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  1. BS6 Complaint Vehicle available in India as of now
  2. Trying to compile as many instances of news reports that confirm launch of a BS6 complaint vehicle in India heading into 2020 Please feel free to contribute your entries enhancing this list.
  3. There is an article in a hindi news daily , Nav Bharat Times essentially saying that both Santro and Spark are to be shelved It goes on to say that the last batch of Santros will be rolled out of production lines early November and then they will call it quits. Spark is due to be rested as well. It remains to be seen how authentic this news item is. Source: Navbharat Times - (Economic Times Section) Delhi Edition Earlier, Maruti also shelved its 800 What will be the new product
  4. Current Vehicle Recalls

  5. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Maruti Suzuki India : use the following link: Mahindra: Voluntary recall issued my Mahindra for 900 units of Scorpio EX SUV. More on the following link : http://www.autocarin...led-366700.aspx
  6. Tata Harrier SUV revealed

    How many of you will like to see you beloved go under the knife in front of your eyes.These modification should have been accomplished at the factory stage. Also sunroof is a useless addition personally a better thing would have been adding a moon roof . Also I could never get past the hideous front bumper headlamp cluster with its different set of high and low beam outputs. Make the front more flashy and sell more units because just the Land Rover inheritance isn't taking you anywhere. Its sad to see more lesser mortal (chinese) on road than this potential immortal.
  7. Source : Hindustan Times Newspaper Dated : 24 August 19
  8. Current Vehicle Recalls

  9. BS6 Complaint Vehicle available in India as of now

    Sixth BS6 offering by the company The soon to be revealed XL6 could well be number Seven , with a planned DISRUPTIVE reveal just a day before another BS6 offering Kia Seltos. Exciting days ahead.
  10. Spy pics: New Hyundai Kona SUV
  11. Off topic Tesla Posts An Operating Loss Of $167 Million, Cutting Losses By More Than Half, Cash Strong At $5 Billion
  12. MG eZS
  14. Current Car Discounts

    Have a BEEMER on your mind
  15. As on 07/05/2012 : Current Discounts on cars: Tata Aria (1 Lakh) Linea T Jet Petrol (2.36 Lakhs) Swift Petrol (10k) Ritz (20K) Polo Insurance Offer (Insurance Free) Indica eV2 (25K) Indigo eCS (25K) New Vista (30K) Indigo Manza (30K) BRIO EMI Offer(EMI 4999 for 7 Years or 6333 for 5 Years) Santro Xing (42K) i10 (46.5K) Note: All Discount Prices include Exchange Prices also All Discounts Applicable in Delhi (For other states check with dealers) Some are limited period offers so time them properly librankur2012-05-07 02:41:56
  16. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Recall season seems to have arrived :
  17. Dealers in Delhi : Engine types available for online booking : Transmission available : Not sure but Automatic is piping as an option on all three engine types: Booking Cancellation Rules: Pre Booking Amount :
  18. BS6 Complaint Vehicle available in India as of now

    Off topic And I was under the impression that we were using BS6 fuel since April 2018 in Delhi