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  1. used 2018 Audi Q3 vs Seltos?

    @PuneetM incase you are going for the preowned 2018 Q3, try to get the car’s history of maintenance. You will come to know if any major repairs done on it. Get yourself atleast 3 years comprehensive maintenance contract, so that spares plus labour charges are covered. Refrain from buying roadside assistance. Spares and repairs are way costly as compared to eco cars.
  2. This shows that most of the people are ignorant of the fact that these rides don’t comply with BSVI and these companies are clearing their unsold inventories
  3. Swift Vdi -> #4th service #20000 Kms

    @Abhijit Jadhav hey! Don’t get annoyed.
  4. Hello to my all forum friends

    @arunsingh Welcome aboard. Tell us about your rides in details like diesel or petrol. Love to see the pictures of your cars!
  5. What all did you do today?

    “AC ON” display stopped lighting after 5 years, so inquired with Honda service centre, their reply renew the whole switch assmy. That’s ridiculous! After struggling for some time, I could remove & dismantle the switch. The bulb assmy is with a 2mm diameter filament bulb, which produces a lot of heat, thus making the switch hot. Now I turned and lifted the fused bulb assmy. Filament bulb’s two end are wire which are twisted in the bulb holder. What I did is renew it with blue LED with a resistor to withstand 12V DC. The soldering needs to be clean and wrapped with heat shrink tube. The final result is as shown in attached pictures and total cost just 15₹ plus 100% satisfaction.
  6. Modifications to Tata 307 Pickup

    @Satya Gandhi No, it’s illegal to replace the. engine or putting bigger tyres. Follow the link,””.
  7. Swift Vdi -> #4th service #20000 Kms

    @Abhijit Jadhav the post to which you are replying is very old. I am using idemitsu full synthetic L.O and the lube renewal time has doubled.
  8. Car Buying Decision

    @Muthukumar thought the Hexa is great SUV, why you want to go for BS IV vehicle? Wait some more time and get BS VI. TATA can’t sell non compliant vehicles after the deadline so they will offer or you can demand heavy discounts in case you choose BS IV hexa. Spares won’t be problem.
  9. Lost car key of Alto K10

    @Shukla you need not worry, report the matter to Maruti dealership they will assist you.
  10. Car Seat Covers And Floor Mats

    It’s not safe to purchase from non-standard websites. Better venture out and look at the product then buy. Online is safe if sites are amazon or Flipkart
  11. Ketika Ranjan from Gurgaon (Haryana)

    @ketika welcome! aboard. Update us on hybrid cars or SUVs, hybrid to the extent where these won’t be troubled by NGT. I am interested in BMW SUV, when can I expect these in India? Costs?
  12. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    @NB10 the above front grill looks ugly. Why this compact SUV going dzire way.
  13. Amaze petrol

    @Saman I too own a Honda Amaze diesel and Honda quality is good. Fuel average of diesel is 25.4km/L and on high ways same is achieved. The pickup of petrol isn’t great and fuel average is poor. I am still inferring as I am on FB forum(Honda Amaze Fan Club) where all owners and fans are there and we discuss the car plus any troubleshooting
  14. afraid

    Post a video recording so that we can hear the noise you are referring to
  15. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. What are your aspirations, wrt cars and bikes in near future?
  16. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA

    @Joe_M you red swift looked pretty amazing after the modification. Mag wheels were awesome. Video was nicely shot and compiled.
  17. Got the best engine oil for my Hornet 160R

    @Abhijit Jadhav though I am not aware of the brand Divyol, if you are happy with the brand then its okay with us. I am using Idemitsu 5W30 for my Honda Amaze idtec.
  18. What all did you do today?

    Today I installed a exhaust fan in the masterbed room’s bathroom. Well! Drilled a 105mm hole in the wall with a 12mm concrete drill two days back. I had to pull three wires(15A, one wire to replace the removed one and two, 5A, wires for the fan)with the aid of, in place, old wire.
  19. Check Car History Before Buying

    @ghuoyu98998 the above mentioned link isn’t opening
  20. @kdar.90HP that’s one hell of a job and great video you have made. Congratulations!
  21. My Kawasaki H2SXSE 1st Bike in India

    @reddy your bike is awesome and I saw it’s specifications on the internet ?
  22. What all did you do today?

    @librankur Regrets! The post got a bit lengthy. If you see the broken screw, the surface wasn’t uniform so I ground the face, so that I could use a Bosch drill (HSS) bit of 1.5 mm, almost in centre. Later drilled with 2.5mm. This drill got offcentre and damaged the threads. I used WD40 and a screw extractor to remove the remains of whatever screw was left. As this face couldn’t be used, I had to partly cut the fin on the opposite side to again drill and tap it. I am using makita cordless drill. I too, sometimes, break drill bits. The motor shaft is just plain shaft but it enters the sleeve mounted in the blower. The sleeve was SS but drillable. While drilling I had to insert a metal screw to prevent bending. Metal sleeve is attached to the thermoplastic blower with rubber. I myself clean the blowers of split AC if deposits on them increase. The air flow drastically reduces if fins get dirty. Blower needs to be soaked in soapy solution then to be cleaned with water spray.
  23. KIA SP concept SUV coming to India

    Creta is a compact suv, if KIA is also launching their compact SUV then it will of some competition. Even in South Korea Model Creta is popular
  24. What all did you do today?

    The blower securing to the motor of the indoor unit of my kid’s room 0.9T hitachi AC was overtightened and broken by the AC technician and after six months when I saw it, I was disappointed. Even if I had confronted the hitachi, they wouldn’t accept it. So with great difficulty I removed the blower-motor assembly and drilled the screw and extract it with extractor( threads damaged).On the opposite side of the screw, drilled 3mm hole and tapped with M4 tap and secured the blower with the motor with M4 Allen screw, thread with copper paste to avoid future troubles. Job done.?
  25. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    @librankur Siemens is a good brand and reviews are good.