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    Mechanical Engineer and I maintain my cars and all the household items, myself.
  1. What all did you do today?

    Today I installed a exhaust fan in the masterbed room’s bathroom. Well! Drilled a 105mm hole in the wall with a 12mm concrete drill two days back. I had to pull three wires(15A, one wire to replace the removed one and two, 5A, wires for the fan)with the aid of, in place, old wire.
  2. Check Car History Before Buying

    @ghuoyu98998 the above mentioned link isn’t opening
  3. @kdar.90HP that’s one hell of a job and great video you have made. Congratulations!
  4. My Kawasaki H2SXSE 1st Bike in India

    @reddy your bike is awesome and I saw it’s specifications on the internet ?
  5. What all did you do today?

    @librankur Regrets! The post got a bit lengthy. If you see the broken screw, the surface wasn’t uniform so I ground the face, so that I could use a Bosch drill (HSS) bit of 1.5 mm, almost in centre. Later drilled with 2.5mm. This drill got offcentre and damaged the threads. I used WD40 and a screw extractor to remove the remains of whatever screw was left. As this face couldn’t be used, I had to partly cut the fin on the opposite side to again drill and tap it. I am using makita cordless drill. I too, sometimes, break drill bits. The motor shaft is just plain shaft but it enters the sleeve mounted in the blower. The sleeve was SS but drillable. While drilling I had to insert a metal screw to prevent bending. Metal sleeve is attached to the thermoplastic blower with rubber. I myself clean the blowers of split AC if deposits on them increase. The air flow drastically reduces if fins get dirty. Blower needs to be soaked in soapy solution then to be cleaned with water spray.
  6. KIA SP concept SUV coming to India

    Creta is a compact suv, if KIA is also launching their compact SUV then it will of some competition. Even in South Korea Model Creta is popular
  7. What all did you do today?

    The blower securing to the motor of the indoor unit of my kid’s room 0.9T hitachi AC was overtightened and broken by the AC technician and after six months when I saw it, I was disappointed. Even if I had confronted the hitachi, they wouldn’t accept it. So with great difficulty I removed the blower-motor assembly and drilled the screw and extract it with extractor( threads damaged).On the opposite side of the screw, drilled 3mm hole and tapped with M4 tap and secured the blower with the motor with M4 Allen screw, thread with copper paste to avoid future troubles. Job done.?
  8. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    @librankur Siemens is a good brand and reviews are good.
  9. @F30 you have taken a lot of initiative to make the video. The car performance and the scenery through out the video was excellent. I enjoyed the entire clip
  10. What is your favorite car? Why?

    My favourite car/SUV is BMW X5
  11. Car Clicks by Manish.Asrani

    @Manish.Asrani nice videos and clicks
  12. What is the safest car for the driver and passengers?

    @jain.harsh1089 the safety of passengers in any car is assured at Collison speed of Euro NCAP 64km/hr where as as per law minimal speed is 56km per hour.
  13. End of the road for the Santro and Spark

    Tata Indica and indigo were bad designs, imagine indigo diesel without turbo. After sales service was worst and over that none was held accountable if uncovenience is caused to the poor customers. Tata motors revived after Zest.
  14. What all did you do today?

    Today completed the job. Gave the connections, as soon as the engine starts DRLs will light up and when parking lights are turned-on, the DRLs will turn off