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  1. If you ask me to choose German or Korean. I would blindly choose German Cars. So my votes on Polo!
  2. Nissan Micra: Diesel bookings start(pg7)

    My 5 cents contribution to the prospective buyers of Nissan Micra.. I have had experience driving Nissan Xtrail, Micra and owning Nissan Primera..(Not in India though) The Micra in general had been very good and maintenance was cheaper. I have always preferred Japanese Cars . Very reliable for city drives, crowded places and parking.. less fuel consumption.. The only problem with Nissan micra, atleast minor ones were no great quality shocks in all models..and the doors were too long term you could face problem with closing doors which are being used frequently, at-least the driver side doors! If the prices are already known, then we could compare if Nissan Micra would be a best buy or not. I expect this to be priced competitively. Note from Mod: Avoid posting like "......" between sentences, makes the post difficult to read & understand.BornFree2010-05-12 14:26:49
  3. Nanos on fire, Tatas may order audit

    "Quality Comes with Cost" Ding Ding.. Hello! remember we have heard this many times. Quality = Time = Cost.
  4. VW goes on an Advertising spree.

    That was an illegal hoarding
  5. Station Wagons in India

    Each and Every Car type has some advantage over each other. India is quite big and lot many people with different tastes & requirements. Station Wagon could very well fit in Indian market somewhere.
  6. Station Wagons in India

    Many valid points. Trends say families in Europe gravitated towards SUV's from Wagons lately. But the latest wagons from Audi, BMW and other European car manufacturers have improved a lot over SUV's again in recent days. Coming to India, If we prefer SUV's(or semi SUV's) over wagons, have we considered the fuel consumption, storage space and other safety features? Sumo, Bolero or armada provides nothing more than seating space & high ground clearance, also consumes more fuel when compared to wagons. It is strange we have not accepted the SW's just because of shape and butt extending to infiniti(actually not to infiniti ). What shape/style does maruti 800, Tata Sumo have? They were one of the best selling cars, atleast 800 In my opinion there is still a room for quality SW's in India, with right level marketing and advertisement. I love Wagons from AUDI and BMW!
  7. Station Wagons in India

    Why dont we have station wagons in India? or do we? If yes, how many? Station Wagons are the only family cars in Europe, atleast 90 % of the families cannot drive any car types other than station wagons. We already have European Cars in India, but none have station wagons(kind of contradicting). Does it mean we Indians do-not know goods and bads of station wagons? or we don't like them? I would expect European companies to test the waters in Indian market for station wagons too. What say? Cheers! Raj
  8. April 2010 Modelwise sales Data

    I think this would be the last month for Maruti 800 coming on sale in major cities. Lets bid farewell to this car for its long history and being a dream car for many middle class indians in all major cities. Cheers! Raj