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  1. Hi Ranjeet, Honda city cvt makes more sense because of higher power, much more cabin space, higher features, trustworthy CVT gearbox, better mileage and better resale value. Just recently compared both for one of my close friends. B/R
  2. Innova Crysta tyre size and issues

    Hi everyone! Many of us are probably familiar with the 17 inch tyre burst problems faced by new Innova Crysta 2.8 Z Automatic model. Toyota also desized the tyre to 16 inch from 17 inch for a few months in early 17. Again they are back with 17 inch version on recent 2.8Z touring model (with stiffer side wall) Its a hanging sword on heads of people like me who have bought Crysta 2.8 Z in late 16 early 17 .. with 17 inch alloy wheels. Surprizingly for me. I just checked bridgestone India website for Innova crysta. In (selcltion by vehicle) section, they now recommend Turanza001 225/55-R17 tyre? (Instead of earlier 215/55-R17) Any information with anybody? B/R NBS