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  1. Engine oil for the new RE Classic 350

    Engine is the part which converts energy from fuel to mechanical force. To maintain good performance of the engine you need to select engine oil with care. For new Royal Enfield Classic 350 you need to go for 15W50 grade engine oil. There are multiple engine oil brands available in the market but there are only few which delivers quality performance. Also the engine oil quantity depends on the size of the engine and the design of the bike. There are different types of bike oil available at Gandhar oil. You can select as per your engine requirement.
  2. Engine oil for a Honda Hornet 160r

    The engine is a component that converts the energy from the fuel into the mechanical force used for riding a bike. Even if your bike has all other parts from the top-notch manufacturer, if the engine is not maintained well, then it's going to ruin your riding quality. With such a significant number of motor oils for a bike accessible in the market, it is a moving activity to pick the best bike oil for the bike. But at first, you should know that for bike there is always one grade recommended that is 10w30, 10w40, 10w50 and the second specification is apisj, apisl, apism, apisn. The api grade is for engine performance as well as its requirement. Honda Hornet 160r contains a high rev performance engine, and most of the manufacturers are nowadays recommending for energy conserving oils. These oils have low friction and more cooling abilities. The engine oils with high viscosity are not much energy conserving. The recommended grade for Honda Hornet 160r is 10w30, and you can use 10w40, 10w50, 5w30, etc. but you cannot put 20w50, 15w40 in this bike. The engine oil quantity is also different depending on the size of the engine and the bike design. Based on all these factors, you have to choose the best bike engine oil. There are different types of bike oil offered by Gandhar oil. You can select from them according to your requirements.
  3. Bike oil is one of the basic parts prevalently named as the soul of vehicles. Even though there are many parts in bike but the engine plays a vital role. For this it is necessary to use quality engine oil for your bike here are different types of bike engine oil available in the market. Mineral based engine oil - This kind of oil is suitable for the commuter motorcycle as it provides perfect running conditions. It does not contain any complex chemical compound. Semi Synthetic engine oil - The mixture of natural as well as chemical products used in the engine oil is termed as Semi-synthetic oil. This engine oil can be used in bikes that require more performance throughout the day. Synthetic engine oil - The high-performance motorcycle utilizes synthetic engine oil and is the purest form of engine oil available.
  4. Engine oil for TVS Apache RTR 200

    Hi all, I would like to mention my experience on which engine oil is best for your TVS Apache RTR 200. First let us understand what grade of engine oil suits more to Apache 200. 10W30 is the engine oil grade for Apache 200. Also the engine oil should be changed at regular interval to keep up with good engine performance. Now coming to the brand of engine oil go for DIVYOL SPIN X3 10W30 and is probably the best engine oil in the market. If you ride at extreme condition then the engine oil should be changed at regular interval. Otherwise it would lead to heating of engine and reduce mileage. Special care should be taken during rainy season, regular break check should be carried out. Ride safe! and do wear HELMET
  5. Engine oil for Hyundai Vitara Brezza

    Hey there, I would like to share my experience with you all... that how I struggled in finding the right and the best engine oil for my Hyundai Vitara Brezza. Since after driving for about more than 15k kilometers I was not quite satisfied with the engine oil which I used during my first 2 services because of which I faced several issues which worsen the car performance. Mainly I faced heating problem and also the mileage given by my Hyundai has gone down. Since it was my initial servicing I was totally confused for which brand engine oil should I go for. Then my mechanics from whom I used to do my bike servicing suggested me to go for Divyol engine oil by Gandhar. Since then all the problems related to heating and mileage was solved also there is an improvement in the mileage. You can get different variants in engine oil depending on the user manual. This is how I came across the perfect engine oil for my Hyundai Vitara Brezza.
  6. Swift Vdi -> #4th service #20000 Kms

    Yess the post seems to be old then what are you looking over here
  7. Swift Vdi -> #4th service #20000 Kms

    If you want better performance, then you can switch to semi-synthetic oil. They provide benefits of synthetic oil but less costly. I am using DIVYOL SPECTRO SX 20W50 (https://bit.ly/2T4yYqX). I am getting smooth, noise-free engine function at pocket-friendly price. Just give it a try and let us all know your experience.
  8. engine coolant brands

    There are many coolant manufacturers. I am using Divyol by gandhar oil. No issues so far. You can check and order their product form their official website : https://bit.ly/2Ycl5e1
  9. Semi synthetic oil for my TVS Jupiter

    Hello ! I have been using TVS Jupiter form last 4 years now. I always used synthetic oil as I was worried about my scooter condition. However, considering my low usage of the vehicle (20Km oer day), my mechanic told me to switch to cost efficient semi-synthetic oil. He recommended Divyol by gandhar oil as first preference. Has anyone using it ? Also my bike is working fine and I have not done any major modification.
  10. Tips for Bike Care to Avoid Bike Breakdown

    Tips mentioned above covers all the safety measure. I would suggest you to use engine oils that are specifically designed for bike. Depending on your usage you can choose between synthetic and semi synthetic oil. As a consumer, i myself is usin Divyol by gandhar oil. My daily travelling is 30kms. I found semi synthetic for my level of usage quite cost effective. for heavy usage, synthetic oils are preferred. However, prices of these oils are comparatively high. You also need to check the oil level regularly to avoid any excessive wear.
  11. Engine oil for TVS NTORQ

    Been using several engine oil for TVS NTORQ still facing several issues related to performance. Now trying for brands like Mobil, Divyol..Also my garage mechanic suggested to go for it. Should I go for it? Would it improve my TVS performance?
  12. Engine Oil For Tvs Apache

    I've been looking for best engine oil for my TVS Apache but has not still found the best for my bike. My garage mechanic suggested to go for either Motul or Divyol and I tried both. Since then there is major improvement in my bike performance also the heating problem is solved. Should I continue with this brand and which is most preferable from this two. Do give your suggestions.
  13. My All New Volkswagen Polo

    How's the performance of this car is it good for off road? what's the tank capacity and what is the mileage offered?
  14. Engine oil for Alto K10

    The synthetic SAE 5W-30 API SG +, SL, SJ engine oils are recommended by the manufacturer. However, the engine does good with the semi-synthetic 15W40 and synthetic 0W40 lubricants too. Brands like Motul, Castrol, Veedol, Divyol are best engine oil for Alto.
  15. Parking sensors, reverse camera

    How to install this sensor and what are its types?? Also what is the market price for the same and is it available for Toyota model?