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  1. Likes; - Acceleration & Instant Torque - Gadgetry - Space - Ride Quality Dislikes; - Steering Feel (Vague for cornering & fun) - Lack of Buttons (Everything, right from the mirrors to the AC vents have to be controlled via the screen which can be distracting & irritating) Concerns; - Long Term Reliability - Battery Recyclability VIDEO; The video consists of some acceleration pulls, discussion on performance, ride quality & handling as a 1st time Tesla driver; A talk about the minimalistic interior + the 15" screen; & the recharging experience; Other Key Observations; - The car can be accessed via its app, but as mine was a rental i had a KEY, just like a credit card or your hotel room key, TESLA provide this cool solution, impressive for short term but long term i think you will miss inserting the key & cranking the engine as that's a lot more emotional. - Things like adjusting the steering too has to be accessed via the steering and adjust via the audio control knobs on the wheel. - There are no door levers inside the cabin as the doors open with a push of a button. - The maps were great & never lagged. - The maps with the real time traffic also had some cool graphics of the cars around & those would turn red if they are too close & activate the steering correction. - To open the trunk and also the glove box you have to access the screen. - Roof is all glass and goes all the way upto the trunk. Point to be noted is that it doesn't open at all. - The leather used for the seats is vegan (not sure why, may be just a fancy way for saying synthetic) - Should have no maintenance and very low running cost in the initial years. - Exteriors, the looks are subjective but my spec. did look the part in this white with dark rims combo. - Ground clearance is kinda low, for India it will need correction. - Cameras all around do record stuff too. Conclusion; I had the Model 3 with me for about 3 days and drove aprox 300 miles in an around LA, California. To conclude things it will be fair to say that the Model 3 is an very attractive package for both the young and old audience out there. Even the enthusiast will like it for it's speed & performance. But it still feels like an electronic appliance and in the long term if the parts start to fail, it may not be as easy to fix as our conventional mechanical cars & that time this may feel just like an disposable electronic device. Being a petrol head & not much of a fan of EV's this was a refreshing experience for me, however I did not really fancy owning one after driving it. If this is the future i'd like to own one eventually & not grab it immediately.
  2. Nice to see a report of an high mileage GERMAN, well done !
  3. Pros; - Engine Power & Exhaust Note (Fastest Accelerating Sedan In India with a great sound in RACE Mode) - Grip (4Matic+ Makes it easy to put down 612 HP & 850NM) - Handling & Braking (This combination boosts confidence for spirited driving) - 9 Speed MCT Unit (This Gearbox never Disappointed) Cons; - Seats from the AMG GTR tend to get uncomfortable in long journeys (Best to pick regular Sport Seats) - Exhaust Tips at the rear are FAKE (Shockingly disappointed) - The car came with a host of safety features but wanted to talk about the Brake Assist, which is tricky as the car auto brakes when detecting another car in front specially when you are changing lanes on a crowded Indian highway this system is bound to get confused. It did majorly surprise me on the 1st occasion, thankfully not at high speed, Hence i kept it off. Sadly you cant turn it off for good, everytime you start the car you need to turn it off again. VIDEO; The video starts off discussing the Supercar culture in Mumbai which has become pretty monotonous; Then i discuss why the twin turbos are placed between the cylinder banks of this 4L engine, 4Matic + System, 9 speed MCT unit & other details of this Mercedes AMG E63s; Key Observations & Highlights; - This 4L V8 engine has 612 bhp & 850 NM of torque, yes Mercedes has given this car more power than even the AMG GTR. - Though this car has a twin turbo setup the turbo lag is non existent & thats majorly because the turbos are located within the V & not outside the v8 hence giving instant throttle response whenever needed. Mercedes call this arrangement the HOT V. - This car also has the cylinder de-activation tech, where if you are driving in comfort mode this will turn into a 4cyl instead of 8, providing better economy & all this is pretty seamless & you dont realise this transition at all. - The car can run on regular fuel, though i filled Power (1 level up over the regular fuel) but if it ran flawlessly on that fuel then i believe it should do OK on regular fuel too. (Note: F10 M5 ran on regular fuel as well) - The 4Matic+ does an excellent job to give whatever physical traction is available before the electronics kicking in & Thank god this is an AWD in regular modes as its any way scary & with a RWD only it would have been pretty dangerous to drive on street (concrete roads particularly) roads & specially during monsoons. - Thanks to the 4Matic+ the 0-100 km/h is achieved < 3.4 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating sedan in India. - To engage Drift Mode you have to be in RACE Mode & pull both the paddles for 5 seconds, this smartly disengages the AWD & turns into a 100% RWD. - Drift Mode was unavailable (de-activated) on my test car. - The gearbox is NOT a dual clutch, also not a typical torque convertor, but this is a 9 speed AMG Speedshift MCT, here the MCT stands for MULTI CLUTCH TECHNOLOGY (Not sure how many clutches though) - With so much power this car needs good stopping power & thanks to the 6 piston brakes up-front it does really well, i barely used engine braking which says that i was confident that the brakes are working well & wont get me into trouble. (Note: The car was on optional Carbon Ceramics) - The car came with 20" rims, but still thanks to the soft compound Pirelli PZero tyres & the Air Suspension the ride quality is good enough for a super sedan, it has shades of the regular E-Class again thanks to the magical Air Suspension i.e. When in Comfort Mode. - Loved the steering (Elecetro-mechanical unit) - The car has LSD (Limited Slip Differential) which aids traction to achieve those acceleration times. - The E63 S comes standard with with dynamic engine mounts. These dynamic mounts are meant to instantly and variably able to adapt their stiffness to the driving conditions and requirements. - The ground clearance is good enough, if you are careful you'l NEVER scrape the belly. - The car does come with a suspension/ride height raise feature too which takes care off the nasty bumps. - The E63S as a package is hard to fault, so if you can afford one of these @ INR 1.5 cr Ex-Showroom it will surely not disappoint. But with so much of gadgetry & electronics maintaining an AMG post warranty will be another challenge altogether. Conclusion; So overall it pains to see that the entire motoring experience has watered down to photoshoots of cars, instagram posts, tags & shoutouts. If you are a supercar owner & happen to own one such super sedan which probably is as FAST AS A LAMBORGHINI as fun as a BMW M car & feels as safe as an AUDI QUATTRO irrespective of whether you are driving in the city, highway or in traffic this surely makes it a perfect Family Man's SUPERCAR.
  4. ^ That render shouts VW Crossblue/Atlas SUV.
  5. FYI - The current model on sale & the model in these spy pics both are "2nd generation". Hence the one spotted is the 2nd gen refresh / facelift.
  6. ^ This video has a lot of behind the wheel action; And Stunning visuals with unadulterated driving scenes; Some information about the Stelvio Pass; - The Stelvio Pass is the 3rd highest (2758m) mountain pass in the Alps, but surely the most dramatic pass in Italy. - In fact Top Gear voted this ' The Best Driving Road ' back in 2008. - Stelvio pass can be accessed from both Switzerland & Italy. I started from the Italian side of the Pass, its supposedly more scenic, has faster corners giving liberty to actually push the car. - The road is too narrow to attempt an overtake, but yeah you can easily get around slow cyclists or 2 wheelers. - Overall i visited the Stelvio Pass on a Sunday (late afternoon/early evening) & got relatively less traffic than what i had read online. - The Stelvio Pass has about 48 hair pin turns so driving there is like Hard Right, accelerate in 1st to redline shift to 2nd (Wheelspin), accelrate in 3rd gear then brake for a Hard left, accelerate hard again, soon Hard Right & goes on... - All the turns are marked on the stones & sign boards like 46,47 & so on to help you know that if you have reached the top or not. - The car i chose for driving at the Stelvio Pass was the iconic Fiat 124 Spider. Fiat 124 Spider; - The 124 spider has a very 1960's style retro styling, but is a very unique car as though being an Italian sportscar it has a lot of Japanese engineering (based on the Mazda MX-5). - Strangely the styling, long bonnet, overhangs etc reminded me of the Dodge Viper. - 124 Spider is powered by the 1.4 Multi Air Turbo Petrol motor producing aprox 140bhp & 240nm & all the power goes to the Rear wheels (RWD). - Above specifications only tell half the story as this roadster is light weight (1050kgs aprox) capable of doing the 0-100 km/h sprint in only 7.5 seconds. - Yes, it was a MANUAL TRANSMISSION - The M/T box wasn't the most slick shifting (specially downshifts) & while driving aggressively i did happen to grind gears (as seen in the video @ 3:30). - The engine however peppy did suffer from turbo lag in such an mountain pass & hence my right hand was always busy shifting gears while filming the video. - Interestingly the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo was not that refined to be honest. - The low centre of gravity of the 124 aids in the handling is properly spot on & thats exactly what you would want on a mountain road like this. - The tyres were thin 205's on 17" rims which were inducing oversteer easily as seen in the video. But overall even after breaking traction the rear end continued t behave predictably. - The roof (fabric) opens/closes easily within seconds but ' Manually ' - Loved the interiors. - Doing the Stelvio Pass in an retro Italian Roadster was indeed a blissful feeling. - Overall the Fiat 124 Spider being a lightweight, quick, manual, RWD roadster was indeed a good recipe to have fun at the Stelvio Pass.
  7. Hi Vikky, thanks for your appreciation. Yes this was a difficult video to make, but glad it turned out well & everyone's enjoyed watching it. Regards !
  8. Few months back i was in Austria driving the all new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. This is Alfa Romeo's 1st SUV & what an attempt at making one, it truly is a proper Alfa to the very core. ^ I am driving the 2.2 Diesel version & in this video i talk about its engine performance, handling & the entire Alfa Experience it offers.
  9. The 1st prototype of the next gen S-Class has been spotted; Should launch in 2020 as a 2021 model. Source: Motorauthority
  10. Likes; - Engine - Handling & Ride Quality Balance - Gearbox - Feature Packed Dislikes; - Front Looks (I thought this would grow on me slowly but sadly this new front end looks good with the M Sport variant only) - 530d pricing in India is too steep & no availability as its apparently sold out. - Even with the increase in overall dimensions the Rear is still not exactly spacious. Key Observations & Highlights; - Externally the new 5 series has majorly 3 highlighting features which include the Headlights integrating into the grille with the presence of air flaps on the kidney grille. Secondly on the side profile the Air breather which is an air 'outlet' behind the front wheel well which diverts the air flowing into wheel well in a very controlled manner to reduce the turbulence in the wheel well, all of this resulting in a reduction of drag & fuel consumption & finally the Trunk as for the 1st time the trunk is made entirely of aluminium which it wasnt in the F10 (nor any other previous generations), and by this BMW achieved a weight reduction of 4.2Kgs just by the trunk. - Dimensionally the new G30 is 44mm longer, 8mm wider & 15mm taller than the outgoing F10 model. The wheelbase has also increased by 7mm. - However, the use of die-cast aluminium & light weight construction technique the G30 is aprox 46kgs lighter than the previous gen 5 series (F10). - There is no 'Carbon Core' use in the construction of the G30 like we see in the G11/12 7'er. - The Hofmeister kink is more accentuated for the G30. - Interestingly there are some changes in the G30's wheel PCD which is now 5x112 as against F10's 5x120. Also the Wheel hubs dimension has changed to 66.5mm for the G30 as against 72.5mm of the F10. - The interiors are a definite step forward. Simply LOVED the iDrive, HUD (has a 70% larger projection surface) & all the gadgetry. - The door pockets could have been larger & also the cup holders were a bit small. - The AC was disappointing i somehow feel the blower speed was responsible for this. - Cabin insulation seems an improvement as BMW seemed to have added a layer of insulation in the headliner as well now which makes the cabin a lot quieter compared to the previous model. - They have also changed the setting of the Start stop system, for example if i am in comfort mode and i turn off the start stop fuel saving system and change the mode to ecopro for sometime where this system is ON but again when i go back comfort the car remembers i had turned off the system & remains off in comfort till you turn it back on. This is a big improvement as in F10 & or even the F30 this was irritating & i know some people who permanently coded it off permanently too, hence this was a good improvisation by BMW. - This 520d engine is codenamed the B47 & it makes aprox 187hp & 400 NM of torque. 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 7.7 seconds & has a top speed of 238 km/h. - Gearbox is the same 8 speed ZF, absolutely no complaints with this one.
  11. Thanks Vikky. Well, the only hybrid BMW launched other than the i8 was the 'Active Hybrid' 7 series.
  12. The video starts off with a quick walkaround detailing the highlights; In cabin with Business Head, Lamborghini Mumbai discussing Forged Composites, ALA System, Pirelli Tyres & other such innovations Lamborghini did for the Performante making it the fastest production car at the Nurburgring; Some Exhaust sounds in Sport & Corsa Modes; Engine & Other Technical Specifications; 5.2L NA V10 640 HP & 600 NM 7 speed Dual Clutch A/T All Wheel Drive 0-100 km/h in 2.9 sec. 100 km/h - 0 braking in 31 m Top Speed of 325 km/h Some more insights of the Huracan Performante; - The Hurcan Performante did the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap in 6:52.01 min making it the fastest production car at the ring (Actually 2nd fastest as no. 1 is the Radical SR8LM which had done in 6 min 48 sec). - The above record was done with the optional Pirelli Trofeo R tyres which are a high performance track tire but are homologated for street use as well. - The standard tyres are Pirelli P Zero Corsa 245/30 R20 (front) & 305/30 R20 (rear). - The engine makes more than 70% of torque already available at 1,000 rpm. - The chassis of the Huracan Performante is a hybrid of aluminium & carbon fiber. - With all the weight saving going on its was good to see new cockpit layout supportting Apple CarPlay & iPhone Apps. - "MagneRide", Electromagnetic damper control available as an optional extra. - Has a big fuel tank capacity of 83L. - The Huracan Performante weighs 1382 kgs (Dry) - Weight Distribution front and rear is 43/57 %. - Its available in the UK for aprox INR 1.45 cr (GBP 175,000) without taxes but sadly in India its launched @ INR 3.97cr (Ex-Showroom)
  13. Hey Rajat, thanks for sharing your views. Definitely a Lamborghini is always a beauty but the Performante is definitely the most aggressive production Lamborghini in todays date in my opinion. That Nurburgring Lap time summarises the entire story for the Performante.
  14. Its simple ,its obvious, its a no brainer , & yes it is the 328i Yes i was waiting for the confirmation about weather the N20 engine will be launched in India & as soon as it got confirmed i did make up my mind for the 328i sportline in " White" Any other considerations ? Yes the 530d i had a soft corner for & i would have gone ahead & bought the 530d if 328i wouldnt have been launched (Also would not have mind spending the extra if BMW had planned a 335 variant) Biggest Rival / Enemy - 520d Yes, i know this may sound as an obvious choice (not in case of BHPians) that any one would want an 5 series as after hearing that a discount of additional 1.75 lakhs was available on the 520d variant so my father was keen on the 520d , but yes it did take time convincing him where in finally he gave a go ahead ( thanks to the BMW for marketing the increased dimensions which helped me convince him & also a point where i told him that any way the 5'er is not supremely spacious anyway so this is not going to be a big loss in space ) PS - Did not want to highlight the performance aspects otherwise he would have panicked & put me under the scanner that why i want such a fast car & where are the roads etc etc , LOL The HUNT Two days after the launch i.e. on 29/7/12 i went to Infinity, Worli for the test drive, was completely floored by the performance. I was ready to book the car in " WHITE" Mumbai & ready to make the down payment (booking amount) I was flexible for the interior colors i.e. either Coral Red or Black Somehow i always wanted & desired a white Bimmer & so was adamant on getting a "White" only I was not been given the clear picture regarding the status / inventory of "White" by either of the dealers in Mumbai. They had the following reasons or may be spreading a rumor of the following ; 1) Infinity Mumbai say that the 328i Sportline production had stopped and BMW Chennai would not be making any further 328i's 2) Navnit Mumbai said that 328i sportline is available only in MELBOURNE RED & IMPERIAL BLUE no other color is offered by BMW on this variant ( But the brochure did not specify any thing of that sort nor anything was said of this regard when i had gone for the launch party held on 27/7/12 ) - Out of which point no. 1 was partly true as BMW had only approximately 50 units of 328i's allotted for 2012 and the next units would come in only by early 2013. - 75% of the 50 Cars (328's) which were allotted in the 1st lot for India were in Melbourne Red & Imperial Blue , the rest being other colors including White ( so chance of location a white got even difficult) ^ The above i was confirmed by Infinity GM where in he was very helpful & honest in sharing the information, infact he had a white which he had sold so that being the only white which was not available now so he had advised me to go ahead and book a RED before that runs out of stock too. I was heartbroken and was left helpless ( almost got myself convinced in going in for MELBOURNE RED) The only positive i had was that my car/s i register myself at " Silvassa " i.e. DN Passing, so like i did with sourcing my White Fortuner ( from Surat ) i started the hunt by calling up BMW dealers all across India. In a day i had called Delhi, Jaipur , Raipur, Pune , Surat , A'bad & none of them had the 328 in white. In my Question to them i was very specific in asking " their inventory " & not what they could order ( because i did not want to block my funds & have a no show or wait 4-5 months) In the meanwhile my brother ( 15 years old ) called me up & said " Hey theres one White with Coral Red available at Platino Classic, Kochi & he had called for pictures for proof etc. Within 30 minutes we got their e-mail with pictures attached & i did not think much and just sent them an e-mail confirmation regarding my booking & got their confirmation as well & the next morning i did an RTGS of the booking amount of 5 lakhs to their A/C & Reserved the car & what a sigh of relief it was Discount Offered ; 50 % Discount on Insurance of Car i.e. 50% off on 1.50 Lakhs so a direct saving of Rs 75,000 Handling Chargers (HC) of Rs 28,000/- - waived off , so more saving. Transit mode ; Biggest Question was how to transport the car safely to Silvassa (Gujarat) for registration. Option 1 ; Drive down - As the car was un-registered was not sure if i would be able to pass through all the check nakas / octroi posts without any hassles as i did not want to end up paying a hefty penalty and also second reason being road condition from Kochi towards B'lore. Option 2 ; Flat Bed truck : Infinity GM again helped me with this as he advised not to drive down and to let it come on a flat bed. The Deal : Rs 45,000 /- Transit Insurance : Rs 500 / Lakh = Rs 19,140 /- Did not mind paying the above as i already saved some money as Discount on Insurance & HC Dealer Experience ; 9.5 / 10 It took around 2 working days to get the loan approved. The entire agreement etc was signed and sent via courier and they received the payment on Monday i.e. 13/8/12 PDI was done that day itself. Insurance & TP was ready on Tuesday & i was confirmed the delivery on Thrusday i.e. 16/8/12 I reached Kochi airport on Thursday afternoon , Platino Classic had arranged a car ( Honda CRV ) pick up for me from airport to Show room , that was a good gesture. Pause : Let the pictures do the talking for a while ; Coming back to the story ; I had a flight back on Thursday night for Mumbai in the meanwhile there was a problem in the Temporary Registration A wrong name was mentioned i.e. instead of my company's name " Managing Director " was mentioned & that was not accepatable so i had to wait till next day afternoon to get it amended. This delay made me cancel my flight & Re-Schedule it for the next day. ( Cancellation charges @ Rs 1400 ) For the above episode i ranked the Dealership experience of Platino Classic 0.5 less i.e. 9.5/10 Otherwise all in all the experience was fantastic , the GM to the sales staff were extremely helpful & friendly. Coming back to the story ; I had a flight back on Thursday night for Mumbai in the meanwhile there was a problem in the Temporary Registration A wrong name was mentioned i.e. instead of my company's name " Managing Director " was mentioned & that was not accepatable so i had to wait till next day afternoon to get it amended. This delay made me cancel my flight & Re-Schedule it for the next day. ( Cancellation charges @ Rs 1400 ) For the above episode i ranked the Dealership experience of Platino Classic 0.5 less i.e. 9.5/10 Otherwise all in all the experience was fantastic , the GM to the sales staff were extremely helpful & friendly. Freebies ; At the time of delivery i got a gift pack which included a Keychain, a Box chocolates , BMW car care products free Other than that i got the following BMW Lifestyle items also free ; - 2 BMW T-Shirts with BMW Emblem on the arms ( Polo , 1 in Black other in White ) - 2 caps with BMW Emblem ( 1 white & other in Black ) - Laptop Bag ( Worth aprox 6500 INR) - & i was able to squeeze out a BMW M Watch Worth INR 16,700 The Drive It was a short one i started from the showroom went to the fuel station and got 1000 Rs Fuel filled ( 89 octane ) from there i went to my hotel. Apparently the accommodation provided by BMW did not have a good parking facility so i did not want to risk it & thankfully The showroom was just a minute drive away , so i put it back into the showroom in safety. I had informed the show room guards that i will be back late at night and will be taking the car out for a late night spin. I somehow held my temptation to do so again because the TP still was in - correct and so did not want to risk it. Key Observations in the short drive ; - Drove in COMFORT mode , the ride quality was decent enough to absorb the rough patches, throttle response was phenomenal ( Note : Have not red lined till now ) - Also the Steering i.e. the " Variable Sport Steering " turns from lock to lock in almost just above 2 turns , this was noticed while manoeuvering at the petrol pump & while parking. This came in handy, im sure it will weigh up nicely at higher speeds in the sport & sport + modes. The Loading ; The Temporary Registration with the amendments had arrived and now it was time for the car to load in the container. Trust me this was the most difficult part as i was so inclined towards driving it to Silvassa but here are some pictures of the loading ; The Truck started from Cochin at 4 pm it is expected to arrive at Silvassa (Gujarat) for registration by Monday & i was so looking forward to driving it back to Mumbai on the NH 8. D-Day (21.08.12) Also 21.08.12 happened to be my 25th B’day So on the D-day the truck had reached Gujarat (out skirts) I had jumped out of my bed @ 6 am and set out @ 6:45 from Mumbai (Mulund) towards Gujarat. I wanted to do the unloading before the Talasari check point. I co-ordinated with the transporter he confirmed he was standing 10-12 kms before the check post at an Indian Oil Fuel station , at a hotel called “AARAM” , LOL 8:15 : I reached the destination it was the most pleasant sight to see transporter standing beside the truck. So the first set of pictures are as follows; Love the angry Front look; 140 mm ground Clearance; ^ Evident increase in legroom : My brother almost 6 ft tall Registration; I Got the car registered and the number i got alotted was " 747 " , more than happy with that. We set of after the registration getting done to Mumbai at about 3 pm. So before wasting any more time here is my take on the 328i Review ; Performance; The 328i has the new N20 Engine. Many people (including BMW Sales staff) are misinterpreting the “Twin Power turbo“ as “Twin Turbo“. The fact is that the N20 is having a Single “Twin Scroll “Turbo. This engine is generating 245 hp & 350 NM of Torque @ 1250 rpm. What BMW has tried to achieve here with this 4 cylinder turbocharged motor is to deliver the performance & smoothness of 6 pot with FE of 4 cylinders, which on paper is tough to argue. You really have to drive it to believe it & im not too sure of the FE & i think it is too early to measure FE but the performance Oh Boy , Oh Boy this more than puts a smile on your face. I had driven the 530i no doubt it was impressive , also the sound / engine note was very sporty but had a very weak low to mid range. But with this the 328 the low end starts strongly & just gets stronger all the way to the redline. The Engine note is silent most of the times but gets throaty (in a good way ) past 3000 rpm & past 4500 rpm gets angrier. In most instances you don’t even come to know the way the speeds climb up in fact i was @ 185 km/h in Sport mode where in i never gave more than 50% throttle. Acceleration; Absolutely Savage Throttle Response. As the Peak Torque is so low down the rev range the performance is very linear for a Turbo Engine. As the company claimed 0-100 km/h of 6.1 secs (which i haven’t tried yet) but i am sure it will feel faster than the numbers suggest. Did not do much of spirited driving but did have a few short bursts and was truly blown away. Note : Though being a Turbo Very Linear., almost no lag. Overall i feel this 4 banger is mammoth fun. In fact after returning back to Mumbai i took her for a late night spin to BW Sea Link. Love On the NH8 ; Note : 5 series like REAR Note : Wipers were confusing to operate , also were slow for Very heavy showers Gearbox / Transmission; The Indian Spec 328i comes standard with the “ Sport Automatic Gearbox “ To be very frank i have never owned a Automatic Transmission Car (But have driven few of my friends) & have always been disappointed by most of them to be honest, but this one shifts & how. The gear changes are lightning quick, so quick that in the first 3 gearshifts it is very difficult to say when it changes the gear especially if you don’t look at the tacho. In Comfort mode it is always perfect, no uneven downshifts, always in the right gear. In Eco Pro it up shifts quite up which may not be useful on hilly areas (ghats) Also In Eco Pro there is a indicator (in Blue) which shows you how much kms you have gained by driving in ECO PRO mode , which i my case i drove aproxx 30 odd kms in ECO Pro mode and gained 5.9 kms on range, so thats a good feeling & will make you drive in ECO PRO for longer. Driving Experience Control (Modes); ECO PRO – As i explained earlier, does come in handy & more importantly it works Negatives - Eco Pro mode up shifts quite early (low rpm) which may not be useful on hilly areas (ghats) COMFORT – Was driving in this mode almost 50 % of the time, & i believe that this very well does justice to the “COMFORT mode“ , the power delivery was very sublime, thanks to the sorted mapping. The other good thing was that i never felt the lack of power / grunt & the need to switch to the SPORT mode, so this is the ideal mode for city & internal highways. SPORT – This did sharpen the throttle response & quicker gear changes, also weighed up the steering nicely for more precise handling , really loved this setting on the run. Also as soon as you shift from Comfort to Sport There is a downshift and the car selects the gear for the best acceleration from that speed, Killer tech ! Sport Display : When you are driving hard your eyes should be on the road & not on how much Torque Or Power your making so this TOY is good to show off & nothing more ; SPORT + : The only noticeable difference was that this switched off the DTC. Did not feel any more difference that the SPORT mode otherwise. I think it needed more pushing harder (which i didn’t). RIDE & HANDLING; Ride Quality; I have not spent much time in the E90’s but once i was being driven around Surat in my Uncles car & other time i was test driving a test drive vehicle (M kitted with mixed tyres) overall it was not an uncomfortable ride but yes Harsh. In the F30 its better but not the most comfortable ride ( Thanks to the 18”ers) But my opinion changed as the speed/s climbed into 1xx territory. It feels very comfortable as well as planted. I am sure in the 16,17" setups for the diesel the ride quality will be more comfortable for sure. Checked the Tyre Pressure today ( after returning to Mumbai ) it was @ 23 psi , so i think the rims were taking all the pain , now @ 30 psi it feels lot better and the suspension is now getting to absorb the bumps better. Run Flats; Globally this car in 18” setup is offered in the following tyre brands; Pirelli CintuRatu P7 RSC Bridgestone Potenza s001 RFT GoodYear Efficient Grip ROF Continental Sport Contact 5 ssr The above is depending on what tyre brand was delivered to the factory when the F30 was being made. My car is fitted with GoodYear Efficient Grip ROF , 225/45 R18 Grip Levels :As these Good Years are “touring” spec (surprised) but were pretty grippy acceptable but i would have loved having the Continentals. Note : Again i hadn’t got the opportunity to check the Tyre pressure as the pumps around were “ Out of Order” Tyre Noise : Very Silent Handling; The 3 series already has been legendary when it comes to handling so the F30 had a big task to better it & how , absoloute stellar handling thanks again to the Steering which acts sharp in the Sport & the Sport+ Modes , Very Precise. You wont believe the amount of speed i was carrying into the corners on the NH8 and this was my first drive , really gives you the confidence to push hard and when you have you push “ Harder “ Though the Indian spec version does not get sport suspension (which lowers the car by 10 mm) the handling is unbelievable. RWD & 50:50 Weight Distribution : These Attributes have always defined the BMW brand, but in my 1st sprint i could very well feel the difference of why these cars are so special. No tail out fun yet (except while taking a U-Turn i experienced it on full throttle & was in Comfort mode then too) , was taking it easy & not much of Sport+ usage till now which de-activates the traction & skid controls) Steering ; EPS, Variable Sport Steering (Exclusive to 328i) The steering precision is magical with the way it weighs up when you change from say Comfort to Sport. Also as i mentioned in traffic and parking the variable sport steering is very handy as the difference is that the no. Of turns required to reach lock & lock position (just about 2) is less that on a normal one ( just under 3) , this really aids maneuverability. Steering Feel & Haptics - Perfect size & thickness , Very Meaty ,& perfect button layout. Also a lot has been said about the EPS in the 'F' range , i agree it may not be as magical as the previous gen but still overall as a first time BMW owner i am overly satisfied with the steering precision & feedback & it still is the most involving car to drive in the segment ( comparing to the likes of C & A4 ) Interiors; Coral Red Interiors have got a mixed review, to be honest as i had mentioned i wanted the White with black combo but due to non availability of the same had to settle for the Coral Red option. But i was wrong these interiors are a blessing in disguise, in fact one of the best highlights of the car. They truly grow on you and match the character of the car. Also thanks to BMW to give a "proper" handbrake & not a button or a foot lever like they did in the 5 & 7 Front Sport Seats: These are bloody excellent. These do give the feeling you enveloped in proper bucket seats + being comfortable at the same time. Very supportive & kept me in proper place especially when the side bolstering is tightened. Rear Seats - The Rear Seats are comfortable , especially good on thigh support. 4 people can seat comfortably , for 5 not recommended for long journeys (as middle passenger will always be complaining thanks to also the rear A/C vents) Heads Up Display (HUD) ; Another feature exclusive to the 328 This feature takes the driving involvement to the next level. A big thank you to BMW guys for in-corporating this feature in the Indian – spec version. ^ Notice Dual Colors Observed. Note : The HUD Displays information such as ; - Speed - GPS Directions - Speed Warning Signal (As seen) - Radi / Audio selection details - Phone calls ( To Receive / Ignore ) - Door Open - Mostly all Notifications are shown HUD Color – The speed in Daytime it is in White & Night its amber (orange/red) Lights; Bi-Xenons are really impressive. Brilliantly bright & look amazing. They never have that aftermarket “purple/blue” tinge. Adaptive headlights are missed though Day Time Running Lights – Again Brilliant & Very Bright Also tried taking the picture of the DRLs running at night after my drive on the Bandra Worli Sea Link Ambient Lighting ; Interior - 2 setting one is " Classic" & 2nd is " Sport " Classic Setting is having fantastic RED LED lit door panels, floor & Gear console area. Music System; The 328 is equipped with the HiFi Loudspeaker system. It has a total of 9 speakers. One Speaker in the dashboard centre, 2 mids 2 tweeters on front doors, 2 subs under front seats & 2 mids on the rear doors. I haven’t heard the music system in the Diesel variants (which apparently is a different one i.e non HiFi) But Trust me this one’s real loud & classy, the clarity is impeccable and the bass is just apt, though i am not much into ICE but this system strikes all the right chords. Also i was able to pair my i-phone with the car very quickly & play music from my phone via bluetooth. I am sure the clarity will get better in CD's & once the songs are on the Hard Disk Other features; - 12 GB Hard Drive for maps & music - DVD Drive - USB & Aux In Support - Bluetooth ( Can play music from my i-phone via Bluetooth) I-Drive & Tech ; The Big Screen (22.3 cm) is nice & clear & the whole i-drive system is really easy to use. The Screen looks ultra cool & as if like an I-Pad is directly shoved inside the Dashboard. * Note : Many times mistaken for a touch screen , lol Park Assist ; The Park Assist is having a reverse camera and the usual audio function. Note : the Green lines ( which is the projected trajectory ) Move when you turn the steering , AWESOME !! Navigation: Maps look great & the resolution is good on the screen so its a joy to get directions,I am still getting used to it. BMW Apps : Will need a Snap in Adapter for that , will get it next month & report on it. Conclusion; So the new 3 with the sharp & fresh new look is faster, lighter, more economical, with better ride quality / comfort keeping the handling dynamics which truly defined the car alive. ULTIMAT3 is the best way you sum it up as. A special thanks to; The support car for the pictures & more; ^ Notice the Punto was grinning & happy to see the 328i & thanks to my brother for the pictures & spotting the availability of the model in Kochi, without which this buy would not have been possible. I am happy overall that this entire delivery process was very smooth i.e. the excitement levels of bringing the car down in a truck from Kochi to Mumbai etc , yes it was a big risk but the entire running around was worth it. Thanks for R3ADING !!!
  15. The Video starts off with a quick open air class room session; And an in depth discussion on Engine Performance & Handling; Likes; - Looks & Stance- Power Delivery of the V6 Engine - Interior Space & Comfort- Air Suspension & Ride QualityDislikes; - Run Flats & 225 mm width tyres (Better, Wider tyres should transform the ride & handling further) - Ground Clearance is at a low 135 mm (Even low @ 120mm in sport, sport+ mode)- Missing features like the HUD, front double display screen & rear infotainment is disappointing at this price point.- Big Price Gap between the petrol & top end diesel v6 (the nicer version). Other Observations; - The LWB may look mis proportionate in pics but in flesh it seems to look pretty good. - The doors of the car never seem to close properly, it seems they are the ones designed for the soft close feature, hence looks like a last minute omission by Mercedes India. - Steering is good for a Electric Unit. - Though the seats are of artificial leather they seem to be of great quality & will not disappoint at all. - LED headlamps are excellent. - This being a LWB & Real Seat focussed car is jokingly missing Audio / Mercedes Command Controls at the back. - Rear seats recline by 37 Degrees. - Its Fast & Fun to drive, handles well too, as i said in the review DO NOT confuse judgement with handling as its a long car. - But, Handling could have been better with wider tyres as these 225's scare more than the length of the car. - Though i have mentioned the Ground Clearance as a dislike, but i love the stance of the car. - This is the 1st time that the E-Class is offered without a spare tyre (Does offer a space saver though) - Fuel Economy i managed from the V6 was a decent 10.4 km/l & with 66L Fuel Tank will have a good range. - Note, this time there will be no E250d on offer but an E220d which will launch soon. - This new 2L Diesel from the E220d is codenamed OM654 (All Aluminium) and will have 195hp & 400NM of torque (100 NM less than the E250d which was 500NM)
  16. Recently i upgraded my BMW 328i with the STEINBAUER Power module. The installation was plug and play and took about 15 mins. Steinbauer box & wiring / cable were of really high quality The Dyno Runs were done at KS Motorsports, Mumbai & the Dyno reading was as follows; The stock car with Intake & Exhaust at the dyno got 222 WHP. So considering drivetrain loss with a modern ZF Gearbox of aprox 16%, we get aprox 257 hp at the Crank. After Installation the dyno run read 268.4 WHP which translates to 312 HP at the crank. The overlay chart looks as follows; Total Gains were 46 HP in power & 55 NM of torque. All this on Regular fuel (91 Octane) Considering the above gains & installation time, We added 3 HP every Minute
  17. Likes; - Engine Performance - Looks - Gear Shift Quality & iMT - Interiors & Features - Stress Free Reliability & Service Advantage Dislikes; - No Full Time 4WD this time - Tyres in the 4x4 variant are H/T where as the 4x2 get A/T - No Rear Diff Locks for Indian version - Should have been priced more aggressively The video covers an in-depth discussion on Toyota's new GD Series Engine; & I get some wheel spin; Other Observations; - The exterior design philosophy looks much better in person & the design grows on you. - The Manual models misses out on 2 cup holders which are present in the A/T in front of the gear lever. - Fortuner sadly misses out on the ambient lighting which the Innova Crysta has, WHY ? - The exterior mirror puddle lamps & boot lamp is yellow in colour but all other interior lights are white, WHY ? - The Horn sounds very meek for this large SUV. - Tyre pressure of the 1st gen Fortuner was 30 psi, but this time the recommended tyre pressure has dropped to 29 psi. - The Hill Hold assist can get irritating for someone who knows how to release the clutch on the slope and doesn't need this assistance. I say this because you cannot switch off this assistance.
  18. Booking & Delivery Experience; I booked the car 1 day after the launch in Early November. Car was delivered in just over 2 weeks & was November 2016 make. The colour of the car is SUPER WHITE. I took Delivery on 24/11/16 & was a great experience at; Dealership: RATHOD TOYOTA, Vapi. I did a self registration. I paid aprox 30k for extended warranty (5 years / 100,000 kms) I got to do my own insurance as well, which saved me aprox INR 40k. Freebies: OE Toyota Floor Mats. It was just over 6 kms on the odo when i took delivery. Dealership Experience 10/10
  19. Hello all, Last month i was in Germany & had the opportunity to drive at the Nurburgring & i'd like to share this experience in the form of this video; I do the ring in the BMW ///M 135i; ^ 320hp, 6 speed M/T & RWD The video also includes some raw lap footage; Hope you guys have fun watching it, Enjoy !
  20. Good to know that you are planning a 'ring trip. The car was aprox Euro 250 Nurburgring Tickets: Euro 29/Lap 98 Octane fuel top up aprox Euro 10 There were other cars too like Porsche 911 GT3 RS & BMW M4 available too but those were going too expensive hence i stuck to my choice oh ///M 135i as it was having enough power (320hp) with a 6 speed Manual. Thank You !