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  1. What all did you do today?

    Did a noisy blower draw your attention to this in the first place Technician general don't remove this part during service , was it an old rattling problem that resurfaced requiring a relook by you. What kind of drill bits are you using , when I do such drilling I tend to break a lot of them Most importantly how did you manage to keep the axle steady during drilling , you surely have a far greater sized tool kit than I had imagined earlier.
  2. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thanks buddy for your reply True Siemens is amongst the best. I was in Delhi just for this purchase yesterday 15 Aug , brought home a Bosch Dishwasher .
  3. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All Looking to buy a Dishwasher for my parents for those one off days when no help is around. Suggestions are invited from fellow boarders , kindly suggest top of the line product of brands with service centre presence in Delhi. Independence Day purchase planned. Budget 50k
  4. End of the road for the Santro and Spark

    Hyundai may phase out EON this year Reports Hindustan Times Delhi Edition, Business Section
  5. Current Vehicle Recalls
  6. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Adding to the previous post Looks like the season of recalls is here.. Ford EcoSport Recall 4379 - lower control arm check - front recliner lock check Source C&B,NDTV on MSN video
  7. Current Vehicle Recalls

    CRYSTA AND FORTUNER RECALL - recalled to fix faulty wiring harnesses and fuel hoses, and the replacements will be carried out by authorised Toyota dealerships across India at no cost to the customer. SOURCE
  8. End of the road for the Santro and Spark

    Possible Candidates Mahindra Nuvosport Mahindra Verito Diesel Tata Bolt Tata Nano
  9. Source Hindustan times newspaper dated today
  11. Best petrol buy under 8L

    iGNIS diesel production stopped due to poor sales . Dealers offering huge discounts on available stock. Avoid it still.
  13. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA
  14. Current Vehicle Recalls
  15. Handling Charges still charged by Tata motors

    Scan the internet There have been instances in past where few showroom licenses have been suspended on this issue of illegal charges. Two showrooms of Hyundai in Hyderabad had their licenses suspended over the issue few years back as per an internet story. Get in touch with the RTO and make a formal complaint there . These showroom people will always try to push these charges , it's upto you how how strongly you feel about the issue. FYI it's a prevalant issue most of us overlook while being excited about the choiced car purchase, knowingly perfectly well that we can walk off from the deal anytime and go to another showroon / manufacturer anytime.