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  2. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thanks again Yes 6 GB variant is readily available in stores , should be able to source the 4GB one by tomorrow. Moreover increasing 4gb variants prices also would drive the 6gb variants desirability because now the difference in pricing is narrowing People were giving the 6 GB variant a miss because earlier who would wants to pay 3 K more for 2 extra GB . If the price difference decreases further the 4gb variant will loose all its edge .
  3. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thank You for such a detailed reply. I will gun for the Note 5 Pro 4 GB variant if you say its the best one around , its now priced at 15k (14999) starting 01 May 18 PreOrdering , I guess will take a lot of time, will start scanning Dealers who I guess will be willing to make some extra money out of it, if availability is such an issue. Hoping to grab one soon.
  4. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Suggest a phone below 20 K , did you get a phone recently in this range , do share here. Planning to buy one by this weekend.
  5. VW emission scandal
  6. Current Vehicle Recalls
  7. Current Vehicle Recalls

  8. Source :Facebook image message
  9. Current Vehicle Recalls
  10. Source Hindustan Times Newspaper Dated 21 March 2018
  13. Current Vehicle Recalls
  14. With a 55 Lakh price for base model and then imports duties pushing price to over 1 Cr , not many will even fend in these waters Tesla has currently no plans on entering India though Indian buyers are preordering Model 3 since April 16 We should be happy with this offer It's time to DRIVE ELECTRIC! 5 Year Anniversary Offer! Get benefits of up to Rs. 95,000* on purchase of the all-electric Mahindra e2oPlus. Call 18002664046 or give a missed call to 022-62538159 to experience the 100% electric e2oPlus. *T&C Apply
  15. If Tesla Batteries interests you , you will find the following link interesting
  16. Source: Hindustan Times Newspaper Delhi Edition Dated 12 March 2018
  18. Even hybrids are being taxed here and not allowed to flourish. See the Camry's price now 32 lakhs to 42 lakhs What a way to promote EV and Hybrids.
  20. Sad.
  21. Source Hindustan Times Newspaper Dated Tuesday March 6 2018 page 03
  22. Current Car Discounts

    Renault Duster prices slashed by uptown 1 Lakh
  23. You couldn't be more right on this. And the issue you are raising with the diesel vehicles is a big thing now, just reading about it today.