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  1. Current Vehicle Recalls

  2. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All, Wanting to make two purchases for my parents in Delhi 1) Microwave oven , 32 ltr , convection (Budget 25k) 2 ) Smart TV , 32 Inch ( Budget 40k) Can't fit a bigger TV in that place. Existing Sony 3D Smart TV has developed horizontal lines, don't want to send it for repairs Kindly keep in mind the colours on a Sony TV and suggest our next TV. Cheap TV from Mi don't make the cut , they have goofy colours.Have already tried swapping Sony with Mi and got frowns for doing so. Kindly suggest some top of the line products from manufactures you trust with good reliability and prompt service. Planning Purchase next week before Holi. Hoping to get suggestions from you as always Regards
  3. VW emission scandal

    Emission Fiasco : NGT tells VW to deposit Rs 100 Cr NGT asks VW to deposit an interim amount of Rs 100 Crore with the CPCB till a committee calculates the actual quantum of the environmental loss. Except from HT Delhi Edition , Business Section : Dated Nov 17 , 2018