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  1. Mahindra S201 NEW spy pics

    Mahindra has been trying very hard to increase its share (given the fact how TATA made a comeback with Tiago, Nexon and now Harrier). But Mahindra still needs to analyse not to overstyle their cars. XUV 500 was a block buster and post that all other cars were either too blank (TUV) or too overstyled (KUV, Marazzo). Alturas is a great product but given the fact that Endeavour could not dent Fortuner sales, Alturas will be on discounts soon.
  2. Since next gen corolla is already about to debut, I don't think current gen will be on cards under Suzuki Badge
  3. Tata Harrier SUV revealed

    Harrier is a perfect example of job well done! Kudos to TATA Motors. Only thing left is pricing
  4. Honda Civic 2019 - The Legend is back!

    Yes indeed. Civic has been best car in its segment. It is still loved by enthusiasts. Given new Civic is going to be launched soon, it is surely win a lot of hearts. But given the value proposition then and now, I am sure it is not going to sell in numbers. We all can see how CRV/Accord craze has steeply gown down as the cars have moved segments above they were. There was a time CRV was selling like hot cakes. Sure Honda tries to justifies the price bracket but if Civic is anywhere above 20lakhs, it will be difficult for Honda to sell in numbers (except for first few months like Amaze)
  5. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) vs Honda Amaze VX [Petrol]

    Thanks @rakeshsinha and @neerajd. She has now finally decided to go for Nexon just because of features and high driving position. Although I would still prefer Baleno at this price but she stays away from it. So finally nexon it is
  6. Hello everyone, I want recommendations as which car is the best buy here? Looks - i20 is a lot better as I simply dislike flat front and rear of amaze Features - Both are on par. i20 just adds 4 extra airbags and projector headlamps Price - i20 asta is cheaper by 40K than Amaze but i20 Asta (o) is costlier by 40K [on road] Drive - Both are equally good and refined. Engine/power/torque almost identical. i20 feels peppier. Please provide feedback. The car is to be driven by my sister. Thanks!
  7. Best petrol buy under 8L

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a fully loaded car with a budget of 8L. I narrowed down Baleno, i20, to be launched Ignis and upcoming Brezza Petrol. Brezza will prove to be a costly bet. Baleno appears to win my vote for features. What do you recommend? Also, Is there any upcoming car to watch out for?
  8. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) vs Honda Amaze VX [Petrol]

    Thanks @sachins Yes, we did consider Baleno right at the start. But she was not in favour of a Suzuki (strangely). And now finally we are going to book either amaze or nexon. i20 is ruled out.
  9. Hyundai i20 Asta (o) vs Honda Amaze VX [Petrol]

    Thanks @sachins. Yes it is mostly for city runs and petrol car only. We went to drive both! Well, she still wants a manual gearbox as her city run has less traffic. Probably Amaze it is but we are still in doubt regarding looks of it. That's why we went on test driving Nexon which has an OKAY drive compared to both. Now that we have a vote for Amaze, i20 is out for now
  10. Hi Experts, I own Hyundai Verna Fluidic. Launched in 2011, it was feature loaded. But mp3 play over Bluetooth did not support change of tracks via controls on steering or audio system. Although there is a hack of Apple users to use iPod cable received with the same but it would be nice to have controls change songs via Bluetooth. Android users have no luck here. In 2014, Fluidic verna received a small upgrade where the same music system’s software was updated and supported the change track functionality. How can I update my system to this latest firmware? Firmware update requires USB / CD. We can check firmware by - Turn off radio Long Press 1. Keep 1 pressed and now press 6. To enter setup - Long press 1 and then press 4. Leave 1 and 4 simultaneously and immediately press 1 four times. Press 2 to update firmware OR press 5 to update Bluetooth. My firmware is : PA710RBIGBT S/W : v1.00.GEN EEPROM : RB20KG47 BT : 3.12.2 VERNA Can someone help me update the system? Also can someone follow same steps and post verions in their verna?
  11. Maruti Suzuki's New 1.5L DDiS Diesel Engine

    Ciaz facelift is all rumours. Everyone expected a facelifted Ciaz on April 1 2017 when it shifted to NEXA. Now there are new about the same for May-end/June. Since there are no yet evidences or spy shots of any testing car, not it is rumoured for Diwali. Ciaz is still selling in great numbers. Probably this is the reason Maruti is playing safe. So for now it seems Ertiga will get the diesel engine first
  12. Suzuki is in final stages of rolling out new 1.5L Diesel engine (BS VI Compliant) since old 1.3L Fiat engine is not BS VI compliant. So soon entire portfolio could get the 1.5L Diesel Engine. According to rumours, Ciaz is expected a facelift soon when this new engine will be introduced. In August, all new Ertiga could be launched which will also have the new engine. However, Baleno will get this engine only in 2019 Q1 with a minor facelift. Ignis and Swift/Dzire will get the engine without any change in the car. Brezza will also get the new engine but it is still unclear if it will get any facelift or not. S-Cross on the other hand is expected to recieve the same without any changes but would be at a later stage. Another news is Vitara (Grand Vitara) might be introduced in 2019 with this new engine.
  13. Maruti Suzuki's New 1.5L DDiS Diesel Engine

    Hi @AMG1 Most probably Ciaz which will see a facelift in May/June. Else Ertiga in August for sure That's my guess!
  14. vitara to india?

    Maruti can launch the new Vitara to take on Creta. It would retail through NEXA outlets. It is doubtful if S-cross will stay or would be replaced. But Vitara would definitely be priced higher than S-Cross. Previous Vitara could not make a mark as the segment was not evloved then and it was an import making prices too high. Now is the right time to get this vehicle. We have seen SUVs are preferred over crossovers. So Vitara is a must bring SUV with All Grip System
  15. Kia Optima Spotted in India

    Nice Catch! KIA recently provided their cars for test drive to car reviewers. And they plan to launch their first car in first half of 2019.
  16. New Swift vs Maruti Suzuki and NEXA Line up

    Well, Ritz was too old and maruti had no new gen Ritz in pipeline. When IGNIS was launched, all called it Ritz replacement. Which is quite true. Idea behind was to being a global product now as suzuki has mastered the localization in India. IGNIS is a global product which is currently in its second generation (1st gen never made to India). However Ritz was not a global car (somewhere else called SPLASH). So suzuki decided to replace with a more global product. Moreover, Suzuki has big plans now with 2 retail outlets. Swift is only 15k cheaper than Baleno. So this clearly shows Suzuki is now looking on both dealerships independently as they know that their sales are going to increase with the trust they have from customers. Post 2018 October (date now 1st Jan 2019), suzuki's old cars (Alto, WagonR and Celerio) would not comply with new safety norms. Suzuki has Alto and WagonR replacement in works. But Celerio will eventually be discontinued or will require a facelift to meet the new norms. Current Lineup: Maruti - Alto, WagonR, Celerio, Swift, Dzire, Brezza NEXA - IGNIS, Baleno, Ciaz, S-Cross
  17. Well have a look at Ignis/Dzire/Baleno in the market. Swift will be same as these cars car - except the body shell. All these cars are build on Suzuki's new HEARTTECH platform that complies with latest safety standards. Feature list will be same across these models as well. Good thing - There will be standard dual airbags/ABS/ISOFIX mounts/Adjustable steering LXi/LDi - Black Door Handles, Flat Bottom Steering, Steel Wheels, Manual AC VXi/VDi - Body color handles and mirrors, mirror with turn indicators, wheel covers, dual din music system with Aux/USB/Telephony controls, steering mounted controls, Dual Speakers ZXi/ZDi - Alloy wheels, 4 speaker with 2 tweeters, Push Button Start/Stop, Automatic AC, Reverse Parking Sensors only ZXi+/ZDi+ - Machine Cut Alloys, Suzuki Touchscreen infotainment System with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Reverse Parking Camera, Driver seat height adjust, LED Headlamp with Projectors and DRLs. Maruti Suzuki will offer customisation options like in Ignis/Brezza. Dual tone will be exclusive to Z and Z+ only. AMT will be on offer with both Petrol and Diesel on V/Z and Z+ variants The features in these cars are exactly the same. Only Dzire has an extra rear armrest and rear AC vent. Now coming to price comparison - This is the new hiked price (January 2018) All Prices in Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi) PETROL Lxi/Sigma Vxi/Delta Vxi/Delta Automatic Zxi/Zeta Zxi/Zeta Automatic Zxi+/Alpha Zxi+/Alpha Automatic IGNIS 4.66 5.27 5.82 5.69 6.25 6.5 7.04 Swift (*Expected Price) 4.99 5.59 5.99 6.09 6.69 6.99 7.49 Baleno 5.36 5.99 7.09 6.65 7.7 7.35 8.4 Dzire 5.56 6.44 6.9 7.05 7.53 7.96 8.43 All Prices in Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi) DIESEL Ldi/Sigma Vdi/Delta Vdi/Delta Automatic Zdi/Zeta Zdi/Zeta Automatic Zdi+/Alpha Zdi+/Alpha Automatic IGNIS - 6.32 6.87 6.79 7.34 7.58 8.12 Swift (*Expected Price) 5.99 6.99 7.59 7.29 7.89 8.09 8.59 Baleno 6.51 7.17 - 7.78 - 8.5 - Dzire 6.56 7.44 7.91 8.06 8.53 8.96 9.43
  18. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    SUV vs Hatch. Definitely SUV! Nexon is a good decision overall. Well, you cannot compare i20 to Nexon as they belong to 2 different segments but over here i20 is more premium and refined. But what nexon offers is SUVish experience which a hatch can never deliver.
  19. New Swift vs Maruti Suzuki and NEXA Line up

    @sanjithchandran - I think let’s give credit to the fact that Ignis in January sold 5400+ units. This is way more than a company like Nissan, Fiat etc sell in total. Maruti has no hesitation at all for such models. Baleno when launched became popular in 3-4 months and previous Baleno although was not successful but made the right kind of image for maruti to re-introduce the badge. IGNIS on the other hand is a new badge for India. Swift is 13years old. It will surely sell in numbers! And as writely pointed out between Baleno and Swift, same is the scenario between Ignis and Swift. Ignis when launched was criticised by all because of steep pricing for top variants which were costlier than previous Swift. Now that new swift has same features as Ignis, spending 71000 extra for Swift Zxi+ just for Auto Headlamp when compared to Ignis Alpha makes Ignis value offering. Earlier Swift top end was 70-80000 cheaper than Ignis due to less features. The game is other way around now! Of course swift will still sell in big numbers! It’s a 13 year old brand in India. But now Ignis may also see jump in sales soon. This has been observed previously as well. Celerio was criticised a lot. But after couple of years it built an image and now sells 8k units per month! For that matter Maruti had SCross with it falling sales figures. With the new one, even the costliest Suzuki does 3k a month on average. So it is not fair to say <10k units a month is a flop! It just takes time to build an image by a car. Maruti car sales rise steadily by creating customer satisfaction!
  20. New Swift vs Maruti Suzuki and NEXA Line up

    Official Price List: Swift is costlier than IGNIS by about 33,000 for base model and 70,000 for top end diesel. This makes IGNIS look a lot more affordable now! Swift is cheaper than BALENO by about 36,000 for base model and only 20,000 for top end. This makes swift a little expensive and person buying tope end swift can add 20k to get top end Baleno!
  21. New Swift vs Maruti Suzuki and NEXA Line up

    Maruti has just taken the wraps off the India-spec, third-generation Swift. The carmaker officially released the first bit of information – which included engine details – yesterday. Today, we've got our hands on the official new Maruti Swift brochure, which sheds light on the equipment, feature list and safety kit available on each variant. Maruti will launch the new Swift in early February and will showcase it at the upcoming Auto Expo 2018, as well. Before heading to the new Maruti Swift variant break-up, here's a recap on the dimensions, engine and gearbox choices on offer: New Maruti Swift specifications Engine 1197cc/1248cc Power 83hp at 6000rpm/75hp at 4000rpm Torque 113Nm at 4200rpm/ 190Nm at 2000rpm Transmission 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT Length 3840mm Width 1735mm Height 1530mm Wheelbase 2450mm Ground clearance 163mm Kerb weight 855-880kg/955-985kg Tyre 165/80 R14/185/65 R15 Boot space 268 litres Fuel tank 37 litres Brakes (f/r) Disc/Drum Suspension (f/r) Mac Pherson strut/ Torsion beam Turning diameter 9.6m New Maruti Swift LXi/LDi 5-speed manual transmission Dual front airbags ABS with EBD and brake assist Isofix child seat mounts Engine immobiliser Body coloured bumpers 14-inch steel wheels 165/80 R14 tyres Engine immobiliser Manual AC with heater Amber backlit instrument cluster illumination Tilt adjust steering Internally adjustable rear view mirrors Remote boot and fuel lid opening Gear shift indicator New Maruti Swift VXi/VDi 5-speed manual transmission /AMT Security system Speed sensitive door locks Adjustable day-night rear view mirror Body coloured wing mirrors with turn indicators Body coloured door handles White backlit instrument cluster illumination Outside temperature display (AMT Only) Tachometer Keyless entry Central locking Power windows with automatic driver’s side down function Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors Steering mounted audio controls Four speaker Audio player with AM/FM/Bluetooth/AUX Remote keyless entry system Height adjustable driver's seat Adjustable front seat headrests Driver's side foot rest (AMT only) Rear parcel shelf Gearshift indicator (MT only) New Maruti Swift ZXi/ZDi 5-speed manual transmission /AMT 15-inch alloy wheels 185/65 R15 tyres Leather wrapped steering wheel Reverse parking sensors Two tweeters Front fog lamps Smart key with push-button start Automatic climate control Electrically retractable outside rear view mirrors Rear defogger Rear wiper and washer Adjustable rear seat headrests 60:40 split rear seat Boot lamp New Maruti Swift ZDi+/ZXi+ 5-speed manual transmission 15-inch alloy wheels (dual tone finish) LED projector headlamps LED daytime running lamps Reverse parking camera Smartplay touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility Auto headlamps with follow me home feature Detailed Report: https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/new-maruti-swift-variants-explained-407086
  22. New Swift vs Maruti Suzuki and NEXA Line up

    As per Autocar India report, New Swift will miss out AMT on Zxi+ and Zdi+ trims. May be like IGNIS and Baleno got automatic introduced on Alpha trips later, MSIL may offer after 6 months the same on top end model. This might be done to keep top end price attractive.
  23. S-Cross or Ford Ecosport

    S-Cross hands down. Ecosport is alternativce for Brezza. Scross is better equiped, has more space and new model in blue looks like a BMW
  24. Safety - Ecosport (6 Airbags in to variant). Rest all have 2. Mileage - Vitara Brezza Maintenance Cost - Vitara Brezza Tata Nexon/WRV are very good products. While Nexon offers good styling and feature list with amazing ride and handling, it looses on fit and finish and little ergonomics. WRV - It misses on features and feels under-powered (petrol). Diesel has NVH issues. Ford Ecosport - It is a very very capable product. Facelifted model is a delight. It is just the maintenance and running cost of ford cars that too compared to Maruti Suzuki that it starts feeling expensive. Brezza - It has best of all worlds. From features to maintenance to mileage to handling etc. So my recommendation would be - Petrol - Ecosport Diesel - Brezza (Ecosport if you want to spend more)
  25. Honda city diesel automatic

    No. Honda has no plans for Diesel Automatic as of now. Also, Diesel popularity is also limited to SUVs now and sales for hatches and sedans for diesel are declining constantly. Petrol is back into the game.