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  1. @dr_nishu, out of the 2 options, Amaze diesel CVT should be the default choice. However, since pricing of Amaze is still not out so it remains to be seen if Honda offers diesel CVT in a lower variant or only on top one. If they offer it only in the top end trim then it shall easily cross 10 lacs mark. Also, AMT experience is not be best (specially in diesel due to high torque) and can't match the smoothness of a conventional AT like CVT.
  2. Ha ha...and that might well be the truth It seems that US is already taking a back step w.r.t. stringent emission norms.
  3. Well, this has been the hallmark of our government and various other bodies. They keep changing policies and stands as they wish. So there is no surprise when automakers crib about such frequent changes in policies. Though, one thing is sure that eventually EVs are the future. Hence most the manufacturers are now either scrapping or minimizing their diesel lineup. Till EVs take over, let's just enjoy the ICE cars we have today !!
  4. Elite i20 2018 or TATA Nexon XZ+

    @rakeshsinha, first thing to remember is that Nexon and i20 are from different class, one is a compact SUV while other is a compact hatchback. Choosing a car entirely depends upon a user's requirements. However, compact SUVs are latest rage in India (and across world as well). If you want a compact SUV then possible competitors to Nexon are Maruti Brezza, Ford EcoSport. If safety is your top priority then nothing beats EcoSport (top model) which comes with 6 airbags. People have this notion that Tata's after sales is bad and they might be right to a certain extent as well. However, they have improved vastly in product quality as well as after sales over the years and to me this point should not be a deal breaker. So my advise is stick to Nexon or if budget permits check out EcoSport as well.
  5. Innova Crysta tyre size and issues

    Hi Nitin, Yes, even I have heard few people who own Innova Crysta Z variants changing their car's tyre from 215/55 R17 to 225/55 R17. Reason is "increase in sidewall height" which is crucial for Indian road conditions (though this might lead to odometer/speedometer error due to change in overall tyre circumference). Take a look at sidewall height below: 215/55 R17: 118.25 mm 225/55 R17: 123.75 mm 205/65 R16: 133.25 mm So from above list you can clearly see that R16 tyres are best bet when it comes to sidewall height followed by 225/55 R17 ones. Although Toyota now says that they have resolved issue of 215/55 R17 tyre bursting and hence have reintroduced the same again but I still feel it's better to keep a check and upgrade if necessary.
  6. According to me best all rounded compact SUV is Ford EcoSport. With it's built quality and 6 airbags, it should be the safest of the lot.
  7. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    Both are different cars, one is compact <4m (WR-V), while other S-Cross is longer, so are their price points. As a complete car (sapce, features, ride and handling, A.S.S etc) S-Cross is better. However, it has the same 1.3 MJD running which other Maruti cars also have. Though it gets the job done but for a heavy car like S-Cross it's definitely under powered. If you are looking for diesel option, then 1.5 L of WR-V is much better. There is no petrol option in S-Cross so WR-V is your default option. However, if you are open to other options then I will suggest you take a good look at newly launched Tata Nexon and Ford Ecosport. Out of these 4 options, my pick will be Ford Ecosport (be it diesel or petrol).

    Go for the Compass if you have the budget for it. Problem is with the kind of running you mentioned, it warrants a diesel and Compass is not yet available in diesel AT (should launch early next year). Even petrol AT will cost upwards of 21 lacs. Also, I have heard that deliveries of petrol Compass will start around October only, which means there might be additional 10% cess getting levied by that time.
  9. In addition to what @vikky1971 has already mentioned, please get fuel injectors and throttle body checked and cleaned.
  10. Excellent pricing from FCA !! Low base price is for Petrol which I don't think many people are going to go for. So diesel will be the volume seller. And this shows in the variant line up difference for petrol and diesel. Tuscon is surely going to feel the heat now (anyways it wasn't selling much). Hyundai will be more worried for impact on Creta (though it's sort of a segment lower and there is still a price difference to around 2-3 lacs for comparative variants).
  11. Torque Pro (OBD2 and Car)

    You can buy online from Amazon or similar sites. They are now available from Rs 500 onward
  12. Spied: Tata compact SUV (Nexon) without disguise

    Looks fantastic !! (raised form of Bolt, if I may say so) This is fresh design (like Tiago) and doesn't resemble any old Tata products (which is good). Case in point is Hexa, though a very competent product but people still see Aria in it. If Tata can price it well (normally they do so) then I think they have a sure shot winner on their hands.
  13. Ertiga or Innova? Which is the best family oriented MUV?

    Innova Crysta is well above 10 lacs, so it;s outside your budget. Ertiga is a good choice in compact MUV segment. Do you really need a 5+2 seater car? Please elaborate a bit more on your requirement.
  14. Software Change in ŠKODA Rapid

    @harikkuttan, i think your car has been updated by service centre for the dieselgate fix. There is already a thread on this on team-bhp forum. Many owners who got this update done are unhappy with it as performance has taken a hit. Many people have reported that fix has been carried out by service centres without their consent. If they indeed updated your car with the fix then they should have atleast taken your permission before doing so.
  15. Well it's tough to say right now what will be the exact impact of GST implementation on cars. Though as per reports, large cars/SUV's seems to be benefiting the most (I think Creta shall fall under this category). Contrary, hybrids will be taxed more (can't understand logic behind it). One thing you should consider is if prices do eventually come down after GST then we might see withdrawal of discounts/schemes for those car segments (not sure what discounts, if any, are you getting on Creta). So to answer your question in short, if you are getting a good deal then you may consider buying right now otherwise it's advisable to purchase post GST.