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  1. Please find the attached data for your reference .
  2. i think you are talking without any background. firstly you say the product must not be genuine then you say Amsoil is not good, then you say Amsoil may not be series about it. I think you have just made your perception and you're not ready to accept the facts Please have in-depth study then give your comments here, you cannot be biassed, Its a multi-National Company which is claiming its drain interval on each and every bottle and have given in detail justification for its claims with proof even on their website, with ample amount of data to back it, i think first you should study then criticise someone, I used it and found it to be the far better product then Motul, shell and castrol. I could feel the difference in performance from the minute i pored it in my machine.
  3. The product is genuine and is far better then shell, Castro, Mobil or idemitsu! Genuine as Greaves cotton which is a Trustable brand has taken all India Distribution From AMSOIL and the packs available are 100% imported no repackaging etc in India. They are offering 40,000 km of change interval that no other brand is offering and that to at the cheapest price that is the level of confidence they have on there product.