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  1. My post above. A thousand apologies. Re-checked the MFD pic that I had clicked on my phone. It is in km/h and not km/l( FE). Now to go for a drive first thing in the morning and check the actual FE. I guess the goof up is a result of fiddling with the MFD buttons on the steering wheel. Will report if anything is amiss. Apologies again.
  2. My user name is vkr15. This is my first post in this forum. Graduated from a polo Highline(P) to the Polo GT TSI. My earlier polo was only 4 years old and had done under 20k kms but I was so smitten by the combo of tsi engine and the dsg gearbox that I just couldn't wait to drive the GT. As you would have guessed by now I'm a pure petrol head. Have never driven diesel cars.The fact that the wheels of the recent GT have been upgraded to 16 inchers further egged me on to take the decision.I have also gone for the carbon steel grey shade for almost similar reasons given given by the OP. Since the car is just about a week old have just done over 200km in it. Haven't driven in the S mode as yet or even in tiptronic mode. The registration of the car will take a couple of days more ( temporary registration is done ). That is the norm followed in these parts.Thought I'll share some information of my car on this forum and exchange a piece of revelation that I hit upon today in my gt tsi. To my surprise ( A pleasant one I hope) , after a sedate drive( did not go above 90 kmph) I found the FE showing 37 kmpl!!! I hasten to add that AC was not used and most of the drive was on a highway that runs through the city where I reside. I know readers will be extremely sceptical and would want to see the pics as proof. Don't blame anyone for this as I don't believe it myself. I clicked a pic of the instrument cluster at a red light but can't upload at the moment since there is a limit of .49 mb. And, no, it is not instantaneous FE. Have driven a Polo(HL) for 4 years and the method of display is similar. This is the run in period and this level of fuel economy has not been seen by me in earlier drives( just a little over 200 km). Can someone throw some light as to whats going on? Or is it that I've been sold a car thats got a faulty meter ? Will be grateful if some guru can comment.