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  1. engine oil for swift vdi

    "Mobil Delvac MX 15W 40". I use the same in my Swift Vdi and experiencing good results.
  2. The New Suzuki Swift

    Looks good. Hope the Indian version gets a solid / sturdy feel to it. It would be great to get the 1.6 VTVT in this car alongside the proven 1.3 DDIS. It would be a treat if a 1.6 or 1.9 DDIS also features soon !
  3. My New RE Mach 500

    Congrats!! I am a fan of Royal Enfields, though I dont own one. The road presence and the unmistakable thump sets it apart. The chrome looks super cool. If the Machismo's get the twin spark technology, will it alter the thump from the silencer? I ask this because the Thunderbirds with Twinspark have a totally different noise.
  4. Funny, Weird, Wacky stickers on cars

    Thackervijay, I drive my dad's Baleno. Dont own a car yet.
  5. Funny, Weird, Wacky stickers on cars

    Wow, great thinking. What about having all these captions all around a single car
  6. Guess the advertisement phrases for the Nano

    Hi, i suggest it to have the wordings as 'Tiny wonder'. Not sure whether it would really be one.
  7. If you hav Rs.50k to spend on your car...

    Ha Ha, good one. In the current scenario, with the fuel prices shooting up, this is the best to do..
  8. If you hav Rs.50k to spend on your car...

    Hi, i would go for a 'GPS system'. It truly need one because, I am not an expert with directions. And with the remaining money i would purchase a good music system with ipod compatability.
  9. Sun Film

    As far as i know '3M' is the best brand for Sunfilms.
  10. Wow!! Amazing pics buddy. Would love to have these paint jobs done here in India. Sure to be a hit, would burn a hole in our pockets though..
  11. 24K Gold on Toyota Camry!!!!!

    Looks great. Surely someone should guard those wheels. I'm wondering if anybody would drive this car is slush and mud?
  12. Which Imported Sports car will you prefer??

    Hi Vibhor, from the given list of cars i would opt for the Mitsubishi Evo. Its a stunner and i'm sure its performance would be better than its appearance. Mean Machine..
  13. 7-8L Car: SX4 Zxi or Optra 1.6LS

    Hi, go for the Maruti SX4. As u had mentioned its loaded with goodies and is real value for money. Optra is quite good, but it cannot match the hassle free ownership that the Maruti offers.
  14. Need urgent help in buying a new car.

    Hi Rohan, i would recommend Fiesta 1.6 among the 2 cars u've listed. Ford's maintanence costs would be high though. If you are open to other models as well, then consider the Maruti SX4 and the Honda City. Both are good value for money and are better than the 2 models u've listed in most parameters.
  15. Swift VDI and Getz CRDi GVS

    I feel the main reason for the huge difference in the sales figures of the 2 cars is the cost of service and the spare parts. Maruti's service network is the second to none. The Getz as mentioned is more practical than Swift and has a better build too. i20 would be placed a step above the Getz and would compete with the Skoda Fabia and the Honda Jazz.