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  1. Autocross 2009 @ Greater Noida

    Autocross for 2009 has been confirmed at the EXPO MART from 25-27th of december 2009. As a short intro simple circuit and the target is to achieve the best timing. visit http://motorsport.in/details.php?id=86 for more details Forms to be out soon, No last minute entries this year and only 300 participants for this year to be taken in. Im confirmed to participate.
  2. Vrroom vrroom!

    Hello everyone. Im Sanyam, a 22 old student from delhi. Got pure passion for cars and bikes. Current drive is a SWIFT DDIS with minor exterior modifications Nice to be here,will try and stay active. Also i plead to ACI to host some kind of a motorsport even in DELHI, I have been trying it on my personal level done a few small ones. But Delhi still awaits for a big one.
  3. Hi,Guys nice to hear that. Im trying for convince maximum people from my group to participate for delhi. We are planning a drive down. I wanted to know the date and procedure to register. If you guys want to plan something in delhi, Il be glad to help