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  1. Tata Manza - How Reliable

    I have Manza Petrol Car just 3 months old. On 23-Jul-10 night I parked the vehicle on the road side. I put the Emergency flashing light on and the music system in mute for 10 minutes and when I tried to switch on and it was found the engine is not getting on. I called Tata Breakdown service and they came promptly and jump started the engine. Diagonise the battery is fully discharged. Though the Car is on warranty but they charged me Rs 350 and gave the receipt. I took the vehicle to Tata Service Station. They checked up and told that one cell is weak and they will change the distilled water and recharge it for 8 hrs to ascertain whether there is any problem in Battery. I am car user for last 15 years and I observed one such problem after keeping the flash light on for 30minutes and the battery life was more than 3 years. My doubt whether Tata Motors use refurbished battery and claim new. I am not at all happy with Tata quality and ethics in Tata Motors my advise to avoid the vehicle. regards Sankar