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  1. In terms of design Nexon wins over Ecosport (But it's matter of personal choice. I personally like Ecosport). But I feel mileage of Nexon would be better than Ecosport. Though on paper Ecosport looks better in terms of mileage but in real life condition Tata is always winner for better mileage. Ecosport is very well built tried , tested and successful car from Ford. Nexon is a new product and that too from Tata (so it may be a hit or miss)
  2. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon is good choice if you are working on tight budget and don't want to stretch beyond certain amount but if you are flexible than Ecosport is good choice. Breeza is also nice car if you want fuel efficiency , reliability , easy maintenance , resale value etc... but the interiors as well as the exterior according to me is bit outdated and not exciting. Tata Nexon's interior as well as exterior offers unique unconventional design and Ford Ecosport have kept the exterior somewhat unchanged and looks proper mini-suv and interiors looks far superior (Except speedo console) than both Nexon and Breeza. Ford has got most refined engine among the three and the driving dynamics are best offered in Ford as compared to Nexon and Breeza. If you want a pure driving machine than nothing is better than Ford Ecosport if you are looking for best value for money than Tata Nexon is good choice. If you want to play safe in all the factors than go for Breeza.
  3. Ertiga or Innova? Which is the best family oriented MUV?

    Though Innova is the best option but the budget specified is not suitable for new Innova but if you are planning for 2nd Hand than Innova would be a good choice as compared to Ertiga. I would suggest go for band new car instead of 2nd hand because you have a decent budget where you have lots of choice. Within your budget you can choose from the following : (a) Tata Safari Strome - (b) Maruti Suzuki Ertiga - (c) Tata Hexa - Little higher from your budget but very good option if you are ok with brand "TATA" (d) Renault Lodgy - take a look at "Stepway" version. (e) Mahindra TUV3OO - You can get comfort of AMT and there is 7 seater option. But there are mixed opinion about looks of TUV3OO (f) Mahindra Xylo - If you ignore the exterior looks than it is a good spacious family mover. (g) Chevrolet Enjoy - Though Chevrolet have closed it's retail business in India and if you are ok with taking risk to go for Chevrolet brand than you can negotiate best possible price for brand new Chevrolet Enjoy that may be lying in stock with some dealer. Best of luck and enjoy each and every step of your purchase.
  4. Tata Tiago - Hitting the right notes

    After a long time we see a product from Tata stable which looks capable and also has got a killer price tag Rs.3.20 - 5.54 lakh. With the help of Tiago it seems like Tata is trying to gain the lost grip in the passenger vehicles segment and the best part of it is the price. Indica gained the acceptance but could not stand against the competition due to lots of issues and inexperience of Tata Motors in small passenger vehicle segment. Tata Bolt could not bring the confidence in the customer due to brand "TATA" and steep price. Now Tiago has all the right elements that can attract a buyer to opt for the same such as exterior design interiors design features interior space and the most importantly the price. Only low point about Tiago is the after sales service. So it's a gamble that a customer have to play while taking decision about Tiago. People who have experience 1st Gen Tata Indica may come back to TATA again. If we keep aside specs related to engine the following specs of Tiago are impressive at the price it is offered as compared some other hatch. I feel grand i10 is still safe from competition from Tiago due to it's premiumness and the brand Hyundai hold more value than other. After comparing with competition it seems Tata Tiago is a big hatch at a small price. ---------------------- TATA Tiago ---------------------- Width 1647 mm , Height 1535 mm , Length : 3746mm , Wheelbase : 2400 mm Boot space : 240 Ltr Ground Clearance : 170mm _____________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- KUV1OO ---------------------- Width 1715 mm , Height 1655 mm , Length : 3765 mm , Wheelbase : 2385 mm Ground Clearance : 170mm _____________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- Renault Kwid ---------------------- Width 1579 mm , Height 1478 mm , Length : 3679mm , Wheelbase : 2422 mm Ground Clearance : 180mm _____________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- Celerio ---------------------- Width 1600 mm , Height 1560 mm , Length : 3600mm , Wheelbase : 2425 mm Ground Clearance : 170mm _____________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- Grand I10 ---------------------- Width 1660 mm , Height 1520 mm , Length : 3765mm Wheelbase : 2425 mm Ground Clearance : 165mm _____________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- Alto K10 ---------------------- Width 1495 mm , Height 1460 mm , Length : 3620mm , Wheelbase : 2360 mm Ground Clearance : 160mm _____________________________________________________________________ Way to Go TATA Motors. Best of Luck - Team Tata Motors - team Tata Tiago
  5. We have yet another mini SUV from M&M and it's Nuvosport or we can say highly modified and not so successful Quanto. This shows M&M is truly obsessed with SUVs and the top management must be thinking of only SUV and nothing else while planning to launch or planning to add new vehicle in their product range. Price Starts from : Rs.7.35 L (Approx) Basic Tech specs Engine : 1493cc mHAWK Diesel Engine with 2 Stage Turbo Charger. Max Gross Power : 74.6 kW (100 bhp) @ 3750 rpm Max Gross Torque : 240 Nm @ 1600 ~ 2800 rpm Gear Box : Manual and AMT Fuel Tank Capacity : 60 Ltr Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) : 2220 Wheelbase : 2760mm Overall Length : 3985mm Overall Width : 1850mm Overall Height : 1870mm Seating Capacity : 7 Seater (5+2) Boot space : 412 ltr (expandable upto 850 ltr) Though many people may not like the exterior but I feel Nuvosport is a nice looking practical Mini -SUV with 7 seater option from M&M which is not getting it's due importance just like TUV or KUV. It looks more balanced from the size of the tiers to the selection of alloys to the overall stance the Nuvosport doesn't look quirky or overdone just like TUV or KUV. Nuvosport is based on the new Scorpio's Chassis and from the video of "Renuka Kriplani" we can say that the ride quality is far more better than Quonto. Though the ride may be bumpy on the rough roads or it may roll bit more than any other mini-suv while cornering , Novosport is a good highway cruiser and capable to face rough road with confidence. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajccHteVp7w"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajccHteVp7w[/url] The features , interior space, engine etc... are also acceptable to certain extent and Nuvosport looks more contemporary than the TUV 3OO . It may be tough for Nuvosport to compete with Ecosport , Breeza or Duster or equivalent mini-suvs but still M&M has offered a reliable mini-suv. Nuvosport is competitively priced "7 Seater" Mini-SUV and should be promoted aggressively.
  6. A "premium" hatch from Chevy will not be a good idea. Chevrolet may consider introducing new Cruze against City and Ciaz as the current Cruze have decent following and people who owns the Cruze are satisfied with what they have been offered. Chevrolet failed to create a distinct identity among the customers and with product offering scattered in different segments with very laid back marketing efforts. Also it looks like Chevrolet failed to connect with people strongly just like other brands. For eg. VW products are know for it's engineering. Toyota products are known for it's brand image and reliability, Maruti products are known for fuel efficiency, robust A.S.S. and reliability , Hyundai products are known for reliability, good A.S.S etc... . But sadly Chevrolet products have no distinct image for which customer gets attracted to buy it's product. Though at the time of launch of Captiva and Cruze Chevrolet had it's share of success but that remained for limited period due to some wrong offerings such as Enjoy, Sail and Sail UVA that hit the brand image hard. Chevrolet could stick itself into offering premium products as a brand building step for sometime. Chevrolet also failed to upgrade Cruze and Captiva that led to it's slow death. Cehvrolet has products in all the segments but most of them are a generation old or looks old and are not inline with the products that are burning sales chart Spark and Beat (Budget Hatch), - Old outdated designs. New Beat is expected soon but from the spy pics they don't look very impressive. Trailblazer, Captiva and Cruze (Premium Offering ), - Trailblazer may be good from inside but from outside it is not exciting and as against that there are option such as Fortuner, Endeavour and even Pajero (Sports) that are far more better looking and advanced. Captiva and Cruze - became old and looks dated. High priced and can not stand in competition due to "Brand" image. Tavera - Old Outdated Enjoy , Sail and Sail Hatch - Bugged by Chinese origin and blow average interior quality.
  7. Very few Auto Manufacturers consider performance as main USP to sell their cars in India than looks and new and latest kid on the block is POLO GTI. Only VW and Fiat are more adventurous to try and introduce new engines instead of the new car in their product range. We have seen lot of engines in Punto and the same is the case of POLO. From outside very few can identify difference between POLO and POLO GTI and one won't believe that the price tag of GTI is above 25 Lakhs. While it was quite acceptable for the price of Punto that was may be under 10 Lakhs (I am not sure about exact pricing) promising "Performance" of the cars that cost 3 times of it's price but POLO is directly entering in higher price range with very few or minimal exterior changes to it's existing ongoing POLO. Though GTI promises performance but do you think only performance matters to the Indian buyer when they pay a price which is above normal range and that too only for performance ? GTI may cross roads with Mini Cooper in terms of pricing but looks of GTI may not attract more buyers. GTI will remain only for those who knows it from inside and value the true German Engineering with pure performance.
  8. Nice job. Kwid looks awsome especially in 2nd and 4th as well as last image. A small change in alloy , tire size and body graphics make the entire car look different from what it actually looks. Kwid has an aura of premium look of Polo and doesn't look cheap like Alto K10 or Eon. Even the Datsun RediGo doesn't have that particular premium feel in exterior design.
  9. Next-generation Toyota Fortuner takes shape

    Ford Endeavour will have tough time to stand against Fortuner. I got chance to look new Fortuner closely and the way Toyota cleverly gave curves and covered the bulge on the exterior is commendable. Fortuner looks very proportionate considering it's huge size while Endeavour looks bulky as hell and from some angles it looks too big to even call it as a car.
  10. Baleno or Brezza, Which is better?

    @ Geerthi - Considering the conditions of the roads I suggest to go for Breeza than Baleno. Also if you go by current trend when people prefer to buy mini-suv type vehicles than a hatch if there is little difference in price. Breeza is more practical vehicle in terms of space (Cabin and Boot) , ground clearance , road presance etc.... Best of luck for your new purchase.
  11. The Tata Hexa crossover

    Aria was a dud product from Tata due to high price, Brand image and strong competition from Innova. Hexa should boast about it's feature as we hear that Hexa has got some features similar or taken from Range Rover. It is also to be seen how Hexa is positioned. While Innova Crysta is purely urban MUV having more focus on comfort features Hexa seems to have features that makes it capable to go offroad. Tata need to educate the prospective customers about exclusive features of Hexa that Innova Crysta is lacking to attract them towards Hexa. Also I hope that TATA will differ from introducing HEXA base version without the alloy wheels and side cladding. Hexa with current set of alloys and side cladding looks best and Tata should retain them same even in the "Base" version.
  12. The Tata Hexa crossover

    Totally agree with librankur. Atleast since last 1 year we are hearing about expected launch but Tata is not launching Hexa. The brand HEXA itself is not very strong .If Tata lanched Hexa along with new Innova than Hexa could get it's share of free publicity. New Innova is already burning the sales chart and people have blind faith in brand Innova. Though Hexa may be having lot many features than Innova Crysta but main factor that may attract people to Hexa would be Price.
  13. Skoda is in India since quite some time and made reputation to hold it's position in sedan market where other manufacturers struggle to establish. 1st it was Skoda Octivia than Laura and also Superb also the existing Rapid all have and are performing well in it's segment. Now there is a great news that Skoda is introducing Facelifted version of Rapid which is in line with Skoda's new design philosophy and looks classy and one of the best looking sedans on our roads. Is looks like Skoda has a winner here and will bring back the customers who loved Skoda Octivia. Best of Luck SKODA MOTORS India.
  14. Rendering: Next gen Nissan Micra

    Seen some pics of probably production ready nextgen Nissan Micra which shares some design from Honda JAzz but Nissan have done great job by completely redesigning Micra from current bubble type eggshell design to aggressive design. From Interior to exterior everything looks promising.
  15. Fully loaded hatch or base variant sedan? What's your pick?

    The selection depends on what more is offered in TOP-END versions of hatch as compared to the base varient of a sedan. Some time for some unnecessary feature of Top end varient car makers charges premium which is not worth for the price you are paying. It also depends on the purpose of the buying vehicle. Some time you are specifically looking for a sedan than even if top end version of hatchback is loaded with features selection will be on base varient of sedan. If buyer is image conscious than base varient sedan would be the first choice than a top end hatch back. It depends on personal choice and overall feel at the time of test drive of both hatch and sedan. Some features in topend versions of hatch such as infotainment , upholstery , safety features, interior trim, colour selection, accesssories , sunroof, etc... are so nice that the base variant sedan looks like skeleton.
  16. Mahindra Nuvosport - M&M's SUV Obsession continues

    M&M seems to be lazy in promoting Nuvosport and also M&M failed to position Nuvosport against right competitors. Nuvosport can compete with Duster , Breeza , Ecosport etc... but it failed to garner interest just because the prospective customers are not well informed about the product. While M&M can rope in celebs like Varun Dhavan to promote KUV and Bahubali actor for TUV but M&M can't find any celeb for promoting Nuvosport. It seems M&M are not interested in Nuvosport due to some unknow reason to us.
  17. The reason for my writing this because I can't see nice and capable vehicles pushed into margin by M&M just because of their obsession with SUVs. Mahindra's ignorance towards VERITO and VERITO Vibe is killing nice reliable vehicles which can do wonders for the company. It seems like M&M is not at all interested in VERITO range and it looks like they have stopped promoting it completely. Though I may be very inexperienced to judge about reasons for Mahindra's ignoring VERITO range but personally I feel VERITO range should be given a chance by Mahindra due to it's inherited capabilities which other cars in similar VFM Segment are lacking. Renault Logan now Mahindra Verito when launched didn't turned head interms of it's looks but people accepted this vehicle whole heartedly for it's reliability , fuel economy , cabin space , boot space, highway cruising ability , wide back seat, comfortable front seat etc.... VERITO has cabin space and back seat comfort similar to HM Ambassador. Except for the looks the VERITO is very capable vehicle and has all the right elements to stand against other compact / VFM sedans / Hatchbacks such as Indigo CS , Swift Dzire (Tour Edition) , Swift Dzire , Indica, Wagin R etc.... I have not mentioned other compact sedans such as Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze , Tata Zest etc.. as they are more advanced and premium cars for comparing with VERITO. Though Dzire is also premium compact sedan but it is preferred by Taxi segment for it's reliability and fuel economy , low cost of ownership. Low cost VFM reliable Sedan / Hatch VERITO range still has lots of potential to be offered as economical Sedan / hatch within price range below 5 Lakhs where there is lots of scope as there are many people who have budget upto 5 Lkahs and are looking for a reliable vehicle with feature as mentioned above. Taxi Segment There is also a big TAXI Segment where VERITO range can do wonders. With the spread of fast communication technology and it's accessibility in the hands of large population by way of "Smart Phones" the call taxi business is growing faster than expected in every metro cities and they are providing very efficient mode of comfortable transport to commute within city. I frequently take services of OLA or UBER taxi and I have seen lots of Dzires , Indigo eCS , Indica eV2 , Wagon R etc... but they don't use VERITO or Verito VIBE which is equally capable to perform the task. Tata Motors have kept Indigo eCS and Indica eV2 in certain price bracket where people are looking for a practical , comfortable and economical car than gizmos and looks and it looks like TATA Motors is doing good with various versions of Indigo eCS and Indica eV2 . The same is case of Maruti Suzuki as there are lots of Dzires, Wagon R preferred by people and Taxi segment for it's best in class fuel economy and low cost of ownership. M&M have similar vehicles and can follow Maruti and Tata and can introduce VERITO and VERITO VIBE with killer pricing to perform in the segment where they can target a big chunk of population as well as can rule the Taxi segment. WHAT'S your opinion ? Is it OK if Mahindra ignores a sedan and hatchback which is capable to target a big chunk of population and focus only on developing SUV type vehicles ? OR Is Mahindra is making mistake by completely ignoring the only products they have viz. VERITO and VERITO Vibe to establish some space in segment where many car manufacturers are flourishing
  18. Though there are lots of cars are available within price range of 2 Lakhs but if you want to apply for loan and having very fixed budget and don't want to spend beyond certain fixed amount monthly on EMI than your selection gets very limited and out of that selection you need to choose the best possible option. Recently I happened to learn a lot about pre-owned cars and related things and I found out very useful information that I would like to share with you all. This information may be helpful for those who are looking for pre-owned car by availing LOAN facility and having very tight budget. All the following information is for reference only and is not binding. (1) Age of pre-owned Car to avail loan Generally Bank gives loan on pre-owned cars which is not more than 10 years old. Banks don't give loan on old cars. Any person who is looking for a pre-owned car and wants loan facility for maximum tenure (5 Years is the maximum tenure offered by most of the banks for pre-owned cars) should look for car which is not older than maximum 5 years from the current date to avail longest LOAN tenure so that monthly EMI reduces to the lowest. For eg. If a person is looking for pre-owned car today i.e. dtd 01-08-2016 and would like to take decision within 2 or 3 months should look for car having manufacturing date of atelast August 2010 so that he/she can get loan for atleast 4 years. Current Year Year of MFG Age of Car Loan Available for Years 2016 2007 9 Years Old 1 Year 2016 2008 8 Years Old 2 Years 2016 2009 7 Years Old 3 Years 2016 2010 6 Years Old 4 Years 2016 2011 5 Years Old 5 Years (2) Condition of the vehicle - Valuation / Inspection by the Bank Valuer Along with the age of car Bank get the car inspected by their valuer and decide it's value which is irrespective of the offer price or the price that buyer have negotiated with the seller. Bank approves the loan amount on the car as per their valuation only and also fix the tenure accordingly. The best part of availing loan apart from EMI is that the Bank only get the transfer done so buying vehicle on loan becomes very easy. Some time if the condition of the vehicle is good than Bank grants 100% loan so you don't need to pay single penny from your pocket upfront and you can start enjoy owning vehicle by paying just small EMI. Ensure that the Insurance of the vehicle is not expired and generally the value of the insurance is considered the highest loan amount that you can expect from the Bank. So try to negotiate with the seller for the price which is less than the Insurance value. (3) How to arrive at Monthly EMI figure I can not go much in detail about this because the interest rate and calculation of EMI changes from Bank to Bank but as per information available with me EMI on the pre-owned vehicle valuing Rs.200,000/- may arrive as below (APPROX). Information provided below is just to give idea. Current Year Year of MFG Age of Car Loan Available For (Approx) Cost of Vehicle Approx EMI 2016 2007 9 Years Old 1 Year 200000 Rs.21,400/- 2016 2008 8 Years Old 2 Years 200000 Rs.10700/- 2016 2009 7 Years Old 3 Years 200000 Rs.7150/- 2016 2010 6 Years Old 4 Years 200000 Rs.5350/- 2016 2011 5 Years Old 5 Years 200000 Rs.4300/- So If you have fixed your monthly outflow to Rs.4,500/- you can buy a pre-owned car worth Rs.2,00,000/- which should not be older than 5 years. Even if you opt for newer vehicle most of the bank gives loan for maximum period of 5 years. (4) Source of Purchase Finding a car within specified budget of under Rs.200,000/- and with AGE CRITERIA is most tiring process and requires lots of patience. You have to spend your valuable time to visit personally to the dealer or individual to inspect the vehicle who may be little far from your residence and you have to take decision with some gut feeling and with cross finger because you are not fully aware about the condition of the vehicle even if you are satisfied during initial test drive or thorough inspection even by your known mechanic. (a) Dealers : There are lots of dealers who offers pre-owned cars with "Certified" tag but I was surprised to learn that most of the dealers are not interested to make efforts to offer car with specific budget and age or they don't have much selection below the price of 2 Lakhs. I checked couple of reputed dealers such as "Mahindra First Choice" etc... but they didn't have cars within the specified budget or even if they have it limits to 1 or 2 cars. Also it is very surprising to learn that even if the car is certified while checking it physically you feel something awkward while driving the same and you feel that how come the dealer claims that vehicle is certified and how the certification of that vehicle is done. Also dealer tend to add lot of profit margin and generally dealers don't negotiate much. (b) Web portals : This is the best source to checkout the pre-owned cars within specified budget as you get lots of options from individuals and dealers un-know to you. You may refer to following websites cartrade.com , carwale.com , olx.in , quikr.in , cardekho.com , gaddi.com , and many more. As per my learning prefer to look for pre-owned vehicle near to your vicinity as it becomes easier for you to visit for inspection and also if you take decision to purchase the vehicle it becomes easier to collect necessary papers as and when bank ask for the same. Vehicle with local registration should be preferred. (5) Options Available within budget of Rs 200,000 suitable to avail loan on the same. The options becomes limited which you are looking for vehicle with multiple criteria and most importantly Budget and Age of Car. Some of the options are as below that matches the AGE and Pricing Criteria : (a) Tata Nano (b) Maruti Alto (c) Hyundai Getz (d) Hyundai Santro (e) Tata Indica (f) Tata Indigo eCS (g) Tata Manza (h) Ford Figo (Duratec Petrol) (i) Tata Vista (Petrol, Diesel) (j) Renault Logan (k) Fiat Linea (l) Fiat Punto (m) Hyundai Accent (n) Maruti Ritz (o) Maruti Wagon R (p) Maruti EECO (q) Maruti OMNI (r) Skoda Fabia Out of the above if we filter than following are the best option available (a) Ford Figo (b) Tata Manza (c) Skoda Fabia (d) Fiat Punto (e) Fiat Linea (f) Hyundai Accent (g) Maruti WagonR (h) Maruti Ritz (i) Tata Indigo eCS (j) Tata Vista (k) Renault Logan (l) Hyundai Getz (j) Chevrolet Beat Cars you should avoid : I asked couple of mechanics as to which car should be avoided while going for pre-owned and they informed to avoid RENAULT LOGAN , FIAT PUNTO and FIAT LINEA because repair and maintenance and parts availability is very difficult. Also the same thing I heard about Skoda Fabia but I feel Skoda has the best build quality among all other options available within price of Rs.200,000/- I feel Tata Manza and Hyundai Accent are the best available options as both are sedans and they offer big cabin space, luggage space and basic comfort features at small budget. Hyundai Accent looks bit old but offers acceptable fit and finish and Tata Manza still posses that road presence and the overall design is very imposing but fit and finish , electricals , mechanicals etc.. may raise some doubts Tata Indigo eCS is also one of the good option and looks best in Grey and Burgundy colour but than build quality and the overall feel and ownership experience is always a big question mark. Among the Hatchback Ford Figo seems to be the best option available as it offered lots of features such as inbuilt music system, acceptable cabin space, big boot space and peppy engine and FORD Badge that offers a feel that Tata or Hyundai can not offer. Hyundai Getz is also a good option. Tata Vista can be opted purely for it's big cabin space. (6) Unexpected offers You may come across some unexpected vehicles within price range and you should take a chance to atleast look at it. You never know some time you hit the jackpot but be very careful as there are more frauds than genuine offers when looking for pre-owned vehicle in sources unknown to you especially through internet. If you stretch your budget a little more by 50K to 100K than there are options available such as Toyota Etios and Etios Liva, Ford Fiesta. Some very good Ford Fiesta are available below 2.50L but I personally find cabin of Ford Fiesta too small but if you want a pure driving machine than Ford Fiesta is good option within fixed budget. Etios and Etios Liva are good options if you have budget for pre-owned car upto 3.00 to 3.25 Laksh (7) Negotiation Negotiation is also very important and when you are looking for a car within fixed budget look for car with little higher price than your budget and try to negotiate to bring the price down as per your expectation. Sometime seller accepts your asking price if he feels that his vehicle is going in good hands. Don't feel ashamed to ask your price. You may find some seller behave rudely when price is negotiated but ignore the rudeness and stick to your budget. Seller may agree if he/she really wants to sell. Negotiate you price with valid points such as Age of car, ODO reading, overall condition , scratch marks, tire condition, expected expenses etc... so that seller also gets convinced about it's car's weak points and may agree to your asking price. While buying pre-owned car learn about vehicle owners lifestyle as well as job / profession because the condition of vehicle is totally dependent on the person who owns it and for what purpose he is using the vehicle. Also apart from looking at the condition, ODO, Year of MFG etc... try to experience overall feel when you take test drive and how you get connected to the vehicle. Try to experience the vibes from the vehicle owner as well as from the vehicle. Some time you get some negative feeling from person who is selling or from the vehicle, avoid opting for such deal even if everything looks OK but from inside you are not feeling comfortable about the same.
  19. Tata Tiago - Hitting the right notes

    I also saw couple of Tiago on road and it's a pleasant surprise to see a TATA Car matching it's design with famous cars like Grand i10 otherwise we see most of IndigoCS and Indica with "T" badge or the oversized Manza. I agree Neeraj. Reviews about petrol engine is not something to talk about but may be Tata must have focussed more on "Fuel Economy". Interiors of Tiago is quite acceptable at the price at which it is starting.
  20. Why another coffin car? :((

    Yes. I agree. Though Honda tried to give macho look to B-RV but still it lacks that Pure Mini SUV effect that Creta , Ecosport or Breeza is offering. It is tough for Honda to eat market share in premium mini-suv segment especially of Creta
  21. Tata Tiago - Hitting the right notes

    This shows Tata's new strategy to play with the price and this may reflect in HEXA also.
  22. Skoda Rapid Facelift - The Game Changer for Skoda India

    Heard news that sale of Vento is banned in India so Skoda can gain out of it by introducing facelift Rapid to take maximum advantage of this situation. Any news about when the Rapid Facelift will be launched ?
  23. To build brand image and to woo buyers for their premium offering Maruti Suzuki decided to sell certain models / brands through their Nexa dealers. But strategy of offering so called premium products through NEXA seems like not working well with Maruti. It looks like Maruti itself is in dilemma as to which product they sell through Nexa and which product through Maruti Suzuki. With the latest news of Vitara being sold through Maruti Suzuki dealership and not through Nexa to reach to the larger customer base and to compete Hyundai Creta more aggressively is really not in line with Maruti's strategy and this may not go well with NEXA dealers also who thought to make good profits from capable product from Maruti stable. Also there are news that Nexa dealers are offering huge and unbelievable discounts of upto Rs.5L on S-Cross to clear the stock so this is another new low for the Nexa dealers. Maruti have offered BALENO Hatch through Nexa which competes with it's own sibling SWIFT but it's reach have become limited to the consumers who have access to the NEXA dealers. Baleno being positioned as premium hatch but the starting price is in line with SWIFT which again confuses Maruti's plan with respect to the selection of product that Maruti is willing to sell through NEXA. The way Maruti is handling NEXA and exclusive products that are sold through NEXA confuses consumers as well as the dealers who owns NEXA. Instead of being selective about products offered through NEXA and Maruti Suzuki Dealership, Maruti should sell it's all "premium offering" such as CIAZ , SWIFT , SWFT Dzire , ERTIGA, BALENO , VITARA , S-CROSS etc... through both Nexa and Maruti Suzuki Dealers. This will help NEXA dealers to invite more premium consumers in their showrooms and it will also help Maruti to gradually develop NEXA as platform of Maruti to sell it's premium products. By offering products such as BALENO and S-Cross through Maruti Suzuki dealership will help Maruti to reach to very large customer base as well as will help to clear stock of slow moving product such as S-Cross. In this way Maruti will be able to sell it's premium offering to the consumers who have access to NEXA as well as to the consumers who do not have access to NEXA dealership.
  24. Maruti Baleno or Hyundai Elite i20

    @suvadeep24 - Baleno has all right elements to be preferred choice over i20 elite but I feel you should also consider for CIAZ.
  25. Finally yesterday we all could see the full view of M&M's newest offering KUV1OO in detail i.e. from front to back, up and down , in and out. (a) Exterior Design I don't understand how one can comeup with such a design and get it approved to make it till the final production car ? Atleast one should observe proportions if there are restrictions to work within certain criteria or length etc... What was there in mind of the "TOP BRASS" of M&M while finalising such a design ? From the front the car looks impressive as it share lots of design cues from Evoque as well as Ecosport but as we go further we can see the extended head lamp till the A Pillar to give effect of glares. But this is also OK and acceptable to certain extent but the curves above the tail lights are not looking good at all. Also the cabin area has rounded shape which is not complementing the bold macho front or bonnet portion. Other thing that doesn't go well with KUV's personality is small wheels and square shaped wheel archs. As always most of M&M's front are impressive but the back portions are overdone. The same seems to be happened here. In the back or 2nd half portion you can see there are lots of bits and pieces joined together in the design such as a big downward curve above tail lights than door handle on C Pillar etc... The 2nd half portion or is not in line with the 1st half and it looks like two different cars are joined together. If M&M wanted to offer a sub 4 meter SUV they should have looked at Premier's RIO which is also a sub 4 Meter mini SUV and has more proportionate look. ( Interior Design Interior is totally opposite to the exterior and is impressive in almost every aspect be it the quality of plastic, dash colour scheme, ergonomic and unique dash design, dash mounted gear lever , seat fabric and colour scheme etc...... The interior of KUV1OO is something which is totally unconventional, bold and innovative with lots of useful storage space and secret compartments. The detailing in the front seat head rest portion to coincide with design of KUV is impressive. The option of additional seat in between front seats is a nice option to be used either as arm rest or to seat one more passenger if safety is ignored. The boot space offered should have been bigger than offered. © A Tricky buying decision Though M&M has large number of loyal customers and the way M&M have spread it's dealership across India KUV1OO may find decent number of buyers but KUV1OO is in the price range where buyers have lots of options from such as Gand i10, Celerio, Swift , Bolt etc.... Looks of a car matters a lot to make buying decision unless it offers something extra within a price range. For example people bought Xylo not because of it's looks but for it's interior space and comfortable and pulsh seating arrangement for 7 big people. Even the 3rd row of Xylo is comfortable. USP of KUV1OO is it's QUIRKY design and apart from that other unique thing is it's additional seat option and thats it all other features of KUV1OO are just similar to any other hatch offered in it's price range. If we leave these two things aside there is nothing very unique be it it's price , engine, interior space , boot space, ground clearance, off road abilities etc.... The exterior design is not something that immediately strike chord with customer because it is neither a full fledged SUV nor a hatch. Also if it is between SUV and a hatch the design is not proportionate. Interior space is also at par with any other hatch in this price range. Boot space is also just like any other hatch. Engines - They don't boast any performance qualities just like Abarth Punto which may also add-up to buying decision. 170mm ground clearance , Suspension set-up , small tires , no 4x4 option , etc... features are also conventional hatch like which restricts KUV1OO to go offroad so these features are also not unique to help to make a buying decision. Because KUV1OO is from M&M people expects qualities such as Macho looks, road presence, Off road or go anywhere abilities, strong engine, 4x4 option, SUV look, good ground clearance, big boot and cabin space etc... but KUV1OO failed to meet all these expectations. So do you think KUV1OO will be able to make it's unique space in already crowded hatchback segment ?