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  1. I think that the design could be a little more advanced, fluidic, smarter rather than this "BOX" type of design...
  2. Pics: Maruti Dzire facelift spied

    The start/stop button should also be provided in SX4 and Ertiga...
  3. Pics: Maruti Dzire facelift spied

    Not a facelift, just beautification actually... Start/Stop button has been added in the Indian model now, but when Dzire was launched in foreign countries previously since then the button is present in those models...
  4. I would suggest you that you should go for BMW. Recently there were many cases regarding faults in E-Class. The faults reported were as follows:- 1) Steering hydraulic failure; 2) Power window failure; 3) Complete engine breakdown; 4) Failure in activation / opening of airbags. Apart from this, according to several customers the after-sales-service is not as satisfying. And the customers who had experienced these faults were very disappointed with the company response. Whereas BMW is a car which you do not need to look-after even till 10 years after buying... My brother has a 5-Series (2005 Model), he is very happy with the car... Still that "new car" feeling to him...