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  1. How to Corner

    How to Corner - Am going to break this up into a few sub sections because there are a few small things here and there that will need ironing out from your end! * Gear - Helmet, Gloves, Jacket, Boots. * Bike - make sure its in pristine condition, you dont want to lean in and find that front wheel wobble because the fork bearings are loose or lose traction because of almost no tread on either of your wheels, so double check on the corner worthiness of your machine. * The Corner - if youre new to cornering, at least make sure you choose a good spot, somewhere with minimal traffic, a place where you know exactly each depression on the road, each speck of sand as it were. And of course, try to ensure there isnt a posse of policemen at the end of it performing a routine license check or youll find yourself booked for a lot of stuff apart from screaming down a blind curve at high speed! You are now ready to seduce the curve. Once again, this post is to help you become a better rider, not a street Rossi (thats both illegal and dangerous) so use whatever you learn, if anything, wisely. 1. Approach the curve at a higher rpm (low rpms at higher gears is a myth) its much easier to control. (Note, not high speed, theres a difference! low speed, lower gears to start out with.) 2. Go easy on the brakes, even if you feel you are a bit faster than you should be, refrain from jamming either brake (both to avoid ruining the curve or crashing, or to save being abused from whoevers following ya!) instead cut down a gear and get the lean right, if you know your bike, theres no reason why you still cant make it! (attempting high speed curves as a novice or on a bike you arent familiar with is plain stupid anyway!), remember braking through a curve and changing gears, is TOUGHER than the lean and negotiation itself, so dont succumb to natural temptations! 3. Keep your head steady, (yeah once your an expert you can flash the high beam, wave out, look around and other stuff, but if its your first time then just focus on getting through it in one piece!) focus on the road, more importantly in the direction you want the bike to go! forget that chick in the car next to ya or the bloke on the swanky sedan, focus ahead, neck steady, eyes WIDE OPEN (try to half expect a stone, oil, sand, dog, cow, auto, pedestrian, always helps to be mentally prepared!) 4. Weight the foot pegs, get the knee out, use the inner ball of either foot (depending on lean direction) to point downwards on the footpeg, thereby accentuating or rather facilitating a dip. ( try it after a bit of practise at lower speeds, once you get the shoulder and elbow right ) 5. Use the opposite knee to brace yourself against the tank (the recess underneath) to aid control even after your off the seat. It could help you falling off too in some dire cases, if on a higher capacity machine, you might find a bit of your inner calf near the tank as well. Use it! 6. Continuing from point 4, yes you can get that backside off the seat once you have practised the knick knacks at lower speed and eventually at higher speeds, but DONT try getting the knee down! (unless youve got a knee puck on a nice expensive alpinestar or spidi suit!) Your knee at the beginners stage is just out, not counter balancing the machine! It serves to alter the lean angle, so dont pay it too much extra attention. 7. Keep the throttle nice and steady, at a highish rpm (3/4th of whatevers tops on your baby) Dont twitch unnecessarily, if its your first time, focus on making it through, you can play with the throttle once your a pro at it! 8. Keep calm - try to cool yourself, adrenalin is not always a good thing, try to control rushes, maybe have a coffee or a smoke (if you smoke) before heading out to attempt any such thing! A clear mind is easier at focussing on the task at hand than a mind filled with questions, anxiety and fear. 9. Hanging out, yes a cafe or a mall isnt the only place to hang out as you will find out eventually, your bike can make for a much more exciting hang out, although I wouldnt recommend it for safety issues! Your hips play a vital role in ensuring a degree of success, so make sure your light on the seat, dont get too snug, be ready to shuffle, shift weight and wriggle it around depending on need. But that is something that you will need only after good amounts of practise while staying on the seat! A better way is, to get a little butt out at first, then more, then half, so on and so forth, preferably while the bike is upright (remember your just beginning!) Once your comfy with the lean you can get off the seat on a 45 degree lean and it would be a walk in the park but follow a safer route to the later stage ok? Well come to the advanced stages later (braking, effectively throttling while at a lean, including shifting gears both ways, and dipping in and out while on the same curve) For the complete article, click HERE Once again, remember, Ride safe, kit up, and dont try fancy stuff, you can either learn it the hard way or from someone elses mistakes, the choice is yours, an extra month to get good at something is worth the wait rather than trying something stupid at full throttle the first few days and ending up in a hospital bed, or worse, 6 feet under!
  2. As part of a city wise detailing of Bike Accessories across India, today I cover the city of Bangalore, the underground Superbike Capital of India. There a million things that can be done to a motorcycle. My fascination with bike modification has more to do with performance than with the " oh I wanna be cool, looks ", in my endeavour to extract the best performance from my machines, I have been assisted by a very good friend who keeps a stock of some awesome products, for both race, as well as daily use. Keihin Carbs, KN filters, Racing Exhausts ( 4 stroke and 2 ), Alpine Star riding suits, AGV Helmets, Iridium spark plugs, Drag handles....everything imaginable. A one stop, shop till you drop heaven / haven for the 2 wheel lover!. One of the more trusted names I have come across, Kailash, prop. Thirumala Accessories. Contactable at +91 98451 54915, located near the mosque of Lalbagh Fort Rd, Bangalore, ( clientele ranging from the new Kwacker ZX14 to the Honda Unicorn ) this gentleman has something for EVERYONE! Oh and did I mention he can also procure parts on order? Enjoy - Note From Admin: Please resize image when posting. Rest Of the Pics can be found HERE Note - I can help members wrt a few items and maybe even persuade him to provide a discount, drop me a line, but its not a guarantee, were friends, and he might listen to me, am not promising anything! FuelRunGod2007-08-27 11:56:15
  3. Apologies in advance for not posting the entire review, but a short excerpt., but this is a review that I was asked to do by a fellow blogger friend as an exclusive feature, hence the excerpt. Make no mistake, it is a low cost car and the outcome is clearly visible in the single parking lamp, the lack of styling ( even that aids to give it a nice muscular stance, coupled with the classy looking centrally mounted Renault badge on the grill up front ), and sparse interiors. But then, this is not what it was made for. The specifications pit this as bigger than the Merc C class and competition, and it does that with aplomb, sink into the backseat and one does not feel like one is in a low cost sedan by any stretch of the imagination. They have made up for the lack of power, styling and goodies with some awesome room once inside the vehicle, which is a smart move considering a lot of sedan buyers usually employ drivers to chauffeur them around whilst the lounge on the back seat with their laptops and cell phones, being least bothered about what lies under the hood of the car or in the dash up front. Coming to the car itself, they have maintained an aggressive stance and some work has surely gone into the Dacia for India. There are lines running all the way across the C pillar that seek to establish a not totally devoid sense of style, whilst the grill, the 185 tyres, the McPherson strut suspension ( not independent link sadly ) and its 155mm ground clearance all add to the value for money this car offers. The model we own is a 1.5D, and at 65bhp at 4000 rpm, its not exactly sprightly, but is more than adequate for the city as we found out, it is actually quicker to the 40+ kmph mark than the 1.6 petrol, one can put that down to the higher torque offered by the Diesel variant (16.4kgm @ 2krpm as opposed to a miserly 13 kgm @3100rpm for the petrol). Once past the 40kmph mark however, the car will chug along steadily but slowly towards its claimed 145kmph top whack (although one must keep in mind that this was not made for that purpose, if someone is looking for a performance diesel, the Fiesta and Verna offer a bit more, with some in house dash sensibilities too at a much higher price!). The mileage gained so far from this vehicle is an unbelievable 19kmpl (mix of both city and highway driving, More pics here Here the Blog link for the rest of the story and more pictures of the car Hope it helps any prospective buyers.
  4. Racetrack in Hyderabad, AP?

    Cafe racer - MY HUMBLE APOLOGIES - buddy, really sorry was out of town for a few days, just got back and yes HAVE REPLIED :-) All the best with your meeting, dont worry, you sound a bit tense and apprehensive, I would be too, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I told ya, yup you are far away from home and all that, but you are still in the Automobile family and you can count on other members in that family, right here have mentioned certain details in the mail, which you could run through, dont even look for support from any mags and stuff at the moment, dont ask me why, thats just how things work around here, that will come too with time, first lets iron out certain other knick knacks I mailed you about! Cheers, Max
  5. Racetrack in Hyderabad, AP?

    Caferacer - OF COURSE! 4 thumbs up (toes included!) Yes you have all the numbers you need, but it needs to be addressed differently, for starters send me a mail ( ) and well take it from there. If its support your looking for, dont worry mate, well lay it on! You wont be short of a helping hand I can assure you. Lets hear something concrete from you first, I promise to assist you personally to whatever extent required and bring in as much numbers as anyone can consider sufficient! Cheers,
  6. TVS Taurus Fiero F3

    and Synn - ^ aint for you so dont take it personally!
  7. TVS Taurus Fiero F3

    I do not recall mentioning TVS or the bikes shown in my earlier post. I was merely referring to "CONCEPTS" and the crude mindset that afflicts young wannabes that if its not for the road - theyre not interested. I had actually typed out a longer reply earlier but on clicking the post reply button it gave me an error, am not going to type it all out again because I fear it will be a wasted cause anyway, BUT - In hindsight - may the number of ignorants multiply, may concepts be dealt with disinterest if not meant for the road, all the more better for someone like me who knows what the concept of a concept is all about! ps - I have still not mentioned TVS or the 2 machines shown...or whatever anyone thinks they would rather be called, if not a concept or prototype, not that it matters because that never formed the basis for my post in the first place! As for the pics - I would like to say here that I know the member personally and there is NO doubting his credibility, he is someone who can be trusted implicitly! yes Diesel that does mean the pics were good, as a matterof fact, get a DSLR!!!
  8. Hi Guys

    Viper - welcome! to the Jungle!! See you around buddy.
  9. Three Wheelers - Whats your take?

    Synner Lets call it the ultra mini (ps - if Tata lifts the name from this post, please remind me to file for royalty! )
  10. Three Wheelers - Whats your take?

    FRG - How about a free flow exhaust to go with it? ;-) Please call me for a demonstration and test drive
  11. Fatigue Kills!!!

    FRG - always say a prayer of thanks for your good fortune buddy, everyone is alive and well, thats all that matters!
  12. What Car For Touring?

    Hatch - Optra SRV 2.0 TDCi (just launched I think!) Sedan - Ford Mondeo MUV - Toyota Innova SUV - Mercedes GL450 (not that I can afford one, but man its sweet!)
  13. TVS Taurus Fiero F3

    its quite startling to see the lack of foresight amongst the younger gen bikers (??), of course, todays concepts can never become tomorrows reality now can it! *cough* BKing *cough* How about starting a thread on the benefits of concepts in terms of generating some publicity, excitement, "show off strength (designing/R&D), and of course, most importantly showcasing it to check feedback on feasibility of making it a reality! Oh well! Ignorance is bliss I guess! Diesel - Lucky you!!! That isotoproton thingy looks juicy dont it!! nice pics :-) next time take hawk along too!
  14. Hello

    Sadsack - welcome sir, to the Jungle! Nice to see you here! Synner - yup, all the right kinda crowd! :-)
  15. Suggestions For The Forum

    Am for reps! And make sure the older members start with some 3408734560 +ve ones while they are at it
  16. Three Wheelers - Whats your take?

    Gurkha - Absolutely agree, who says we arent united, one looka t auto drivers can put a patriot to shame! :-) but, not if you catch one or two and start pasting the living daylights out of them before anyone can react, the rest just stand and watch, trust me, I was part of one such scuffle outside Mallya hospital (bangalore) just couple of weeks back, am not proud of getting physical with anyone, but this one holds a very special place in my heart... why? I was bullied (unsuccessfuly) into breaking a red light, while I was waiting patiently on the side of the road in the pouring rain at 10 30 at night waiting for it to go green. I paid no attention to the horn, jibes, abuses hurled from behind me (although the entire right lane was free) but lost my head when one followed me and picked a fight (this is a brief of why and what) once the lights turned green (very smart move from them, trying to bully a helpless (at least they thought) biker into breaking the signal so that in case there are cops, they could go scot free as they were only following! FRG - excellent choice of post! Your thoughts on the same? Of course you own a truck so you could just run over them ;-) us bikers have to fight for our survival! :-D For thos interested, I HAVE a rather RADICAL view with regards to auto rickshaws and their drivers, radical because I used to hate them, now I LOVE them, why? spend a few minutes reading this to know WHY - Id have posted the entire article here, but its rather long, apologies.
  17. Holla from the synner.

    Everyone - Now who wouldnt want a piece of biking royalty! Synner - wonderful as usual!
  18. fav car chase

    No one here likes Mad Max? I must admit I did find the harley chase in Lethal Weapon 3 quite entertaining (although my judgement could have been clouded by the fact that I am quite a fan of mel gibson and harleys)
  19. Jaywalking

    FRG - you didnt try out the hand brake? Nice little drift scene, with the audience/spectators clapping as you come to a halt sideways, 2 wheels in the air, a second before contact! On a serious note - we need awareness, we need commitment, we need to use Forums such as Autocar where people come together, and then embark on a journey of conversion, bring about the change we so desire, educate people about road safety from jay walking to high beams to drunk driving!
  20. Vote for the best Indian Automag?

    I have no clue what youre talking about mate
  21. Hello & Hi!

    Not waste buddy, its their responsibility to move your topic and give it a new topic status, after all your a new member, with a new introduction! Still, welcome once again, congratulations on booking an awesome bike!
  22. Vote for the best Indian Automag?

    er sorry, I know its OT, but now that Synner has mentioned it, by all means check out , its got some good stuff, fledgling bike e mag, some good guys running it, and of course our very own FIRST SYNN is one of the columnists, thats right folks, we have a celebrity in our midst!
  23. Namaste People

    Hello Bikers (and Carers too ) Nice to be here, nice of autocar to finally get itself a forum! Am a little bad at introductions, but suffice to say that I like automobiles (duh, I wouldnt be on an auto forum if I didnt right? ) and Wildlife, and Music. Theres a lot more info about me here- Be good, Ride safe, Have fun!
  24. Namaste People

    Synner of course, although time is scarce, will be online a bit ,your synnerness!
  25. Hello & Hi!

    Praveen - welcome! to the Jungle! you should have started a new thread mate! will the Admin please do the needful?