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    I don’t think so
  2. Hello AutoCarians

    @Praveer Verma welcome on board. I too own an Amaze idtec 2014. On the day one I had put cabin filter in my car, I modified A-star’s cabin filter.
  3. Video Review: 2017 BMW 520d (G30)

    @F30 perfect review of BMW 520d. The video was great. What we have in India, referring to BMW X5, does it come with any hybrid feature?
  4. BS-VI impact on Diesel Cars (SUV)

    @AbhinavGuptas quote,”Sulphur helps the injectors in a diesel engine, thanks to its chemical lubrication properties. Low sulphur fuels will damage and cause wear to injectors, and with damaged injectors, fuel may flood or not reach the engine with the correct pressure through the injectors. And more unburnt...”, unquote. The article is all nonsense as far as lubrication properties of sulphur is written. Very low or Sulphur free diesel will be a unaccomplished dream in our country with all the adulteration that is happening. You don’t worry about the BSIV or BSVI go ahead and enjoy your ride. FYI: Due to ignition delay of diesel, it requires more time to efficiently burn in the engine, so running the engine at 1500~2000rpm will be perfect and wouldn’t clog the catalytic converter/ turbo blades/EGR valve. Fouling of above items due to inefficient burning(high speeds) will spoil your engine.
  5. Honda WRV or S-Cross

    @Mahesh24 efficient turbocharger on 1.2L engine will perform better and would be more fuel efficient. This car has better sound insulation than the WR-V. Honda’s customer support is poor. MARUTI ‘s customer support is one of the best. S-cross has great built quality.
  6. Maruti Versa Tyres

    This isn’t true that Versa has a tyre wear problem. 30,000km is fair enough. Don’t rely on the advice of service centre personnels. If you versa isn’t going to left or right on a straight road then no need to do wheel alignment or wheel balancing ever. Don’t buy from online sites except
  7. Tata Nexon

    @ksgulyani you have meticulously compared TATA Nexon with brezza and ecosport. TATA needs to keep their customer’s priorities ahead of everyone and service centre personnel’s accountable for the work they do on their customer’s cars.
  8. Hyudai creta base(diesel) model information

    Rightly suggested by @singhji1977 visit nearest Hyundai showroom
  9. Noise in Vento TSI dsg

    @gmhjn could you post sound clip. Also request the VW service centre to send a service technician to accompany you for a test drive during traffic hours
  10. Best GPS Tracker for cars

    Till the time one’s car isn’t stolen OBDII aka the gps tracker will work. One must install it not at the default port.
  11. New member

    @robinsonmike Welcome! Aboard.
  12. Delhi to Ladakh

    @Sanjeev Nanda that’s correct! Jeep(Cherokee) and Land-Rover should be your choices.
  13. Which is a good GPS device

    @winnie where would you attach the GPS dongle? How can it keep your vehicle safe if it is not removed in the first instant by the car thieves!
  14. What all did you do today?

    My fridge’s one of the plastic roller had broken, this job was long pending. As soon as I got up today, I tilted the fridge to sides and took the load of the fridge over the stacks of old books as wood pieces are hard to get. Removed the bottom tray, same tray which forms the foundation of the compressor, removed both the nylon rollers. Bought the nylon rod and got it machined to the correct dimension. Assembled it back with the assistance of my son, who had returned from rom his college. The whole excercise took total eight hours but work Well Done! Also replaced compressor’s star locking washers with the circlips.
  15. Delhi to Ladakh

    @Sanjeev Nanda in April there won’t be ice so all mentioned rides would be fine. Mahindra Scorpio is without traction control so that should be your last preference.