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  1. Current Vehicle Recalls

  2. Current Vehicle Recalls

    Maruti Suzuki India : use the following link: Mahindra: Voluntary recall issued my Mahindra for 900 units of Scorpio EX SUV. More on the following link : http://www.autocarin...led-366700.aspx
  3. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All, Wanting to make two purchases for my parents in Delhi 1) Microwave oven , 32 ltr , convection (Budget 25k) 2 ) Smart TV , 32 Inch ( Budget 40k) Can't fit a bigger TV in that place. Existing Sony 3D Smart TV has developed horizontal lines, don't want to send it for repairs Kindly keep in mind the colours on a Sony TV and suggest our next TV. Cheap TV from Mi don't make the cut , they have goofy colours.Have already tried swapping Sony with Mi and got frowns for doing so. Kindly suggest some top of the line products from manufactures you trust with good reliability and prompt service. Planning Purchase next week before Holi. Hoping to get suggestions from you as always Regards
  4. As on 07/05/2012 : Current Discounts on cars: Tata Aria (1 Lakh) Linea T Jet Petrol (2.36 Lakhs) Swift Petrol (10k) Ritz (20K) Polo Insurance Offer (Insurance Free) Indica eV2 (25K) Indigo eCS (25K) New Vista (30K) Indigo Manza (30K) BRIO EMI Offer(EMI 4999 for 7 Years or 6333 for 5 Years) Santro Xing (42K) i10 (46.5K) Note: All Discount Prices include Exchange Prices also All Discounts Applicable in Delhi (For other states check with dealers) Some are limited period offers so time them properly librankur2012-05-07 02:41:56
  5. Videos : Crash Test : Indian cars

    XUV 5OO Pajero Sport [media=]
  6. There is an article in a hindi news daily , Nav Bharat Times essentially saying that both Santro and Spark are to be shelved It goes on to say that the last batch of Santros will be rolled out of production lines early November and then they will call it quits. Spark is due to be rested as well. It remains to be seen how authentic this news item is. Source: Navbharat Times - (Economic Times Section) Delhi Edition Earlier, Maruti also shelved its 800 What will be the new product
  7. VW emission scandal

    Emission Fiasco : NGT tells VW to deposit Rs 100 Cr NGT asks VW to deposit an interim amount of Rs 100 Crore with the CPCB till a committee calculates the actual quantum of the environmental loss. Except from HT Delhi Edition , Business Section : Dated Nov 17 , 2018
  8. HSRP for Delhi wef 30/04/2012

    Tamper- proof number plates are here to stay INFORMATION FOR DELHITES ONLY AFTER several delays and lots of confusion, the high security registration plate ( HSRP) finally debuted in the city on Monday. Jaswant Rai Aggarwal, a businessman from Naraina Vihar, became the first person in the city to have the sophisticated number plate installed on his new Swift Dzire. The car was received by his son Harjeev at a function near the Burari Transport Authority
  9. What all did you do today?

    Did a noisy blower draw your attention to this in the first place Technician general don't remove this part during service , was it an old rattling problem that resurfaced requiring a relook by you. What kind of drill bits are you using , when I do such drilling I tend to break a lot of them Most importantly how did you manage to keep the axle steady during drilling , you surely have a far greater sized tool kit than I had imagined earlier.
  10. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thanks buddy for your reply True Siemens is amongst the best. I was in Delhi just for this purchase yesterday 15 Aug , brought home a Bosch Dishwasher .
  11. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Dear All Looking to buy a Dishwasher for my parents for those one off days when no help is around. Suggestions are invited from fellow boarders , kindly suggest top of the line product of brands with service centre presence in Delhi. Independence Day purchase planned. Budget 50k