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  1. My All New Volkswagen Polo

    How's the performance of this car is it good for off road? what's the tank capacity and what is the mileage offered?
  2. Engine oil for Alto K10

    The synthetic SAE 5W-30 API SG +, SL, SJ engine oils are recommended by the manufacturer. However, the engine does good with the semi-synthetic 15W40 and synthetic 0W40 lubricants too. Brands like Motul, Castrol, Veedol, Divyol are best engine oil for Alto.
  3. Parking sensors, reverse camera

    How to install this sensor and what are its types?? Also what is the market price for the same and is it available for Toyota model?
  4. Synthetic Question

    Been looking for Best engine oil for Royal Enfield classic since long time. I tried for Motul, Castrol but still it ended up with disappointment because the mileage and performance was not that much improved. Recently one of my mechanic suggested to go for Mobil 1 or Divyol engine oil for my 350. Should I try this brand because I have heard about their positive feedback. Is it good to go??
  5. Maruti Suzuki Baleno facelift

    Can I have detailed specification of this car and what is the showroom prices. Does it have good suspension and how's the overall performance.
  6. engine oil for swift vdi

    As suggested in user manual for swift SF 20 W 40 for petrol engine and for diesel it is SF 15 W 40 , API-CG4 or above. My personal choice would be Motul, Castrol, Divyol, Mobil 1. This are the best in the market and surely improve engine performance.
  7. Right Engine Oil

    First of all choose 20W-40 4T engine oil for 1 litre bike engine. Now coming to which to select then go for brands like YAMALUBE SL 20W40, Castrol Power, Motul 1, Divyol by Gandhar, Veedol engine oil all this will surely keep your engine strong without any heating issues.
  8. New Bike Suggestion

    Go for Honda bike.. because they offers most of the bike at economic range and with best mileage. Also most of the model are available at decent price.
  9. Hii Guys, previously I had asked whether should I use Divyol engine oil for my bike and so I did use the same for my bike. At first I was quite hesitated beacause using the same would affect my bike performance and to my glad I found drastic improvement in my bike performance also the heating issue has been solved giving me a decent mileage. Should I go with this brand or continue with other top brands in market. Do give your suggestion on this
  10. Wow that's a cool ride to go for. Can you give full performance analysis with all its new specification?
  11. Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 spied in India

    When is the launching date of this beauty in India? What will the price range? Any idea about its specification? Awaiting eagerly for its launch
  12. best synthetic engine oil

    I have Honda Hornet 160R and had been using Motul 7100 20W50 engine oil for my bike. But the bike performance is not at its best, also the mileage given is to low with several heating issues. My mechanic suggested to go for Castrol or Divyol. Should I use this engine oil for my bike? will it be good choice? please suggest..
  13. best engine oil

    Engine oil plays vital role in maintaining engine performance. Also the use of engine oil depends on the engine specification. Multiple brands are available in market where you can get engine oil but for best engine oil I'll suggest you to go for Castrol, Motul, Valvoline, Veedol, Divyol, Mobil 1 which are the best for your engine.
  14. 2,01,634 km Volkswagen Vento 1.6 TDI

    Thanx for the review came to know about various pros and cons. Can you give in detail specification on this??
  15. RC 200 is entry level sports bike launched by KTM and styling is similar to that of RC 390. Perfect ride for those bike lovers who love high performance engine. Also it has got six speed gear box powering 200 cc engine. Overall good ride to invest in.