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  1. Hi guys.. I own a punto 1.3MJT off-late I did a lot of night driving and also while it was raining. I've noticed that i'm not too confident with the beam my lamps put out. I'm not sure what needs to be done .. Because of this issue I somehow manage to use the high beam and turn it off the moment i see oncoming traffic but i dont want to do this juggling act anymore. I have 2 ideas 1.) Fit a higher output lamp 2.) Change the amber lamp completely to a xenon, as I've noticed that it provides a much brighter output. I've also contemplated installing add on lamps for extra luminosity and use it only during difficult times. But that spoils the look of the car (And there is no front bumper either for punto to put it on.). I dont want it atop the roof as its going to be a major inconvenience to opposing traffic. I'd like to know the pros and cons of both these ideas. Also any other ideas are also welcome. I've never changed lamps and have no idea about it either. Can anyone suggest some ideas?
  2. After a recent trip to Yercaud i realized the inefficiency of our petrol bunks while checking the air pressure in my tyres. In fact i even doubt whether they know what 'calibration' is all about. I always felt that my tyres were under inflated but didnt have any way to check.. On this purview I've decided to buy a gauge myself. I live in bangalore and would like to know what are the considerations i need to take before buying one. Where can i buy this? I prefer a digital gauge if possible and should be very portable.
  3. tuning boxes or remaps

    Hi all, Now that my Punto has come of age(2yrs) and done 30k on the odometer, I've been looking hard on increasing power at exactly certain points to make me feel that the power delivery is seamless . On this note I've been testing out tuning boxes some of them are good and some are not but the common thing is that they play around with the rail pressure to get the job done. In a Nutshell they simply fool the stock ECU(which is not a good thing) and since I intend to keep the car for a very long time I dont want such things in my car. Recently I came across a company called "India cosworth" and they do full engine remaps. I feel this is the right approach as all the variables can be tweaked accordingly. Here are my questions. 1.) I've heard a lot about various component damages in the long run. This is my "ONLY" worry as i want to keep this car for a long time. Also every brand says that they are only going to bring the "hidden power" back from the engine(whatever....). If that be the case then logically and technically the components should not fail at all as they will be within the tolerance levels. Please advice
  4. Hi all, I've been reading so much about car detailing lately that now I'm terribly confused(Too much is too bad ). I've been polishing my punto from the past 2 yrs and I have never waxed it till date. But off-late I read that waxing is an important process as well. I know the difference between the 2 processes but is waxing necessary to keep the car shining as new even after many years. Or is polishing it sufficient?
  5. I just have this confusion while removing/fitting the wheel back on. im not too sure which of the 4 nuts to be removed first and conversely which one should be bolted first while fitting the wheel asking this because the fiat guys had told me that there is a sequence in which the nuts are to be removed/fitted . if anyone has an idea pls advice
  6. Hi All, I came across a BMW with smoked headlights (In fact i've seen may cars these days with such lamps). So i thought it would be a nice weekend project for my car as well, just to see how it looks. But before I start wanted to know if its going to hamper the light output and reduce visibility during night times. Thanks
  7. Car Cover query?

    Hi all, I own a punto which had a place in the garage for nearly 1 yr .. Now its time for me to move it out to the portico as i dont have one anymore and on that pretext I wanted to buy a car cover. Here are my concerns.. 1.) Does the cover react with paint when exposed to sunlight by any chance? 2.) is it 100% water proof.. 3.) Are there chances of the color going dull if i use it daily. 4.) Which are the recommended brands (If any.) and cost. I'm planing on going to the FIAT showroom to buy this.. But I know its going to be overpriced. So please let me know if there are other places where I can find the same. I live in Bangalore.
  8. I recently changed the brake pads for my punto and since then i've noticed that the screeching noise has started to occur while braking. As far as i can feel its only coming from the right front brakes. I've driven the car nearly 500-700km after the replacement and still i hear that noise (very strange). This is more obvious and audible when i take the car out after its parked for the night or parked for a long time. (This did not occur when i had the old pads until it wore out completely) I've tried cleaning the disks with water(i always do while washing) but it has no effect. I took it to the showroom and the mechanics say its the pads and they need to wear out a bit to suite the curvature of the disks and till then this noise is imminent..(But isnt 500km a long time to get used to this?). This time when i go i'd like to be armed with more info .. Can anyone please give me some ideas. Thanks
  9. Car interior cleanser

    I'd like to know what is the liquid substance that is used to generally clean the car cabin, a.k.a plastics/ dash board units..(Not carpets/seats) A few days back when i picked up a car polish i thought of picking up the interior cleaner as well but somehow felt its not a very great thing to buy and there could be daily use stuff at home that can be used to get that showroom finish.. (I'm certain that the service guys wont pay 400rs for a bottle anyway ) Any advice would be helpful Thank you
  10. tire pressure problems

    Over the past few months I've been noticing that my right rear tire is losing pressure fastrer than the rest. I usually inflate the tires to 30psi but I've seen that over a week's usage only the right rear comes down to 25-26... I'm aware that rear loses pressure faster however when I check with the left rear tire I notice that its always 2psi higher in accordance with the front tires.. Is this a cause if concern by any chance. I've visually inspected it and did not see any abnormalities...
  11. Hi all, Just today I noticed that a small portion of my left front tire had been shredded .I dont know how it happened as i cannot remember bumping into anything in the near past. The only thing i can think of is I use Armorall tire foam. If unfortunately the foam has eaten up the rubber then I'm ready to raise a complaint... But before that can you guys pls advice if its still safe or not using this tire. I used my tire thread depth gauge to see how deep the cuts were and its about 0.8mm(shallowest) - 1.3mm(deepest). PS:: I hope i have not lost a tire. Here are some pics of it...
  12. Hi ACI'ns Please be careful when you're going in for After market stereos. According to the rules any sort of electrical mods will void warranty no matter how professionally its done. I found this out over some casual chat with my FIAT guys (whom i know very well.) They say that changing stereos is like an open secret but it will void any warranty claims, should there be one. So my advice is either you keep the stock stereos till such a warranty expires on its own (1-2yrs usually) or make sure your electrical lines are "Independent" from all other circuits. Please be careful about this, I've seen cases where a harmless change like this has caused much despair to the owners. PS:: I thought it would be helpful to share this opinion and so here it is.
  13. Hi all, I have a Black punto for which I plan to fit 15" alloys..( I've up-sized from 14" already.) Here are a few concerns.. Which brand should I buy? So far I've visited about 3-4 guys and everyone has a different brand..worst part is that everyone says that what they have is the best. I've looked at Aura, HR, SS, ENKEI, BBS, OZ, and may more.. Unlike other things there is no way to find out which one is best.(or least better than the rest) What I've been able to find out thus far at least is that alloys with at least 5-6 spokes are recommended as it provides better torsional rigidity as a whole. I"m basically looking for alloys that are 1.)strong 2.) rigid 3.) "Very Reliable" My budget is 17k, But i stretch to 20k max PS:: If there are any other brands that offer better quality please let me know.. Again, I'd like to mention I know just as much about choosing alloys as does our politicians about Engineering ;-)
  14. No more TINTS from today - HC

    If you guys think this is sensible please show you're support by signing this. The only way to fight a SC order is via a petition ( i think), anything else would be "Unconstitutional".. Please show you're support here sham2012-05-09 18:17:32
  15. No more TINTS from today - HC

    In a classic case of "I am an indian", none of us here have taken up the responsibility of opposing this nonsense.. What is the benefit if in a forum like this we all cry our hearts out? I have been trying to contact the highest authority to give this case another look. I have drafted a mail as well.. But I need you're help. Whether as ACI'an or as individual. All i need are these.. 1.) name 2.) State 3.) city 4.) signature If everyone (or at least some) are ready to give me these details.. I"m ready to mail a draft you can all attest it and send it back.. We can either send it as a concern raised by ACI or we can raise this collectively as citizens of India... Please respond.
  16. Petrol cars get even cheaper

    I've never seen bargaining done for cars??? What the dealer quotes in the brochure is the final right... Of course he will start off with a whole lot of freebies and cash discounts by himself so beyond that it's not possible i suppose
  17. Cars to carry fe lables

    This is a classic case of India and Indian govt decisions.. Instead of spending time,money and thoughts in trying to figure out a way to stop the oil/fuel mafia they want to do something like this.. Do anyone here really think that brands like honda,VW, FIAT, and many more who have a foot print all over the world do special work on their engines just for india and that too to keep a check on emission/efficiency norms? If anything they will be happy to detune the car for our conditions... i dont know what sort of people run GOI
  18. recently ive noticed that when ever I get out of the car and close thee door the moment I touch the door walls I get a minor zap. this was not happening earlier.. all the electricals in the. car are working fine.. it doesnt matter if the weather is warm or cold or wet nor does it mmatter if the car is out in the sun or inside covers.. whenever I drive it and settle down to pa rk and get out I get this jolt... any ideas??
  19. AC on/off query

    Hi all, I usually turn the AC completely off when i feel that the cabin has cooled enough and turn it back on if i feel otherwise. I recently came across some discussion that frequently doing this will reduce the life of the compressor. SO its best to keep the AC running and manage the temp level and set it at ones comfort levels. Upon refueling this time I tried this new approach, I kept the AC running most of the times but set the temp to medium cold, this resulted in a drop of nearly 2-3 kmpl, in total i lost about 75km worth of diesel in city traffic. I want to get back to my earlier habit of switching off the AC when cabin is cold , is it safe to do so?
  20. AC on/off query

    oh great.. You guys saved me a lot of vitamin M now.. Thank you
  21. Hi all, My bridgestones have some life left in it so thought I will change them for new ones. I also want to upsize it and here comes my question on it My Punto comes with 175/R14 (Emotion), and I can upsize it to 195/R15 but E+ comes with 195/R15 by default and it generally is upsized to 205/R16 , So if my understanding is correct then my 175 can be upsized to 205/R16 too isn't it? Please let me know. Also other questions include 1.) wider tyres better than slender ones?( I know of wider ones causing hydroplaning effect on water logged roads) 2.) Is a length of the sidewall more important for the grip than wider tires. 3.) I want more grip and a bit softer ride(a bit of tyre noise percolates into the cabin in BS) than my existing ones. PS:: I'm satisfied thoroughly with BS and planning on buying the same, but want to give others a shot as well. Surprisingly my BS lasted for nearly 40k it still has about 3mm, But i think it would be risky to continue with it anymore as its old.
  22. Hi All, Its time for my FIAT's 3rd service , its done about 20k on the odometer for now. When i spoke to the service guys i realized that they will need to change the Air filter. So i thought instead of going for standard paper filters offered by FIAT i can look at K&N air filter as well.. I went to a guy whom i trust and looked at it.. He said there will be a good 5-6BHP increase because of the new filter. Also i looked at its construction and compared to paper filters i truly believe what he said... Found this video on youtube ( ).Please let me know if anyone is using this and has found commendable change with the vehicle's behavior. Thanks
  23. Is Shell Petrol better than others?

    I believe that Shell does dispense better fuel . Logic is simple. Its not an Indian company at all so they need to maintain an overall standard so that when they are audited they dont run into trouble. As for better mileage ,well good fuel mean cleaner combustion and that can help in some better mileage but you cannot expect more than 1-2kmpl more(in case of a car). Now if Shell has also got down to doing under table business w.r.t to the quality they dispense then its just our ill fate, But i highly doubt this.
  24. Which car wax is best for new cars...

    I will also endorse dr_nishu on nano wax. Under his suggestion I bought nano wax and believe me its super good. To give you an idea ,I waxed my car about 2weeks ago and drove in dusty conditions and even after I wiped it clean with water and touched it , I can feel the smoothness even now and in 2weeks I've wiped My car nearly 4 times with water and still I can feel it . That's how good it is
  25. tuning boxes or remaps

    Could you also explain why you choose boxes over remaps.? I've tested a few boxes as well. Spider : Not good RD : good, on my list kiirus:: not yet