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  1. My New Italian Affair

    Thanks guys
  2. Bugatti Veyron in India

    Guys saw this news while browsing online. Its true that our roads would be getting this monster soon. And any guesses for its price?? Just 17.5 crores!!! [/img] Here's the article: The big bad Bugatti Veyron has finally arrived in India and Exclusive Motors in New Delhi would be its official partner in India. Exclusive Motors already is the
  3. Fiat Punto 90HP

    I went to my dealer here yesterday & checked out the 90HP Punto. Its the same car shown here by Bala. I must admit the dashboard feels more smoother & classy as compared to other models. The panel gaps have improved but still the gaping around the ignition was not 100% parallel...The prices would be out next week. The guy also told me that Fiat will be launching Punto Sports called Abarth around Diwali season ...I don't know if its true, but seems Fiat has some plans going under the sheet... And to my surprise the guy also told me that Fiat is planning to launch the upgraded Punto Evo by beginning of next year...But they will still continue to sell the original Punto along with this model....Guys any info on this???
  4. My New Italian Affair

    @durango: yes this mileage is on tanfull method. I have been getting 13-13.5 regularly, but seeing this figure was a surprise. @drnishu: frankly m not expecting anything further than this. she has already pleased me till now
  5. My New Italian Affair

    Guys my car has given me a shock. Got the fuel average of 14.4km/l . This is with 90% AC. Of course I got this reward for not driving harsh. I usually keep my speed b/w 55-60. See this [/img]
  6. fiat punto 1.2 petrol performance

    @treevivek: I think you have to many options to be confused about. Punto on hills is a pleasant performer. I'm not sure whether 1.2 would be a better performer that 1.3 on hills. Recently, overdrive did a test of all hatchbacks from delhi to leh & as expected punto was amongst the best. The worst was i20 crdi (no offense). Try checking out theat video online, it'll be helpful. Since the roads are bumpy on hills, punto scores well on its suspension. The ride quality is amazing as well. I agree with bala, 1.3 mjd active would be the best option. than 1.2 active. With a difference of about 60-70k, u will have one of the best options with u
  7. My New Italian Affair

    @dr nishu: I got garware glaze. Costed me 1300/-.
  8. My New Italian Affair

    Guys I have clocked 1000 kms in about 3 weeks & im loving this car more & more. Based on my experience so far, I would like to share my view points. Like: 1. Looks: Do I need to say anything?? 2. Space: I feel the space is pretty good. I haven't really sat at the rear till now but whoever sits never complains of shortage of space. In front, the space is just perfect. Thank god Fiat has given a dead pedal. Its a boon in Delhi traffic. Also, there is good space for legs under the steering. Also, there are no complains of thighs touching the center console. 3. Features: This is one point where I would like to praise Fiat for providing out of the trend features in the base model. Tachometer; I didn't find this in other cars of this segment I was considering. Swift & Ritz both don't have it. Speed Buzz; Useful for those who like to maintain a constant speed. Also, for those who drive this baby in the begining. Wipers; I know many people don't bother, but I try to compare everything when I'm spending. The wipers are very high quality & same as used in many high end sedans. The only hatchback that uses this besides Fiat, is Honda Jazz. All other cars including sedans have old-styled wipers. 4. Suspension/Ride: Many already know it. This car has one of the best riding quality in the offering. She gulps potholes very easily & still stays firm. Dislike: 1. Reverse light: I don't know why did Fiat give this light at the bottom. Most people don't even notice that the car is reversing. I face this problem frequently when I'm honking the car on my back, to reverse. 2. Engine Noise: What I have noticed, that when the AC is on, the engine is comparatively noisy. When AC is off, its silent. Don't know whether others have noticed... 3. Plastics: Fiat has improved the plastic quality a lot as compared to the earlier models. The dashboard is pretty smooth now. But I found that the steering is not neatly done, especially from the back. The edges are still very sharp. Need to improve. Also, the outside door handles on the base model are really bad. The plastic used give a very dirty looking feeling. The same is with the area under the wipers. Besides this, I'm enjoying this car a lot. I got garware sunfilms installed last week. I also got the new mudflaps. These are same size as the usual ones but have a very good finish. It looks pretty neat & classy. I wsa thinking of getting rid of the stock flaps but found this pair & guess it looks decent.
  9. My New Italian Affair

    thanks a lot...what color do u have?? i think this car looks great in every color
  10. My New Italian Affair

    I got garware sunfilms installed this weekend. Very effective. Got seat covers & the new mud flaps too. will post the pics soon.
  11. Proof of FIAT Improving - HT-MaRS Survey

    Great work by Fiat India. Fiat has always been silent in advertising as compared to other manufacturers. Besides vehicle launches, they haven't focussed on marketing. Fiat has made its customers speak & the result is amazing. They have seen a 80% growth in this fiscal year compared to the last. I think with launch of Uno this year (unsure), Fiat India will start focusing on volumes as other major players.
  12. My New Italian Affair

    dr.nishu: specially for u. my alpine x-300 [/img] [/img]
  13. My New Italian Affair

    bala m more than happy to share this info with other fiat owners..will post the pics tomorrow...
  14. My New Italian Affair

    Am hating the stock mud flaps fiat has provided...they spoil the whole look...m desperately searching for shorter ones in the after-market...finally found a good pair @ reliance autozone...they look shorter & trendy...will post the pics... @nishu: rockford in the mitsubishi are very expensive..was planning to go with JBL GTO series initially but wanted to check the rockford first..luckily found a dealer who had rockford on live demos..checked the sound & found them amazing..he showed me two ranges-prime & punch..the starting price is 3500/-..somehow I found the bass level in prime better than punch..punch starts from 6000/- but have a very high treble..so the sound quality wasn't that great as compared to prime..so decided to go with Prime R1693 & they costed me 4300/- after discount..Pioneer was 1000/- after discount...I had alpine in my earlier car..had got it from the US & got a pretty cheap deal online...so i ordered it for 6800/-..the same player here costs 13000/- since they are importing it ..the sound output is amazing & it plays just the USB & Ipod..no slot for CD..i will post the pictures on weekend. @durango: thanks a lot mate..infact she is taking good care more than me ..i agree that she needs alloys but i guess will wait for a month or two to see her constant FE... @bala: am not an amp fan...i listen music at a very decent level so frankly don't feel the need of it..but i understand that m restricting the output level of my player ...
  15. My New Italian Affair

    Thank u all guys. Its amazing to read your sincere comments.. @nishu: thanks man. Sure I will post more pics soon.. @cyrus, rssh: thanks guys..infact I was thinking of installing alloys & replacing my stock tires with Ceat 185/65..but I noticed one thing that the average of the car is improving gradually...1st day it was 7 & now it has reached 10.5..so I thought its better to wait till 1st service & see what the actual FE with the stock tyres..so will wait for another 3 months @bala: thanks man & u said true..only a Fiat lover can understand this Would like to share some upgrades I have done...Got an Alpine X300 player installed..For speakers, I have gone with Pioneer in front & Rockford Fostgate in rear...The sound is amazing..Rockford rocks!!! Will install Garware Ice-cool sunfilms next-week..Accompanied by seat covers..thinking to go with Autoform..I liked their collection..Would be great to have your inputs...