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  1. Model Car Lovers

    Well, actually it was not my first one. Weeks ago I made a 1984 Austin Montego and a bunch of trucks. I decided not to use windhsields for a reason , because to me it lloked right already and I wanted to finish ASAP, ehehehe. But for example in the 1984 Austin Montego I used them and I did not paint them because it was for a customer , he wanted to paint it by himself. Now I am working on a MG Montego Turbo (requested by another customer) and maybe I will also work at the same time on a Skyline or on a Avstoros.... it's a 8-wheel monster truck , because they asked me for their shop. In the picture there is my 1984 Austin Montego
  2. Hello from Italy

    As I am new here I put pics of my E-type somewhere else in this forum. My name is Damiano Zappi, I am italian and I live in Imola. I am a1/18 collector and I have a lot of 1/18 diecast but a few weeks ago I started thinking about doing 1/18 wooden classic car, just like my Jaguar. This E-type is my 2nd classic car, the first one isa 1/18 Austin Montego, still a british car. I love working with the wood. I always relax, also because I can do what I like most, classic cars. Sometimes I make cars on request, dipending on what they want or think.... not only cars but also trucks, and something else.....
  3. Model Car Lovers

    Hi, friends..... I am a model car collector. I have a lot of diecast (metal) models, but since a few years I started doing them by myself..... with wood. This is my last creation, the 1/18 Wooden Jaguar E-type Coupe' 1961. I hope you like it
  4. Hello from Italy

    Hi, my name is Damiano. I love cars so much that I make 1/18 wooden model cars on my own..... also because I am a 1/18 diecast collector but I decided to make them by myself. I mainly classic cars, just like the one in the picture that I am making (not finished yet).