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  1. Current Vehicle Recalls

    And the recall season continues 13 Oct 16 Nissan Datsun Redigo recalled over fuel system issues (hose clip) Renault KWID recalled over fuel system Earlier VW recalls 389 Polos for handbrake trouble on 8 Oct Way back GM recalled 155000 in for wiring issues related to remote keyless entry in July
  2. The Tata Hexa crossover

    The delays in launch are digging a bigger whole for them,than what you see in the above pictures. If you arrive this late to a party you will have to do with the leftovers.
  3. Yes it still rules because of its engine is a gem. Lately ,People have become more intreasted in the Elantra because its pricing.
  4. Pics: Maruti Ignis hybrid AT spied in India

    Looks like another Verito Vibe in the making , of the little that I could see. Dont know why manufacturers put in more effort in the Headlights and Tail lights, to make the car an instant hit and stand out in the crowd. Looks like too many borrowed elements make up this car , it owns nothing.
  5. Discussion: Has India matured for expensive hot hatchbacks?

    Personally , there is nothing hot about a hot hatch any more. People are laughed at for having one because of the money involved , recently a client of mine asked me to get a Abarth for his son just because his son wanted a flashy sticker on this cars door panel, while the father was against it and was asking him to buy a City or a bigger second hand car. Cut to October , Punto long gone, we got him a second hand Accord , got it wrapped in his favourite mat black colour. Both father and son are happy now , a sexind hand accord accords more value than an abarth , sticker means nothing to most of the ordinary , the area that a car covers in the parking lot , is the real indicator of your wealth. Hotter hatches of bigger brands are just for wannabes to test the waters of what owning a marque brand feels like. Personally A180 feels very cramped because of its curves even when compared to a Baleno, which steals A180 tail lights.
  6. Just add ACCIDENTS to that list , on one of the other threads i have posted a few numbers that have been flashed all over the media last few days . Your inference that they have no political lineage is highly questionable , If you consider them as real gurus thats because you dont know what real work they really do. Anyways. Kerela High Court just put a ban/ hold on the order passed by NGT that puts a ban on 10 year old Diesel vehicles there
  7. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    Even with this data they want to delay safety additions by another 2-4 years Even with this data they want to delay safety additions by another 2-4 years
  8. The demand has been med today , AOL deposits 4.75 Cr today
  9. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    Shocking, what a shame , even basic safety features deferred to OCT 2018
  10. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    New Ratings update : 4 star ratings for CIAZ AND ERTIGA source
  11. Cartrade says Electric Verito launches tomorrow and to my liking the prices are below 10L ,the fair price we had argued a few posts back.
  12. Electric Verito finally launches tomorrow
  13. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    Now that you bring helmets into the conversation , just look at the kind we have , these are wafer thin made of plastic , like those yellow safety helmets used at construction site by labourers and most definitely do more harm in an accident of even a minor nature Why cant we have ONE WORLD ONE SAFETY STANDARD , the approach should be to adopt the newest one as as when it comes out. Waiting for several years just to make products safer to comply to a current safety standard is besides me while in the same production plant vehicles confirming to newest safety regulations are being made. It like our govt spending thousands of crores on BULLET TRAINS when HYPER LOOP is doing wonders. Why cant we start on the HYPER LOOP now and be par with the world when it comes around. SUPIDITY REIGNS SUPREME Also japan will not fund our Hyper Loop dreams and beggars cant be choosers as few wise men say.
  14. POLLUTION is a lot of things. Every possible reason for these POLLUTION RELATING AILMENTS needs to be attacked. And yes , if Diesel is 4 times more polluting than petrol , it cant be spared. The cancer causing traits due to prolonged exposure to diesel fumes cannot be ignored . Also, Since 2013 I am tracking these NCR projects because of vested interest and you say nothing is being done to curb them. You can argue over the issue of implementation of these orders but dont say nothing was done. So many projects in the NCR were stalled by NGT but restrictions were lifted / eased because home owners in these projects started crying foul. Lot of similar steps are being taken in Asola and adjoining areas that i personally know of. There is still lots to be done and HARMLESS BABY STEPS should not matter much. So dont go searching for the PRIME REASON , for me even the remotest of reasons for a serious issue needs to be SHOT DOWN.
  15. Update 1.NGT gives a three weeks breather to states to submit report. 2.NGT Vs AOL NGT directs Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of living , to pay 5 cr fine in a week and also fined another Rs 5000 for filing this appeal in court.
  16. Got a bit carried away in my last post and wrote ARREST WARTANT read as BAILABLE WARRANTS As much intreasting the read is, i hardly believe anything these manufacturers put out in terms of Technology and Theory when it comes to pollution. I dont care how many of these manufactures have to shut shop so that the rest of us can live a disease free life. The manufacturers are claiming that they are being wrongly and singly being targeted that is again a shit load of crap. So many power plants have been shut down in delhi All trucks have to pay an environment tax while entering delhi Construction sites are being challaned heavily for polluting All buses are CNG in Delhi , some electric buses are also being introduced Lighting open fires is a punishible offence Chopping down trees is a punishible offence Polluting industries are being moved out of delhi Taxis are now mandated to run on CNG Odd Even is being attempted More CNG pumping stations to be introduced Incentive on Electic Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles through FAME New scrapping policy E Rickshwas for delhi Cleaning roads with vaccum machines Banning 10 , 15 year old vehicles How much they are successful can be a point of a debate but saying nothing is happening otherwise is utter nonsense And so many other things that are being done , arent other peoples life also being affected but the cash rich diesel lobby wants that they should not be touched They dont want the environment tax of 30 % because that in itself would kill their products demand Govt should make the prices of Diesel and Petrol equitable and the added advantage of diesel dies away their itself That Euro 6 fuel is also an eye wash because adulteration in fuel is the major issue now and will remain a major issue the. Compare How many of people have died in delhi with pollution relating ailments ? With How many people died in delhi because they could not buy these fancy SUVs ? Till the time , the answer to the number two question is greater than the number one question , no force can make me believe otherwise. Left to me i will be against even smaller diesel vehicles allowed to continue to be produced.
  17. Much has happened since the NGT Order on Kerela , barring diesel vehicles over 2000 CC in six cities there Kerla High Court has stayed the order for 2 Months Much like what happened in Delhi earlier and then the ban persisted . NGT is again in action today. This time it wants to ban these vehicles in 11-15 more states. It has asked judges to give to them names of the most polluted city in their states by tuesday 31 May 2016,tomorrow, failing which arrest warrants would be issued for the Chief Secretary of that state. The next hearing is for tomorrow , expect fireworks tomorrow as Central Govt is protesting the issuance of the order. Already they are saying , the Delhi Ban itself has led to the fall in production of these vehicles by 11000 in number per months and subsequently affecting 5500 jobs. I might have earlier shared here or some other thread that the bulk of these vehicles 10 years , 15 Years are being shipped to southern india from delhi. Now these vehicles have been banned in those states, it would seriously effect sales of these vehicles there and thus a SCRAPPING POLICY IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Most of the old luxury vehicles were alSo going to Punjab this way from Delhi Jalandar , Amritsar , Patna and many more cities could go the Delhi way starting tomorrow. Switch here for an update tomorrow .
  18. We have been talking about it for months now. It seems to be finally coming our way. in a nutshell You could get anywhere between 30000 - 150000 for your old polluting vehicle over 10 years old anywhere in India. Feature : 50% rebate in Excise Duty on your next purchase. Waiting for the final blueprint now. Source: 20 Jan 16 4 days ago
  19. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Sometimes what you say comes true , so be very careful what you say. THE SEASON OF RECALL HAS STARTED , is what i am talking about Maruti Recall Baleno and Dzires recalled Number : Nearly 75419 Reason: Software update and Airbag trouble cited What are they doing for the ones they have exported ?
  20. Current Car Discounts

    Nissan Terrano offer Attractive rate of interest @ 1.99% Only through Nissan Finance
  21. Current Car Discounts

    Just checked You were right about it being for Delhi state only. But were these changes in policy announced in March End. That makes me come to the point about the Camry Hybrids pricing It was launched in 2013 for 29.75L it got a facelift in 2015 price increased to 31.92 L then it was raised periodically and in 2016 price was 33.20 before VAT reduction and 30.90L now after VAT reduction. Prices moved up by 4L in three years I clearly remember during the talk of ODD EVEN in delhi , price difference between Petrol and Hybrid Camry was around 70K much like what it is now Then few months back when i checked the difference between the two it was over 2.5L then Now the difference is again , around 70K So its more like BACK TO SQUARE ONE , rather than anything major, they say they have rolled back the VAT which they promised in March. People like me who saw these reduced prices in March itself on announcement of VAT rates change policy decision , which might have been a case of the company passing on the benefit of govt policy then itself , then had to roll back to earlier prices as the govt might have deffered the actual date of policy change effectiveness , dont find much fun here. Also why arent prices of Mahindra E2O and Prius finding any mention in reports baffles me.
  22. Current Car Discounts

    I doubt that these pricing are just for Delhi Check the link below , Autocar has also covered the news today. note: prices of petrol vehicles remains the same/ unchanged
  23. What all did you do today?

    Yes , Delhi has no climate of its own , its all incidental . There was around 25 degree drop, just yesterday thanks to the rains.Temperature came down from 46-47 to 23-24 degrees just to add I kept my temperature probe inside the cup holder next to the hand brake in my Scorpio. That should give you an idea about the vehicle size and the distance from the vents.I am guessing this could also affect how temperature is recorded in our AC Effectiveness Experiment Will be waiting for your results.