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  1. Hi Everybody

    My maintenance facility is based out of Borivali West, near Dharma Nagar, Mumbai. My expertise lies in the overall maintenance of cars and tuning their performance to improve/tweak the engine to enhance specific requirements like fuel efficiency, torque, top speed, etc. I have also made arrangements for the resale of used cars, along with handling the insurance part of vehicles, at my shop. My technicians are well experienced in repairing all types of cars and can handle any car-related issues carefully. I could send you my detailed list of services in case you are interested.
  2. Hi Everybody

    Hi. for forum.autocarindia, you can use this as an introductory post. I am Milind Diwate, founder of my latest startup Sahaya Auto Services. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship with my own Auto Repair Services, I have worked extensively in the industry and accumulated 30 years of professional experience. I am delighted to be a part of Carwale community, and possibly help people seeking certain answers related to car maintenance, repair and other aspects of an automobile industry. I look forward to contributing actively here. Thank you!