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  1. Kerala: A must Visit Destination

    @Ann Maria your review on Kerala was short and sweet. I had been to Munnar with my family and we stayed there for 11days. We undertook short trips to nearby tourist spots otherwise we enjoyed our stay at the hills of Munnar.
  2. Gypsy

    @haranhari039 your query is not clear, do you want new shock ups for your 2004 Gypsy or you want new pickup suggestion with good suspensions?
  3. Long drive Goa to Kol

    @Biplab if you carry out tubeless tyre repair yourself that would be great help. Watch few YouTube videos. Carry a decent flashlight. Lot’s of water. Make sure coolant level, oil level and brake fluid level is in working limit. Drive with low headlight beam and don’t try to teach anyone coming from opposite side. Speed less than 100km per hour. Once completing the journey post your travelogue.
  4. Hello!

    @TapanWelcome! Aboard, you can post your concern here and we will see if we could assist
  5. @ranjit what was your decision? Which car did you buy?
  6. Siddhartha Srivastava

    @siddhartha.srivastava welcome! Aboard. 11V is low even if it is charged. Get a replacement battery and then try to start, if it starts then all fine.
  7. Recognised Contributors - Introductions

    @Jay264 welcome! Aboard. Which car do you like? Let us know.
  8. Linea classic

    @M.Sivaramakrishnan actually I am from Mumbai, I have got no idea as to which service centre is good.
  9. Linea classic

    @M.Sivaramakrishnan find the screenshot of the Fiat service centre in tamilnadu. Best tyres would be Michelin XM2, provided you got them from authorised dealer
  10. Rock on

    @netchef welcome! aboard.
  11. Maruti Omni 2006 model Temperature Gauge problem

    @Mandar Kothavade looks like some detailed troubleshooting done by you and that shows your affinity towards your omni. You must be knowing the working of the temp.gauge fitted on your car’s instrument panel, its electrical type but bi-metallic. When the ohmic value of the thermostat is high(low coolant temp) less current will go to the temp.gauge’s bi-metallic strip and will bend less thus showing less temp reading. Bending of the bimetallic strip is proportional to the current flowing through it. In your case the T Gauge reaches the maximum position which is misleading. Looks like bi metallic strip of the temp gauge has given to the fatigue failure that is why it has become more sensitive. So renew the temp gauge. The service centre guys will tell you to renew the instrument panel but try if you can renew only the temp gauge. keep us posted too.
  12. Mercedes glc

    @Abhay panpaliya you are getting cabin noise due to poor cabin insulation or something about to break? Except maruti-Suzuki I think all dealers are easy going. Maruti-Suzuki gets after the dealers if the customers complain against them or their employee. Merc.sales aren’t so much, I think they should keep their customers happy.
  13. Maruti Suzuki SX4 Celebration Edition

    I think, you need to inquire with the maruti dealer
  14. Go for other brands nippon or in house brand of the Hyundai.
  15. @jsanket9578 both Ecosport and Nexon are turbocharged. Who told you that the turbocharged vehicles have lower mileage?? Purpose of turbocharger is to give extra air in the combustion chamber so that fuel can burn completely thus resulting in more mileage.