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  1. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    Go for better engune performance. My personal Experience is that features are gimmic except some must one. You will never miss gimmics in a car but you will surely miss an engine performaance. Maruti is now more focussing on mileage than performance and hence downgraded s cross engine from 1.6L to 1.2 L
  2. Should I wait for 2018 Honda City?

    Honda city facelift is expected in 2019. so if you are in need of car now, buy 2017 Honda city without looking here and there.
  3. should I go with Ford aspire 2017 or 2018

    wait if you can for 2018 aspire. as it will have new dragon engine with enhanced features with new infotainment . if urgent go for 2017 it has enough goodies better than segment as well . the only thing i don't like is it's rear and hope it will be resolved with 2018 model.
  4. Hyudai creta base(diesel) model information

    well if there is contradictory information and reviews on you tube, internet reviews-- what i will prefer to go to the showroom and check it.
  5. Tata Nexon

    please check ford ecosport also before making decision.
  6. "NA-REAL" Contest!

  7. Official Info: Honda City Diesel by late 2013

    Honda City Diesel By-2013: BY THAT TIME THE PRODUCT WILL BE OUTDATED AND LIFE CYCLE WIL COMPLETE. Honda needs to be quick.
  8. Figo sedan would be better than Fiesta Classic

    i think ragav20693 is great fan of ford figo. ford have the challenges to compete with best sedans like Honda city, Sx4, Verna, VW vento and so so which will be accomplished only by latest release with new specifications on new platform . By adding boot to figo ford cannot long stay in competitive market.
  9. Buick Verano

    Front fogt lamps resemble with Ford Fiesta and rear of car including body shape with Fiat Linea.
  10. Civic 2012 Revealed

    current model design of Honda-Civic is more attractive to me.
  11. The most popular car colour

    The different products of same car brand may have different popularity in colour. For example Maruti swift sells more in red colour than white or any other, however maruti 800 sold more in white colour than any other colour. At the overall outset the white, silver and light colours are more popular than any dark colours. The shine of white, silver and light colours is little effected with time and hairline scratches are not prominent as they appears in dark colours. Dark colours looks sexy when they are new but with time there are drastically effected and looks ugly rater than light colours.
  12. Right Engine Oil

    can any body please tell me which grade engine oil is required for my Fiesta 1.6SXI. Also please suggest the different brands applicable for 1.6SXI.
  13. Honda takes to the skies!

    jet engine not evident in picture? where are they located?
  14. Hyundai i10 facelift Spotted!

    what is ARAI certified mileage of New VTVT Kappa2. Any information?
  15. Hyundai i10 facelift Spotted!

    Any news about --" when it is going to be launched in India ? "
  16. Maruti Alto K10 Vxi - my new homie!

    maruti has kept no solid provision for fixing number plate firmly on front bumper. The number plate is just hanging in pictures.
  17. Joy is BMW (used 320D 2007)

    Congrats Sarabjeet for your BMW. you purtchased 2007 model for how much bugs??
  18. Breaking News !

    Any news about Face lift/ revamp of Hyundai Santro with new Engine.???
  19. Suggestions For The Forum

    i opened the forum yesterday and got alert for the Virus : Trojan Horse . Cant this forum be made safe of viruses permanently.
  20. Happy Independence Day!

    Desh Mera Rangeela. Happy Independance Day!!!
  21. The Best Indian Jugard

    Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with I observed the above jugard while going to office and clicked the pictures. The frame/ chassis is from cycle The engine is from Bajaj scooter (kick start) The petrol tank installed separately. The front wheel & two side wheels are from hero honda motorcycle. the driving wheel in centre is from bajaj.
  22. Official Your Car Pics Thread!!

    Follow the following steps: 1) go to "" 2) select the option "upload images/video 3) use browse button to select the photo which is to be uploaded 4) tick mark the box left to " resize image?" 5) use scroll bar right to resize image to select the size (15-inch monitor) 6) click on button " start upload!"(the image will get uploaded in a minute) 7) goto bottom most of the "imageshack" web page using scroll bar. 8) you will find a link in the Hotlink for forums (1) 9) copy this link i.e Hotlink for forums (1) and paste it in the autocar quick reply box and click on post reply button 10) Thats All. Regards Navjot