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  1. BBC Top Gear - Show Timings

    @ stinger_02in, dude dont miss the last episode(vietnam adventure) of season 12, trust me its crazy u'll love to watch it twice, cheers
  2. Who owns which car/cars

    @cyrus, thats some collection i must say,looks like u are an fiat fan,how did get an LHD '96 fiat? did ya import? smokin2009-03-20 18:04:49
  3. new skoda superb 3.6 vs accord 3.5 v6

    me thinks superb competes with passat and camry,may be skoda's effort to clinch the entry german (the big three) cars customers smokin2009-03-20 17:59:01
  4. Old American Cars in Cuba

    nice info dude that late 1950's cadillac is stunner
  5. The Official Scale Models Thread

    my fault,yeah the white one.i heard these small cars are pretty expensive
  6. Some fun with the ACI banner

    oh that old t.v shot is super cool,nice work dude
  7. Maruti 800 will be cheaper by 40,000

    the 40 k price reduction on 800 might sound little tempting for an nano buyer to stretch his/her budget if at all they eye the good old 800 (for not having to buy the cheapest car in the world) but the 800 has not got an face lift since1997. smokin2009-03-17 15:00:37
  8. City,Civic,Jetta,Laura & Corolla - Help me choose

    skoda laura my friend, but wait for the new car which is due for its may launch
  9. FZ 16 versus FZ S poll????

    dude why don't u get in contact with them through the messenger
  10. Captiva vs Outlander vs CR-V

    this is an interesting thread.i'm not a fan CRV looks,i like both chevy and outlander so i'll play a diplomat, it wouldn't be fair to compare a diesel and a petrol
  11. which small car has the Best looks? (multi Vote)

    can i cast for two smokin2009-03-17 14:12:28
  12. 2011 swift

    yup even i have the same feeling,i dont see any change in the proportions of the car even the doors,wheels and headlamps and stuff except for the door mirrors and new tail lamps @ sharash can ya upload any of those swift pics u saw in sydney?
  13. Cars which could have been a HIT!...

    elantra's nose was its killer never understood how in hell they thought the chrome horizontal grill will be appreciated and how will A-star come into this flock? when it recorded 3247 units just for the month of dec'08 taking it to top ten sales. smokin2009-03-15 08:35:50
  14. who knows what can happen? the silver arrow heads are already two months into work for their 2010 mp4 25 !! this is what earns the team faithful fans, well like me . i'm all excited for this season to start which is less than 2 weeks and hope to get an season calender from the april's issue with a beautiful mclaren on it...are they listening?? fingers crossed !!!! guys do check out this crazy work smokin2009-03-15 08:23:48
  15. Superb Cannibal !

    since the octy is aging i like to see a face lift before it really dies,i think without a new face it has very less time left in the showrooms! i know everybody loves the RS version but what is the real difference between the regular petrol and the RS except for the turbo charger? is it worth the other 300 to 400k ?? smokin2009-03-15 07:46:10