Verna and must be aware of the same. On high speed, you are not that confident about handling and have to provide constant inputs for going fast. I have driven Creta on highway and experience is far better there when compared to Verna. BUT, still it has the touch of under-confidence. 8. Owner Experience - I don't own one personally but have a friend who owns one. So the experience is based on experience of a road trip.
  9. Hyundai Creta Or Honda WRV?

    In my opinion, Creta and WRV are 2 cars you cannot compare. They belong to different segment - WRV in Sub 4m SUV/Crossover, Creta in Compact SUV/Crossover. It narrows down to your priority - A fully featured car (WRV/Brezza) or a base variant car (Creta). Rest aside, Suzuki Brezza seems a better buy that WRV as it has more features, SUV stance, Maruti Brand Value. WRV is a no nonsense Honda but Honda diesels are known to have very high NVH levels which annoy premium car feel. Talking about premium, Creta shouts premium in every way - Cabin, Quality, Finish and of course price tag. If you have a budget of approx 12L for diesel, Brezza makes sense. If you want Creta, go for 1.6L Diesel - punchy torquey performance and you will have to stretch upto 15L. Based on your parameters - Mileage - WRV/Brezza (Because smaller engines and a segment lower so lighter car) Luggage Space - Creta (Bigger car of higher segment) Comfort Level - Creta (Big on space)
  10. The car is ready for launch. See http://m.autocarindia.com/Article.aspx?CIID=404583&type=News official date is not yet out but expect it to hit markets late April or early May.
  11. Spy shots: New Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire 2017

    The DZire has come a long way! It took over Alto as well intermittently in monthly sales couple of times. The new design looks a lot more grown up and surely is a big step forward! The rear of the car looks good (still stubby a bit - after all it's a compact sedan). The rear seems to have evolved in a positive way when compared to next-gen swift who's rear is a mix of Liva/DatsunGo in comparison to current Swift which appear more modern from rear. Of course front styling will be good as new Swift! Maruti is expected to carry forward features similar to Baleno and new Ignis including Android auto and Apple Car Play. (strangly only Ignis has android auto). Engines to remain same as well which is indeed a good thing! But as reports suggest after the recent price hike, the difference between Ignis and Baleno is approx 1 lakh variant to variant. And Ignis is expensive from current Swift. So pricing will indeed be tricky specially for Swift! Dzire on other hand will continue ruling the way it has been! There is no stopping for it!
  12. Right decision

    In my opinion, Thar is the choice for selected individuals. If you want one just grab one. Surely if you look at value proposition, you won't find it at that price point. Same money can fetch you other options as well like Safari storme, Scorpio which also offer 4x4. For the same money one may also buy feature rich Brezza or mid variant of Duster/Creta which are all not 4x4. So off roading is your pick, grab Thar/Storme/Scorpio. If you are a true Thar fan, look no further. Also, I wonder how you jumped to Thar from Swift? In hatchback segment as well, there are pretty good options as well like new Ignis having loads of customzation options at NEXA itself, Baleno (and Baleno RS coming soon).
  13. New 2017 Chevrolet Beat spotted testing

    Chevrolet Beat has been an amazing product by GM. It is still quite popular among GM current portfolio. The car has been fun to drive, great handler and has good suspension. Only drawback is rear seats. Leg space is decent but black interiors and small window don't provide much airiness to the cabin. Saying that, it is still an ideal car for individuals and rare small trips with family/friends to the mall. The small chevy has seen drop in sales recently since nothing much has changes since 2008 launch except a minor facelift. This will surely revive sales but since it is mechanically identical is disappointing. Diesel power bump is surely what the competition demands (Grand i10 just got one, Celerio Diesel discontinued). Petrol is still fun and good handler.
  14. Best petrol buy under 8L

    Got my car a day back! That was really quick thanks to pre-booking I bought Ignis Alpha Petrol (Tinsel Blue with midnight black Dual Tone) and the car is definitely a head turner! Where ever I drove it to, everyone just turned over to look at it. Even at parking, car was constantly surrounded by people. While looks are quite subjective for a person, but one cannot just ignore IGNIS on road. Next, the engine. It is a delightful engine which is happy to rev as much as you want. Surprisingly when you slow down let's say on a speed breaker and you are on 4th gear, the car will pick up smoothly without any jerks. The gearbox is extremely smooth and buttery like typical Hyundai's and car is quite stable at triple digit speed as well. The U-shaped DRL stand out quite nicely and LED projector lamps have amazing white light in dark which is not available even is cars 2-3 segments above! The car is peppy, sporty and as per readings quite fuel efficient too. Cabin has an amazing feel and all my friends won't believe it to be a Maruti Suzuki at one go.