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  1. Choice to make between HH CBZ Xtreme and Hunk

    I have been using HH CBZ XTREME for last 3 years (14000 kms so far). Actually, I got this bike delivered just 1 week before this thread was posted.(4 Apr 2011) I know the daily running is not so high, but it's not even too low. I love my bike very much. Milage is about 48 in city and 55-56 on highways in speed range 70-85 kmph. If driven at 55-60kmph on highways, then milage goes to 60-62kmpl. Ride is very smooth, sleek gear shifts, very nice riding hight (I'm 6ft tall). It hasn't caused me much maintainance costs. Had to change front fork oil once. I have serviced the bike strictly as per schedule and got good results. The only problem arises when the you have go for longer distances (like 150-200kms+) and the road is not so good, you may get some backpain and shoulderpains. Don't know much about Hunk results, but I liked the CBZ's styling than Hunk, so went for buying CBZ.