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  1. Hey guys, if you are planning for buying a used car then it is essential to inspect the car correctly because buying a second hand car is not as easy as new car. Well, i am going to tell you a wonderful resource through which you can check and get car history report instantly. All you need to enter Vehicle Identification Number at
  2. DIY Car Body Painting

    Hey guys, forgive me if i am posting in wrong section. Well, if your car's paint is looking dingy and faded then a DIY car paint could save you thousands of dollars. I am sharing a source which will give you step by step methods for painting your car and give your car a brand new look. Here is the video presentation of DIY Auto body painting, check out once
  3. What all did you do today?

    Spent whole time in office.
  4. buying a renault duster

    I am also sharing a very trustworthy source
  5. Looking to buy CIAZ

    You have a good choice in car, if asked me then i would say i love ciaz. All the best for your deal.