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  1. Honda NAVI modified with KTM Duke parts

    Yeah! Looks cool. Found this on some facebook page recently. And, the known news is, it is for sale. The asking price is 70000!
  2. I'm Arjun from Kerala, a Mechanical Engineering student and I believe myself that I'm a car enthusiast. I'm actually noob to a bigger forum or community like this. So, please apologize the mistakes from me.I promise you that I'll gradually learn and correct my mistakes . I took the wheel for the first time two years ago, when I turned 18. The car was a well maintained 97 HM Ambassador. Shift lever was in floor. So, it was easy to use. Ambassador was my favorite car all the time. I love the gorgeous classy styling of that car. The engine ain't izuzu sorced, but I hope it is BMC engine. A bit noisy and vibrating. Now, I'm driving a M800. A tiny little sports car, a pocket rocket. That's what I call it. I believe that by joining in this forum, I can learn more about vehicles than learning from engineering syllabuses. Thank you.