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  1. It's not that they are not getting your messages. Its just that you are now being perceived as a disgruntled customer and once you have served them a legal notice all the niceties have ended. Wait for a reply to the legal notice you had sent them , hatch a game plan with your legal adviser to counter the might of the legal team of a corporate giant. If you still want to contact them here is the list of the most powerful people at M&M
  2. BS6 Complaint Vehicle available in India as of now

    It's a last push to get rid of the unsold inventory. There is also a plea in SC to allow sale of BS4 vehicles till June 2020 to facilitate sale of vehicles produced till 31 Mar 2020 With the SC earlier ruling that only BS6 vehicles will be registered post 1 April 2020 , would these vehicles that are BS4 be registered as BS6. I believe registration of BS6 vehicles as BS4 is foolishness as would be registering BS4 vehicles as BS6 A deliberate attempt to push unsold inventory of BS4 vehicles and also giving some headroom for sales of products of manufacturer's who have invested a lot in creating new engines , sadly these engines can't be sold post April 2020 , so a state of ambiguity has been created by certain sections with vested interests. Better to hold off purchases till April 2020 if you are someone who does not want to get fleeced either ways.
  3. Trying to compile as many instances of news reports that confirm launch of a BS6 complaint vehicle in India heading into 2020 Please feel free to contribute your entries enhancing this list.
  4. Current Vehicle Recalls

  5. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Maruti Suzuki India : use the following link: Mahindra: Voluntary recall issued my Mahindra for 900 units of Scorpio EX SUV. More on the following link : http://www.autocarin...led-366700.aspx
  6. If the dents are so far into the frame , it's safe to presume that everything before it would have been destroyed to reach that far. They may have used salvaged parts from other vehicles or would have straightened bent parts , that can also explain why there is so much rusting on a new vehicle. The body frame damage could also mean some mechanical engine trouble later on , depending how bad the accident was. Vehicle alignment also suffers depending on what angle it was hit at. No question this is a shoudy repair job post an accident while the vehicle was with the dealer because I have no reason to doubt you. Glad to see you are willing to go the whole way that clearly shows how badly this has affected you. That being said take care of yourself , don't get too much worked up and let it affect your health as you clearly understand this is a long walk and you cannot let yourself get stressed out so early in the process. M&M not responding and blaming you for everything is unforgiving. Name and shame them on every opportunity you get.
  7. I can empathize with the sheer pain you are in. We both have one thing in common , both of us have joined this forum after being troubled by Mahindra though 7 years apart. Check with your lawyer if it's OK for you to publicly shame M&M across all forums and platforms and if he says yes to it based on limitations of the legal documents you served them , spare no opportunity to beat the hell out of them. What else looks damaged in the engine bay? Was this your first service? How many Kms to date has the car travelled? What kind of compensation are you looking for? Tag Anand Mahindra on twitter , with this photo and your complaint ,someone from his twitter team will surely connect with you in a jiffy. Be prepared for a long draw battle though.
  8. If reports are true , it getting showcased on 20 Jun 2019 Clear shots are available all over the internet Here is link to one such appearance
  9. No question about this being is a repaint job Seeing them trying to put the onus on you is appalling Hire an advocate and file a formal complaint with the dealership.
  10. Current Car Discounts
  11. As on 07/05/2012 : Current Discounts on cars: Tata Aria (1 Lakh) Linea T Jet Petrol (2.36 Lakhs) Swift Petrol (10k) Ritz (20K) Polo Insurance Offer (Insurance Free) Indica eV2 (25K) Indigo eCS (25K) New Vista (30K) Indigo Manza (30K) BRIO EMI Offer(EMI 4999 for 7 Years or 6333 for 5 Years) Santro Xing (42K) i10 (46.5K) Note: All Discount Prices include Exchange Prices also All Discounts Applicable in Delhi (For other states check with dealers) Some are limited period offers so time them properly librankur2012-05-07 02:41:56
  12. Current Car Discounts

    Audi A3 Now upto 5 lakh off on top variant now starts at 2899000
  13. There is an article in a hindi news daily , Nav Bharat Times essentially saying that both Santro and Spark are to be shelved It goes on to say that the last batch of Santros will be rolled out of production lines early November and then they will call it quits. Spark is due to be rested as well. It remains to be seen how authentic this news item is. Source: Navbharat Times - (Economic Times Section) Delhi Edition Earlier, Maruti also shelved its 800 What will be the new product
  14. Current Car Discounts

    March 2019 Onwards discounts as compiled by Autocar India Audi Mercedes BMW Isuzu Maruti
  15. Car Buying Decision

    BS6 is the way ahead Do note these new launches won't be cheap They would be more fuel efficient and environment friendly though. Manufacturers are pushing in facelifts to exhaust their inventory of BS4 engines Buy only BS6 engine powered vehicle now or a hybrid New hybrids are being introduced to offset fuel price disparity. Hexa isnt selling well , I don't know what offer you are getting now on the car it's sure to get bigger very soon. Marrazo and Innova can be looked as alternatives , though specifications and price could be an issue. Spares will not be a problem but resale values will be taking a nosedive.
  16. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    XUV 5OO Pajero Sport [media=]
  17. Current Vehicle Recalls

  18. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All, Wanting to make two purchases for my parents in Delhi 1) Microwave oven , 32 ltr , convection (Budget 25k) 2 ) Smart TV , 32 Inch ( Budget 40k) Can't fit a bigger TV in that place. Existing Sony 3D Smart TV has developed horizontal lines, don't want to send it for repairs Kindly keep in mind the colours on a Sony TV and suggest our next TV. Cheap TV from Mi don't make the cut , they have goofy colours.Have already tried swapping Sony with Mi and got frowns for doing so. Kindly suggest some top of the line products from manufactures you trust with good reliability and prompt service. Planning Purchase next week before Holi. Hoping to get suggestions from you as always Regards